Friday, December 25, 2009

oh look its christmas

its xmas



hafta sleep early lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009


im flying back to brunei 26th dec

one day after christmas hohoho
going back to kl sometime before jan 1

today's xmas eve

and here's what i did today

i woke up at noon

went to take my new specs, shiny~ me likey

went to swim mountain water (游山水 lol)

it was freakin cold~
the waterfall section was closed so we went to the mini falls lol

the rocks were tres slippery my bro hurt his lil toe awww :(
it became blue black or ooocheii haha

then went out to makan with papa, bro , 2 cousins of mine

then we went bowling :D

my dad damn pro, all either strikes or spares O.O

his awesome-ness from years of experience ~

then he taught us the proper way to bowl

coz we just cincai throw the balls hoping to hit the pins

and our postures were so wrong its funny :D

i've improved~ lalala

let's all go bowling one day! ~~

after that we went out yamcha

wheeee we're fatter now coz we ate chee cheong fun, french fries, chicken wings, and satay xD

play superpocus in facebook, its cute n fun LOL

its 15 minutes to 12 and im here doing the same thing i did last year

yay that's now my tradition hhahaha

imma update bout cousin's wedding dinner when i unlazy-fied myself or got the pictures

blog outdated anyways :D

n update on how handsome my bro became later hohoho

maybe after i get back to brunei hmmmmm....

still as lazy as ever now

and random o.O


Friday, December 18, 2009


I'VE GRADUATED!!!!!! from diploma :D

and my results was SATISFYING coz that's what i was aiming for

although i DID hope to get the highest grade hohoho

here's the grading system, for now:

full mark's 20 so...

10-12 : Pass
12-14 : Honorable Pass
14-16 : Very Honorable Pass
16-20: Very Honorable Pass with Congratulations from the Judges


and im continuing for my degree, so hopefully..


my graduation ceremony was the day after the exams ended.. real fast, no? the suspense of waiting for your results to come out, everyone was frantically stressing out then. and out of the 78 ppl taking diploma in hospitality management, such as myself, 5 failed. they're gonna retake next term with the next batch i guess, that'd be around march next year.


aaaaanyways, i got back to my relative's place at selayang. and the house is quite packed.. there werent enough place to sleep :( someone had to sleep on the couch (and wake up with a back pain) imagine more ppl are coming in! how are they gonna sleep? o.O

LAST NITE, me cousin's wedding dinner~
my father's side. he's my dad's eldest brother's only son. lol
and the dinner was QUITE fun hohoho, my bro drank till his whole body became RED, so did i though, but i feel fine. ed, my bro, on the other hand felt unwell when we were leaving. he downed five glasses of Carlsberg, supposedly that'd be the reaction for a 13 year old kid who looks like 17 hahaha

they were ppl karaoke-ing on stage, even me 2nd uncle! i'd say other than my uncle n the groom, the other singers were horrible :PPP

and we went to watch The Storm Warriors II after the dinner hohoho

they say it was draggy with the fighting n graphics, i find it confusing lol coz i forgot anything from the 1st movie! other than the part where 'Cloud' was sitting on the rooftop :D
cant blame me, that was in 2001 and i was young~ wheee~


and my egg's not replying any of my msgs TT_TT

he's having his camp now, but but but they 1st few days he did reply me.. his camp was from 13 to 19th dec. and noww... i havnt receive any replies or calls from him for dayssssssss now :(

maybe the camp confiscated his phone?
or they demanded him to turn it off? hmmmmmm...
i miss him dearly ): hopefully i'll receive some sort of reply from him tmro or the day after..........

gonna go eat me lunch now, someone very de hungry~


Friday, November 27, 2009

locked out

another incident to prove how incredibly blurrrr i am:

i locked myself out of my own room :D

while going for a shower

i should have checked the knob before leaving the room

but lucky got extra keys~ lalala

i feel more relaxed studying now :)
compared to a few days ago..

revising myself on all the subjects~

except cost accounting! i couldnt even remember learning this subject. me no likey :(

here's the stack of notes i have from since jan 08

not that much i guess, these are for my 2 years

and i have to study/revise the stacks of notes in the bottom 2 files for my finals

there's more in soft copy, MORE

back to studying!


like.. SHIT!


its FIVE DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nuff said



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

less stress


i DO feel a little less stress the moment i walked out of the exam room :D

and i LOVED that feeling...

but it left a few minutes later when i thought of my other final papers haha

im glad i took DELF, the oral exam of DELF was a lil harder than Taylor's.. but there were both handle-able :) maybe coz i was lucky enough to get lenient examiners~~ hohoho

i have discovered my numbers in french is NOT GOOD haha

but no more french starting today till............. i continue french next year ~ long time away

and i hear a lotta ppl are gonna enjoy burning their french notes LOL

IF, im saying IF have to retake french for the ppl who choichoi.. failed their french. then lagi stress no notes haha~

i SHOULD be studying now xD


Friday, November 13, 2009

midnite in college

imagine being in school/college still having class till midnite!

i just had that experience last nite

it was long, REALLY

but i learnt a lotta stuff

it was my restaurant revision class


things we did that took us from 2 pm in the afternoon to finish till midnite:

2-6 pm
preparation for restaurant service
getting cutleries, crockeries, glassware, napkins, tables, flambe/carving equipment ready. i was folding napkins n kinda took my time doing it coz the folding takes time! haha

5.30-6.30 pm
making lotsa pancakes (crepes)
@ pastry kitchen under a culinary lecturer
i've learnt a few things about pastry~ haha
maybe coz its a different lecturer, different chefs with different styles
its good to learn from different chefs on cooking/pastry, coz they are always different ways to approach things for everyone. BUT, my kitchen practical chef is only one person since my first day in college, and its always fun to have his class =)

6.30-9.30 pm
flambe-ing peaches, pineapples and crepes

pretty crazy on how long we take to do these, BUT its coz we have to clean up the pans we're using n re-use. ITS VERY troublesome to clean, with all the caramel~ we have to heat the harden caramel to melt it then wash it off, consumes quite an amount of time. and also the plates n service gears all sticky with caramel.
plus there were mistakes made by a almost everyone, including myself, re-do-ing and redo-ing the flambe, even though there were a few number of demos by my restaurant practical lecturer.

9.30-10.30 pm
carving of chicken(poulet roti) and lamb rack

demo n carving by ourselves.
and of course we get to eat them when we're finished! yum! hahaha
its just getting a whole chicken/lamb rack, and cutting them into smaller portions professional :D
food was nicee~ coz we were too hungry i think didnt eat for 10 hrs lehhh... even tapau some to take back :P

10.30-12 pm
includes barbariously stuffing food down our throats(not really like that xD) & cleaning up EVERYTHING and having everything put back to their original places & de-briefing.

and im getting tired *yawn

i got a presentation tmoro, another assignment to be submitted & presented on monday
PLUS a french oral examination aka DELF A1 on SUNDAY, and im not even sure i can find the place!



Saturday, November 7, 2009

lazy.. still lazy

and getting more forgetful each day.

i cant remember what i wanted to blog about after clicking 'new post'

thats unbelievable~ but then again maybe i had nothing to blog about anyways haha

AHhhhhhh!!! my final exam schedule's OUT!! and it looks as stressing as ever :)

might as well prepared myself before its tooooo late.

and good luck to the students in brunei having ur exams!

i heard u're all already almost half way done but still, happy studying~ =D

y'all gonna be enjoying ur holidays when my exam 'heaven' starts


beer, sim n lazyness kickin' in

hohoho~ tmoro's saturday, technically speaking today's saturday and i went out yamcha till 3.30am muahaha

long time since i last did something like this

but this time withh beer~ lol i damn sakai xD

and i found out how DAMN MUCH of stuff, GENERAL stuff that i have no idea about o.O

mostly coz i grew up in brunei aaaaaaand my exposure here in kl quite limited. that's true and sad awwwwww

getting to know more now, while embarassing myself by misunderstanding tooooo in the process "== not liking it but, what to do~? u wont learn if it doesnt leave an impression, and embarassing impression LASTSSSS. hahaha

firstly i dun even the way to pour beer :D draft i know la but i didnt know...... from bottle to glass also the same way O.O

house alarms.... BRUNEI DUN HAVEEEEE! lol
it aint my fault i mistaken it for alarm kannnn?? haha yeah tres embarassing
but then again i cant catch what ethan says sometimes.

or its just because je suis blurr~
yes i am. another sad character of mine

i felt that dizziness after i finish my bottle of hoegaarden:

belgium beer, taste better, cost more also

i dun drink much beer, heck i dun even drink except on occasions. but hoegaarden definitely taste better than tiger, carlsberg all those beers u can usually find :)

my msia sim card (given to me by my sis) went nuts, suddenly no access to network i.e. totally cannot use. so i got a new number until i can somehow fix it.

i went to maxis n asked how/what to do:

1st trip
the receptionist says i have to bring the owner's IC to fix it, standard procedure or what shit
and soooo, i got a copy of my sis's ic thennn....

2nd trip
i need to fill in a form, its only available @ the branch in Sunway pyramid. i was at mentari branch, and she thinks i dunno sunway pyramid she even mentioned: 'that shopping complex there'
and i noticed it was the same effing person on my 1st trip. stooooooopid woman.

3rd trip @ pyramid
i went and have that lost face there coz its crowded. ppl actually take numbers to que up. and i see a bunch of staff standing there chatting, not doing anything else but playing with their phone. efficient, kan?
so i asked one of the stoopid ppl bout my problem. guess what they said?

i have to get a stoooopid anthorization letter from my sister, who's in sg to be authorized to fix her sim card. and they 'prefer' the original copy! i told them my sister is in sg and they give me that stupid face. some shit job they're doing, everytime i go i get an effing different answer, maybe i shud just change to digi.


with all my assignments piling up from my laziness, i feel stressed coz im not exactly doing anything. my classes recently are getting pointless, it feels like im going for class everyday but the things i learn in class, not new at all. except for french. its like we're repeating all the boring stuff from previous terms. i even feel demotivated to go to class AT ALL.

and when our lecturers think we're not stress enough for our FINALS for our diploma. they give us troublesome assignments. its not hard, just consumes too much time for us to do.

their reason for the assignments:
our whole mark for a subject is 100%, 60% is final assessment, the leftover 40% they dunno what to do with it. seriously, if dunno what to do with it then just give them to us laaa. not that hard also. the assignments is troublesome to the extend that EVERYONE will supposedly have the exact same thing to present.

the point of the assignment: none.

pointless as it may be, it still has to be done.


Monday, November 2, 2009

got mood to post :D

current mood: trying to procrastinate from doing petty work

perfect mood to blog hahahahaha

simple update:

- my files from jan 2008 till now organized! *proud

- organized wardrobe and found a few clothes missing T-T

- its week 6 for my final term now... OMG SO FAST!! final exams on week 10/11

- suddenly like to play with make up :P

- sim card gone nuts, got a new msia number... while waiting to get sim card fixedddd

- BACK PAIN!! sitting in front of my lappie too long ahhahaha

- made doughnut in pastry class today~~ yummieee~

- stresssssss french exam (DELF!), have to speak & write french ahhhhhH!

- ahhhh stoooopid presentation on monday! havnt start my ppt yet :D

- wine assignment (like waste of time only) next week presentation

- Front Office assignment due the week after the next (slumber~)
predicting a last minute production hahaha

- damn bored + sien

- rather do other pointless stuff than doing assignment ishhh

- need to cut down my bad habits T-T

for now....


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

oooooh.... look!

finally updating... hah!

warning: this post might be the latest, but the next one will take FOREVER to post :)
muahahaa : credits to my laziness and pro-procrasination

but then again.... what to update on? O.O

imma write anything that comes to mind: randomly :D

my college reopened... huzzzah~
classes' too motivating' i cant stand it

oh i know! i have learnt how to drive muahahaha *proud


driving exam's on ze 5th October 2009

and im no good with manual cars yay!

im not good with the gear changing concept
a few more classes would do me good..... i hope haha

and i feel just comfortable driving a car as small as kancil, cars any size bigger than a kancil is too big, too much space... and that's scary. insecurity when driving lol

my term 5 results gonna be out next week, im gonna do well! i think....


i think i got fatter, coz i ate nasi lemak for dinner

im randomly watching sailormoon coz it brings back childhood memory LOL!

just finished watching america's next top model cycle 11, 12, 13(epi 1&2)

wardrobe overloading with clothes and a quarter of them i seldom wear

gonna pack and donate (awwwwwww, im so nice~)

fringe getting long need to cut soon, its POKING my EYES!!

aircond damn hottttttt T-T

and its too high for me to reach

i know im short! haizz

9 am class tmoro, better sleep early

my definition of early: before 12am

target: SLEEP BEFORE 11 AM

possible?: highly doubt that

sleep after watching another episode of true blood hahaha :D


Monday, August 10, 2009

asses reminder


english written assessment

law role-play presentation - contract

french written assessment (post poned to who knows when)

finance written assessment

18th - 3rd sep
finance assignment presentation - annual report

beverage studies assessment - old world wines

french presentation and assignment submission - video

english presentation and assignment submission - essay


law 2nd assignment due date - report

Monday, August 3, 2009

official anouncement

for those who are actually still reading this, which i doubt there's anyone at all except maybe jankn:

my college at this moment since reopened, have been assigning us(whole batch, my college mates) tons of annoyingly troublesome assignments and soon to come assessments, as i call them the 'asses'...

so i shall busy myself with the pile of college work which i have successfully neglected so far and keep on not updating my already outdated blog =)

of course, until further notice or until the next time i needed somewhere to express more ranting xD


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

girls day out

lol lazy to write

and i forgot what to write haha

wait i remember!

today i went out with mick nish and cyuin!

and we did silly stuff today and it was fun~ lol

i even got a video to show, shud i use youtube? nah im lazy

haha lunch @ cheesebox

and we were browsing the net there with the pc and couldnt find anyone in msn to bother lol

we even updated the chatbox in our class blog =D

we did some silly funny stuff there too, updating every small matters like cyuin dropping a chunk of choc on the table with dramatic vocabularies

then along we went to get the shoes cyuin's burning with passion to get at summit @ the mall

and me, i bought a pair toooooo

and later that day i found out my sis bought a pair at summit too, lucky not the same pair lol

after shopping was arcade and we wasted quite a few dollars playing Time Crisis hahaha we just keep getting shot! (we aint that good, we just like to shoot stuff)

we even played the mini bowling thing, and racing and DDR, we spent 30 seconds inside the phototaking machine getting some cool air before being noticed by the staff there

then off we went to sit at the food court table doing some talking and more silly stuff hahah

i went back at somewhere after 4.30 then back home to prepare for the beach with my siblings

we went to berakas beach~

only 3 of us went in the water hohoho

i managed to bury my bro and we stayed there for less than an hour

then the normal stuff and back home we go....

dinner at home, and played some monopoly... cheating is the way to go hahaha way up in the end though

maybe i'll get the pictures up in facebook or up here when i can

tired liao~~~


Saturday, June 20, 2009

rant & period: may i present....

compare these two and tell me who's cuter lol

this here's chino
2 years old

this one's called rudy
er... 6 years? or was it 6 months... xD

isnt he adorable??

rudy's more hyper

i'd call chino lazy anyday hahaha



touchdown was at miri @ 5.30 pm

my family and i, exclude my bro in brunei coz of class, had seafood dinner~ we aint goin back to that restaurant again! haha

we reached back in brunei at around 9 i guess, late tired but then you dont see me sleeping.....yet

my sis wanted to go for a swim tmoro morning so i shud sleep soon.......

.......right after im finished with this muahahha

so my whole family knows about me forgetting my passport and etc..
even chuirou! im guessing everyone's getting updated now lol

i feeeeeel outdated, im so free tmoro afternoon

BUT i have no idea how to start asking ppl to go out...

hmmm... HOW??? no one is on msn at all!!
then there's phone BUT TOO LATE NOW lol

maybe i'll call tmoro morning haha later la still got time~


here's the ever so 'comfortable' airasia seats, where back aches are free of charge =)

all planes are like this but me still no likey, i adjust them EVERYTIME xD

oohhh here's what i see outside the window or what's-it-called, glass panel?:


here's the clouds~

burning desire to feel them!!

this 3 are when we're out from airport:

it was drizzling and i was kinda bored

hohoho i like this one xD

we did a lot of catching up on the way back to brunei

and lotsa laughs and quiet moments lol

OH YA wanna see how my room looks like now?

it spells D for disaster

i was surprised, sad, disappointed, mad, furious, angered, agitated, depressed

all those are all in order

it wasnt that bad at first

but i was so furious at the mess i emptied everything from the 4 slots

all my organized cds and books were MESSED UP!!

and SOME BITCHES/BASTARDS had to go and mess them ALL UP

zoom in on the door, some idiot who claims as master piece


i dont recall having my door being given to public for it to be SPRAYED like this, it can be wiped off BUT STILL!!

how can one not be FURIOUS AT THIS?!?!?!? damn f*cked up le.....

talk about uneducated children, they're OUT OF CONTROL

that aint the only messy part, even the table

suspect who claims to be innocent:
'i've only touched the plug.... and oh, the air cond'

- might as well be the truth
sucks having ignorant siblings T-T

it doesnt even feel like my room at all, heck its not even my room!!

all i have in this room are that stupid cupboard and wardrobe

all cause i wasnt selfish enough to ask for more furniture of my own and having the BIG room so everytime there are GUESTS staying over its ALWAYS in 'my' room

talk about privacy! i get none since young!!

and i never minded but this is just infuriating

seriously, cut me some slack, respect my stuff so hard meh?

the stupid bitches and bastards cant even read english for crying out loud

ahh~~ feels good letting it all out

oh... btw im ranting and having period now lol

apologies for mood swing or anything too rough and i dont mean it(some)

*anger subsided*

im having a great day, huh?


Friday, June 19, 2009

rant: shit damn f*ck!!!

here's what i dont like about myself: my memory/forgetful-ness

it is sooo bad i cant even remember what i was doing 5 seconds ago!

so here's what i forgot today:

1) when on the bus to the airport, my mobile phone

2) when lining up to check in at airport, MY EFFING PASSPORT!!!!

right on the day im suppose to fly to brunei!!!!!

mobile phone okay la since goin to brunei ma, no need lo

but passport!!!! man my forgetfulness ROCKS to the max

not only do i wasted RM500+ to get new tickets to miri instead to join my sister tmoro, i've inconvenience EVERYONE else(family)!

i was reminded to bring food, souvenirs, novels, etc etc BUT

NOT my passport (sister did, only once the night before which i can remember)

being phone-less, i was totally unreachable. no one knew how to find me

SO! i walked around the place looking for pay phones!!!!!

i felt so lost!!!!!!

i'll never leave my phone alone again!!!!

late now continue next time


Sunday, June 14, 2009


I cant believe it

Its finally over

Yay! I've finished my training! It'll be officially over when i hand over my employee card, locker key and report. And getting my testimonial

And im so damn tired

Me no likey night shift at all =(

See you soon in brunei!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

must tahan.....



not that its boring or any of that sort..

its just tiring and i feel sleepy half the times

coz its a bit too quiet and i woke up at 12 pm that day

means i've been active for.... 20hrs!!!

no wonder i was sleepy~

hoho one more day then i can SLEEP ALL I WANT!!!! WOOOOOOO~

monday: bring sis to dentist @ 2 pm

finish training: hand in all the hotel properties etc and get testimonial + appraisal form

and erm.... oh shit my report!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Graveyard Shift...

or from what i can remember what it's called anyways haha

im in my last 2 days of my training and im having NIGHT SHIFTS!!!!

thats 11 PM to 7 AM O.O!!!!

dont think im gonna enjoy that.....

i hear its VERY boring~

8 hours and counting..................................



Sunday, June 7, 2009


im almost lazy enough to not post haha

and now that i am.........


and i cant wait.... T-T

but then again there's this report of 'what i learnt during my training' to be finished before i actually finish my training *sigh* i'm about 65% done YAY!! and i started a few days ago xD



and i cant wait to be back either, i miss my family so much =( and fellow friends too of course

ahhhh... the good old days where elder siblings bully their younger siblings hahahaha

i miss family together times.........

and the times when friends fool around doing crazy/silly things together

i'll be staying for one week sahaja... sad T-T until 25th

i shall enjoy myself for the fullest!!!

my blog shall be in this condition until further notice:

ciao~ B)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

my new word: bubo

sounds cute doesnt it??

well if it doesnt to you it does to me =)

and here's me saying im busy and boring

BUsy and BOring.... =D

im such a bubo =(

but im liking the ring to it ~ xD

although it aint positive to how it originated hmmm "==

for my own reference and boredom:

Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur

5 weeks training in Housekeeping Department

1st week Room attending

2nd week Turn Down Service

3rd week Public Area

4th week Linen a.k.a. Uniform Room

5th week Coordinator

im in the last thurday that i'll be in HK department

im moving to Front Office real soon now....

reminder: ask about FO uniform tomorrow! blazer skirt blouse lol BSB

ohhhh.... and i get to work in Banquet in the Chinese Restaurant of Equatorial, Golden Phoenix for 3 days, or more. sounds like fun actually, i miss F&B training ~

and TRAINING IS DAMN TIRING AND TAKES UP EVEN MORE TIME THAN COLLEGE!!! although we DO learn more in REAL hotels as compared to our college 'hotel'

im even too tired to go on.......


Monday, May 4, 2009

be honest

if i said i am fat and lazy

what do you picture me doin rite now?


Sunday, April 19, 2009

ASQ 2009 @ Sungei Wang

there was a warm up concert for the top 20 candidates of Astro Star Quest 2009

and i happened to be there ~

it was at the outside of Sungei Wang with a mini stage coz the indoor stage was occupied by a fashion showcase =(

i think i missed out the first 5-8 candidates

but i got to hear Sim Pei Yi sing =D

and god, she got better at it since i last heard her in brunei

there are even a few who cant even sing the song they chose with the right emotions, imagine singing a slow sad song with a happy cheery voice and getting the words wrong.. i was laughing half the time with yvonne xD

i only saw one guy who danced at all throughout the whole concert haha

i was at the side of the stage so i cant hear 80% of what the people on stage are saying AT ALL, and with the 20% that i can, it was impossible to understand so i gave up and just listened to the songs~

there was a photo taking sessions after the songs, but i didnt stay or take a photo. figures =P hehe it was toooooooo crowded to do anything else anyways~ hohoho

and i saw this other malaysian celebrity in times square!!! he's a chinese actor and i dunno his name, he was sooooo cute xD imma go findhis picture when i find out his name hehe soon i hope =P

toooooo tired now


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i think im getting it!

i think im getting thinner as im typing this

with all the walking that i get from and to work

some fats are bound to come off!

but then thats just me comforting myself ~


here's what's going on in my head quite a few times(random):

-ive me: You're fat

+ive me: Wha? I'll show you!

-ive me: Yea?

+ive me: Yea! I'll be back to how i was a whole year ago

-ive me: As if! There are somes things that comes and goes but some may come but they don't just go like that. See your fats for example, they've decided to stay

+ive me: Ya think my fats should meet exercise?

-ive me: Yea sure, if you think you're actually gonna do it. Besides, fat people are nicer to hug haha

my brain stopped debating here... so i guess: to be continued...
or something like that haha


never thought of myself as random until one of my friends mentioned it:-

my reactive thoughts:

1st : Omg im sooooo random!

2nd : I think its coz i think too much things at one time haha

3rd : but then...... hmmmm........

4th : maybe i just cant focused on an uninteresting subject for long

conclusion: i think a lot when im bored ~


Monday, April 13, 2009

i know.... it's me

yea im being very much lazy these few weeks

planning this doing that

i need more black socks, they keep disappearing. i dunno how it happens! it just does T-T

hmm... updates ahh...

i've started my industrial training since last week in Hotel Equatorial KL, 5 star hotel lehhhhhh.... 16 floored smallest sized hotel with a history of 35 years (still) surviving in kl, that IS something.. most old hotels are closed down or changed company by now, other buildings are 3(or more) times taller and bigger than Equatorial ohhh.....

see how small it looks with the twin towers behind it hahaha

but then again the hotel's in KL where as im in PJ, i need to take:


coz there's a distance between kl central and monorail

the flat building there is centre of all public transport KL central


the minimum time i need to reach the hotel is 45 minutes, maximum could be up to 2 hours. while ktm is KNOWN for being delayed all the time, you can never count on ktm if you're rushing to reach somewhere.

so far.. for my shifts at 8 am, i can reach the hotel by 7.15 ... amazing leh~
im known for being late but im early muahahahaha

this week's shifts are at 2-10 pm, i dont like it one bit... i prefer morning shifts~ i get to enjoy my afternoon having fun

i'd prefer sleeping and waking up early nowadays..

and with the standing and walking im getting everyday on my way to work, im hoping to slim down AT LEAST a lilttle.. sigh.... i should watch how i eat *no more fast food*

but its what everyone likes to eat haha

although we know......


Monday, March 30, 2009

me bro bday~!

lil edward's 13th birthday~~

damnnnn.... i forgot to get him cake....
he didnt want one at all, so i thought one slice would be juuuust nice~

he would have liked this hahahaha seriously

he wanted to go to sunway pyramid, so we took public transport there... again..

since it was sunday, public transport is meant to be full and crowded. it's just too bad i never noticed that till that day haha so we were all like sardin inside the ktm

so we reached there at 5.30 pm and we started moving at 4

anywaaaaaays, me bro wanted to read 'eclipse' so i had to get back to mentari to get it.. that's one of the reasons he wanted to go to pyramid, the other was to play DDR wor..... im not sure why....

and so the first place we went to is the arcade~

we played mario cart LOL i got placed LAST!
bishi bashi I WON!!
drum game
initial D
even puzzle bubble for my lil sis
PPP, which is the 2 pictures down there...

my tomboy cousin ~ also called ting, but its choi ting

me brother's back lol

here's me with my lil sis, who's bored and wanted to leave soon haha

to annoy my cousin and sis who wanted to go home soon, me and my bro purposely shopped around a lil longer to fill up my bro's empty bag..

after the arcade, we went to take a lil souvenir for my bro's bday. mini photos.

they werent co-operative to take the pictures, BUT at least the end product was ok hahahaha

blur i know, i dun have any soft copy =P
as long as i identify who's who im satisfied xD

after 45 minutes of walking around shopping to fill up my bro's bag....
my bro bought: new wallet, 2 phone straps, a pig notebook, 8 pins, a similar bottle like mine that says 'I DUN GIVE A DAMN', mine's

i also bought a few stuff for my lil sis and a beanie seal for ed, it looked so cute it reminds me of him, plus it's fun to squish xD

dinner was SUPPOSED to be BarBQ plaza, but the line was just too long and we were just too hungry so we changed to Sushi King~

only 2 red 2 beige 2 pink and 3 purple

bro ordered something curry, lil sis ordered something noodle, and i ordered something from kid's set xD

and we spent almost RM 100 and still not really full/satusfied. i asked whether they're full or not. all answered: okok la...

it was around 10 already so we took cab back =D

and ze next day early morning at 6 am, my family left for the airport and buh bye, another half a year before we meet again... awwwww, i miss my elder sister now. she's busy with her homeworks so she couldnt make it for qing ming =(


Saturday, March 28, 2009

the day has come....

yes..... it is the day......



as this day is collided with a friend's bday, we've celebrated it by going to cheong k~

and this was held at:

it was...... hmmmmmmm..... ok la~

maybe there were too many people, i felt like it ended too fast then it was already time to back.
next time, max number of people to go cheong k: 5

and i mean it! AND the cost of cheong k at night is WAY WAY WAY too expensive nowadays, im resolved to go cheong k in the afternoon only, unless occasional events xD


and going to my relatives today~~

coz my family are coming to kl for qing ming. last year only my dad came, my mum mentioned that i've never been to qing ming since before she was pregnant with me... so they made it compulsory for everyone to go wor... i wonder why they didnt last year.... hmmmmm......

there were in alor setar since friday, and coming back to kl today~


i got to selayang at noon. then this and that happened.

i cant remember what i was doing the whole day..... tv gua...

i recall waiting and waiting for them to reach back, and they finally reached at 2 am ++ haha and we didnt sleep till 4 am.. =D

and we needa wake up at 9 am ha-ha-ha~


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my exams are moving in

which means its confirmed that there will not be any updates till my exams are all finished, 27th March.

as if i update a lot nowadays anyways

anyhow, for those who dunno and would have never guessed, i started wearing braces few days ago, on saturday.

and that's basically it, i have an assignment to finish a day before my exam begins too...

so no time, wait..... O.O i wasted 5 minutes precious time to update!!! waaa!! lol

AND elena told me my lao da aka chuirou coming to kl, exactly on the days i have my exams, what a bummer!


oh! and i noticed chia yuin's bday is the day i had my braces put on to my teeth! lol

so chia yuin.... sorry and....


chia yuin: you can have my teeth if you wan haha xD


i should bring everyone's bday present when i get back to brunei, huh?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a known fact:

as stated in the name of my blog....

IM FATTING BACK!!!! woooooooot~!

it actually SOUNDS like a good thing, like im going back to somewhere, but in my case, NOT a good thing...

im starting to not care what i eat anymore.... as long as i enjoy what im eating of course~ eheheh...

but if i keep thinking like this..... i can just change my name from COLLIE to FATLIE

vonvon's been calling me that nowadays.... =_=

ahhhh..... life

it's always unfair~

aaaanyways, some of all of ya already know that i aint going back to brunei anytime soon.... SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

but good news is I MAYBE going back by the end of the year, not sure if i can attend any party which WILL be held after i get back there though.. coz im bringing 2 of my cousins who've never been to Brunei there as well.


my sis just inform me via facebook last nite at 2.59 am that:
edward said cookie died

here's my reaction:

since i just watched Marley and Me (its a really nice movie, but prepare a packet of tissue before watching) my tears were at the verge of coming out....

coz i wanna be sure of it before i breakdown, so far no reply yet....

I havent even seen that lil fella for almost 8 months and she's gone?

one of the main reasons i wanted to go back to brunei is to see lil cookie, she's getting older and im missing it... same for my sis in singapore.

and this is the only picture i have of her!!!! T-T

i think im gonna call my mum


on second thought, i dont wanna know....

Friday, February 27, 2009

mistaken identi-teeth


mick has noticed some wrong with what i said in the cbox haha
that proves at least someone is paying attention la~

for easy reference:

21 Feb 09, 18:48
Supa: Which teeth were plucked? I bet the dentish must have pulled out ur tiger tooth so he sewed it right? Btwn, I'm gonna be a braces free girl in April! Hooray! haha ^0^

23 Feb 09, 18:31
collie: supa: my dentist's a she haha, and yea, she did exactly as you said T-T ahhhhh the horrorrrrrr!!!!

25 Feb 09, 15:58

Mick: Hey! 1st, you said it was your tiger other words, canines...but now it's premolars? Which is it?

ok now here's the thing:

I, me, didnt know/wasn't sure the name of my teeth which were being plucked out, BUT i know the position of them......


this is how i found out they were my premolars ~

enjoy ze pikuture ~

credits for google for letting me know which teeth of mine were plucked

yeap now u all can know which of my teeth went missing =)

getting late, sleepy time...


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

toothless and clueless

flashing back to last saturday...............................................

i got 6 shots of anaestatic! which, according to the dentist: 4 cartridges... o.O
i recall the 2nd and 5th shot actually stinging... ahhh the horror~

i felt nothing once again while my 3rd and 4th premolar are being plucked out, overall less pain than the 1st and 2nd~ STILL needing the painkillers though eheheh...

hmmm.... missing 4 of my premolars....

im basically toothless, huh?

i cant chew without hurting my gums... much...

and i recently found out my teeth are smaller than average O.O

i have a model of my set of teeth, and my 4 poor teeths with me, but if i take pictures of them and upload them here.... i'll find it...hmmm.. weird and embarassing hehe so nevermind~~=D


here's a cat brushing its teeth =D


hmmm.... on to my mid-term papers: (to my own reference)

im in my week 7 so....

yesterday, Feb 24
8.00 am: English - Roleplay of an interview... was Post-poned...

today, Feb 25.... today....
9.30 am: English - Roleplay of an interview

tmoro, Feb 26
8.00 am: F&B Rest. Tech - short assessment Topic 1 + 2
11.00 am: Economics - Chapter 1, 2 & 4
4.00 pm: Malaysian Studies - Chapter 1, 2 and 3 (partly)

Friday, Feb 27
11.00 am: Food Science - HACCP? o.O
2.00 pm: Kitchen Theory - Got assessment???
3.30 pm: RD Theory - Everything so far gua....

hey, i could be screaming like this....

except, not in pain....

and not for my life haha i didn't know lizards can open their mouth like that O.O


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


as i mentioned earlier, i got my 2 precious teeth plucked

i couldnt feel anything at all in the process, NOTHING!

i got 4 shots of anaestatic to pluck 2 teeth, means 4 more shots in another week T-T

and MORE when i put on braces!

the fact that i have a classmate who JUST put on braces and is suffering like hell is not helping at all.... =(

AAAnyways, i felt absolutely nothing when my teeth were being pull out from my gums. maybe just a little feeling of force pulling my teeth. and the dentist even sew my gums! i didnt even know until i saw the lil needle and the black thread o.O

my whole left jaw felt like a burden, I COULDNT FEEL ANYTHING!! i could be drooling without myself even noticing, and i feel handicapped O.O feels weird having to eat with an unmove-able lump of burdened left jaw, the food even tasted weird with the antidotes on my gums.

when the anaestatic finally wore off..... &^#$(*&Q#^$*&)*&#Q% PAIN!!!!

was in a bad mood most of the time.... sorry for the people who were around during that period.. truly sorry =(

1st time i ever eat all my medicine on time!!!! coz i need the painkillers haha xD

it still hurt like hell the 1st week, couldnt chew with my left jaw.

it doesnt hurt anymore and i can finally chew with both my jaw again~

the pain ended during Valentine's~~~~

i had a wonderful, delightful, happy and heart-warming valentine ~
our 1st Vday together ~ full stop.

OMG i got french assessment tmoro!

ciao xD

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

guess what?

THIS very saturday......

i will be meeting with the dentist and.....

getting my teeth pluck!

yea... i getting braces REAL soon T-T

and i hear from everyone that it's gonna really inconvenient the first few weeks, and it's gonna be very painful~

PLUS im losing my teeth on ur birthday, mick! lol

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the start of something busy~

tonnes and tonnes of assignments
coming stressful assessments

not doing much.....yet but feeling a heavy load of stress

i shall finish my econs assignment now!!!

haha wonder if i can


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


it's almost the end of 3rd day of CNY
and my ang pao money is NOT even reaching 200
(excluding my parent's, which im not getting soon...gua)


anyways, happy almost 4th day of CNY~

imma gonna win some money via GAMBLING!!!

mua-ha-ha!!! rite now! ~~~
money time!

hope u're all doin better than me... wait! no need to hope, i KNOW u're all doin better than me! hahaha


Monday, January 26, 2009


first of all~

and today, no, yesterday...

my location for the whole day till midnite:

morning: cheras

noon: mentari

evening: selayang

midnite: online!
all in one day!!

6 hours after midnite: alor setar


im tired baibye

ciao ^^

Friday, January 23, 2009

i disappeared again!

yea, i've been quite busy these last few days
pretty much having my whole brain enough things to occupy

i went to sing k twice in a week!

both session were k-lunch in Neway, so it's cheaper than Redbox anyday

me and my tisu mama aka yvonne went shopping for my new year clothes~

i bought a lotta stuff i really really like!!! ^-^

they're something like a new year k thing before some of us go back to our hometown.... speaking of which,


hear me? i miss that lil buddy of mine T-T
(to elena: feel proud man...haha)

wat else....? hmmmmm.....

oh ya, there's chinese new year... im looking forward to THAT! hehe

im going back to my relative's again this sunday, and on the same day going to the other relatives who are currently living in alor setar huhu~! i miss my lil chub chub cousin Hui Zhi there, she's so adorably nice to pinch! xD

oh! and the 2 lil niece and nephew i have there, they call my monster 'ah yi' haha i scare them all the time hehe but they know im nice =D they love me i know lol ss

hmmm... since i disappear all the time, no need to write an annoucement la~

just updating my excitement for CNY yay! it's coming soon and im in my hols already!

gonna get myself ready for it~


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

outdated again

my college started last week.....

my wireless' still dead....

i forgot to collect my laundry at the dobi....

im in college but my classes starts 2 hours after i reached... hehehe

no internet in my room!!!! T-T

surprisingly im taking that well....

being not able to online to research some of the stuff makes it frustrating though.... otherwise im ok~

current situation:
- at student lounge blogging for the 1st time xD
- my ass hurts coz i didnt move at all for the last hour =(
- class is in half an hour >.>
- i miss ze INTERNET
- IM LEARNING FRENCH!!! FUN!! we even sang a french song yesterday hahahah

~ j'aime le kafes~
~et paris au moi de mai~

haha im not even sure of the lyrics now xD

oh no i take too long to post, imma gonna be late!!!!


ps mick, i disappears with reasons!! hahaha =P