Sunday, January 31, 2010

convocation ~

i go buat kecoh @ convocation and eat free food :D

convocation for graduates of Diploma in Hospitality Management @ KLCC

thank yin n her chester for 'inviting' me there, as guest not graduate haha

im gladdddd i didnt pay RM260 for the convo, truthfully told xD

there was only a robe but no square hat! it comes together wan maaaa stewpit

sooo it starts at 3pm, guests are supposed to be there by 2.30

BUT as everyone might have guessed, i was late. reached there round 3.10 ok right?

it was free seating so i chose a seat round the middle, it wasss HUGE there

btw the robes look nice from afar

up close.... they look kinda horrible and makes one look fat lol

i'll wear mine when i get my degree, hope it looks better then :D

so basically, i went there to:
- see my fellow graduates getting their EMPTY certificate case
- fall asleep listening to the speakers
- eat FREE FOOD :D
- take pictures with the people i sawww, not much =/
pictures with ivan, yin, max, debra. see when they upload :)
then i curi hohoho

hmmm.. it only lasted a few hours. tired looo~

i got back to mentari with the sweet sweet couple hoho feels like tiang lampu when around those 2 :P

back to watching america's next top model :D


tooth decay!

first of all OUCH!!!!!
and it still hurts D:

from Tooth Fairy :D
so ngam it fits how my teeth feels haha
its a family comedy, i had a nice laugh watching this.

haha as u all may have already know, im currently wearing braces.

I didn't know Tiong took hers off alreadyyy~ I cant wait till I get mine off, I bet it's gonna feeel so free and nice and ahhh i just cant wait :) but there's still the retainer though, but it's better than braces. can be taken out when i want to ~

oh as i was saying, tooth decay.

my front tooth, one of the big big ones has a decay D:
and i had it filled today when i went to the dentist for my braces stuff.

it couldnt be filled coz my teeth arent aligned yet. so then it was done today. i was scared, coz i saw the drill. THE DRILL! in my mouth! it IS scary. what if the drill touches me? my lips or my mouth? i know i think too much but still.. the scariest part is the sound ahhh.. still scares me just thinking bout it D:

it didnt hurt though, not much, while i was drilled. lol. BUT my whole set of teeth hurtssssssssssss coz of the braces. the pain is a good thing i guess, proves that my teeth are moving. but but butbut i can only eat SOFT food T-T for these few days til it doesnt hurt that bad. cant chew on anything hard, not even egg! or maybe the egg i ate was hard or something. i swallow or press the food in my mouth to become smaller. not fun.

this is the time where i can say this:
no pain no gain & beauty comes with a price

pictures are uploaded in laoda's photo album~~
and i love herrr <3 style="color: rgb(255, 204, 255);">ciao~

Thursday, January 28, 2010


i was gonna update myself here, but its getting late and i have class at 8.30 tmro! earliest class of my whole term D:

will just do a quick update

this week's my 2nd week since class started and already having homeworks and assignments which are as annoying as ever.

what makes it worse is that i dont really understand how that particular assignment works, like what im suppose to do or know or to prepare o.O

ask lecturer, keeps repeating the same thing which i really dun get =/

BUT we had a lil briefing n i had a clearer view of what to do now, somehow. but still not 100% sure. will keep asking though

aaaaaaanyway, to whoever's reading this. MICK HAS A BLOG!!!!!!! xDDD

go readdddddd, i felt touched when i read her first post. kinda life-enhancing lol i dunno what im saying

im getting sleepy~

OH BTW! im going back brunei for CNY~~!! :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

kinda last minute sg trip

so i mentioned i went to sg

its not really a last minute plan

i already had it planned in my head

but i only informed my sis, who's in sg, a few days before the actual trip and she replied the day before

soooooo that's not last minute planning, not really

i had a ride to puduraya :D

then took the Transtar Coach worth RM39 to Beach Road(i still have no idea where that is) in Sg

i dunno where i was~ keep texting my sis bout my location n confirming what to do after i reach a certain place =D

so my sis was frustrated i took so long to reach her place, she had to wait outside on the road doing nothing, note: she is impatient hahaha

so i was planning to just stay for one night there. but i couldnt get a bus in time so stayed for another nite. which conflicted with my classes in college.

i skipped first day of class, as well as some others because first week's usually introduction week with no attendance most probably =)

aaanyways, i took too long to write this. my memory's failing me!

so i've been to orchard road & vivocity for the 2nd time. first time was with family but didnt know where it was. spent quite a lot actually, if i convert everything to RM =P

saw a skirt i really like in kitschen, sg. then when i checked the price of the same thing in kl, it was wayyy cheaper hohoho so CONCLUSION, shop in KL! its cheaper and u get to buy more clothes xDDD

i got a really cheap flight back to kl, cost SGD32 from Tiger Airways. my cheapest flight ever! lol and it was a night flight at 9pm thats why cheap. there were quite a lotta empty seats, one of em includes the seat beside me. for all the flights i've took, they're all full. one of the few times i see an ACTUAL empty seat. xD

i got back kinda late, first thing i did was sleep the moment my head hit my soft pillow with all my bears and dogs =DD


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

im not doing fine

its 3 in the morning and i have class tmro at 11am.

cant sleep, i can if i wanted to but i dun want to

having headaches over a rather petty matter

i dunno what to know, actually i do

but i dun think i have the heart to do it

coz it makes me feel like doing something really bad

and even one of my close friends is going through a similar thing

not doing so well there either

do i have to be cruel?

or just let it go on and see how it heads to?

Saturday, January 16, 2010



me love skype haha

im totally sakai/jakkun/new to it

seen it before but never bothered la

until elena made me download n install a few days ago

turns out its damn fun :D and it took me so long to realize it

especially with a bunch of frens chatting like mad together

my skype username collie321 add meee~


the ppl i meant are ELENA (nana), LAODA (boss), AND CHAI (vain wayne) haha

elena: THE host
laoda: THE boss
chai: THE ignored
me: im just ME~ haha

it was my first group video chat

and it was fuuuun~

will do it again soon haha

if not for laoda's work in the morning, we wouldnt have let her go

but we love her (wth hahaha)

it started with me saying i love lao da coz she finally uploaded the photos she took in brunei yay~~


haha ok i very wu liao

very late liao, i shud also sleep


Friday, January 15, 2010

sg @ weekend

maybe 16 or 17th me goin sg to find mak, cyuin n jas

BUT.. i hafta know how to get there...
take bus: wat time where etcetc

check with my sis when she replies

but wait i just noticed its tmoro hahaha

me staying with me sis! i shall mess up her room, if its not already messed up muahahaha

so better get to it first


i miss me papa n mama

i misssssssssssssss them soooo much.. already o.o

and i'll be back for cny with my parents


i've been spending cny in kl for 2 years now, it feels different though. i can feel the family moments thing but its kinda different without my parents n siblings there. but this year, we're gna have fun! collecting angpao :D

ok now im just procrastinating.

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'egpijzx vnklmsvrw.,mgWP4 GJWE4PTJ KMe'pf ij[ej
wepij 'pew;ij qo paojq;et
jep;ijgp;iwj4egp;wjez p:JQJO32 'TJWAQ'1pk3ti['s
aq1 3t

yes the few lines up there are nonsense,
please pay no attention to it :)

awww its windy now, such a nice feel. its feels good to live on the rooftop level ya know. i could just climb outside my window onto the roof, n enjoy the blowing cool wind wheeeeeeeee~

i have enojoyed my time of peace on the rooftop


feels nice to just lie there n stare at the sky

i should try doin it at nite, but kinda scary at nite.
i'll do it if i see starsss~

the sky's kinda dark but im guessing no rain tonite, although brunei's raining at the moment.

soooooooo... this weekend, im might be goin to SG. yea with cyuin n jas for one nite if possible ANDDDDDDDDDD i was asking jas n my sis bout where im living, NO REPLY from any of them yet wth!! :(

i shall rush them muahaha


orientation's over n i sleep like a pig

turns out my nervous-ness is excitement of meeting old frens i havnt seen for awhile

the initial screamings(kinda)/shouting was fun.

and the tension is the group placement in my course

its not even out by now.. GRRRRRRRR. RWAR!

i wanna be in the same group of gang which we had crazy times together last year, sooo much fun then. although a few of them are not continuing :(

so orientation was boring, and stressing ahhh what with the marking scheme n all. its only orientation and i feel the stress already == me no likey

i missed the campus tour coz we went away too long with the toilet break which the limit wasnt set so go figures~ i was planning on getting lost in the 1st week anyways :D

and they didnt mention anything about our new ID and i forgot to mention till ethan john n i left the building to have lunch in LCS, wan tan mee there. food is still nice~~ but it might be closing down soon, with the ppl all moved to the new lakeside campus...

yday i slept like a pig with 12 hrs, from 6am to 6pm. i know, im dying soon

then today, i felt damn tired at 1pm, then slept n woke up , n slept n woke up coz of my phone ringing. until 4 i feel tres horrible

and i forgot all my french! sorta. shit. damn. good thing i didnt burn my notes haha!


even i find my blog boring, without pictures n all.

fb there la hoho

im currently uploading my form 3 pictures hoho we all look funny n weird im laughing while uploading myself hahaha

when im finished with form 3, i'll get to the form 4 n 5 pictures~~


Thursday, January 14, 2010

orientation tmro!

omg time no i mean Holidays passed by sooooo fast!

then tmoro is orientation for my degree

and class starts tuesday, HOPEFULLY! haha

coz group 1 and 2 of my course has mondays off! i wan i wan~


i was totally fine a few days ago

it only just suddenly hit my head that class is almost starting!!

gahhhhhhh i cant remember how i met new ppl now

why oh why?? weird me

im still my procrastinating self shite =.=

die die die die die die die die

oh, and i slept 6 hrs extra today WTH??
in the afternoon, i woke up at 12 pm JUST to go back to sleep almost half an hour later, why am i so tired??

gahhhhh im a nervous wreck "==


first day back in kl

and sooooo.... i slept at 6 AM DAMN EARLY RITE???

haha and i was supposed! to finish up my powerpoint, which until now, i have yet to finish

right, so i went to the new lakeside campus anyways to submit the scholarship form, with help from max. he fetched me there

when we got there, haha felt so lost there

the new lakeside campus looks like HOSPITAL everything looks so white lol

emmmm sooooooooooooo me n max went round n round in the campus... turns out the office was at the front entrance there =.= ok la exercise is good haha

thennnnnnnnn... i passed the forms to them... she said to email the essay n powerpoint to the other person in charge, PLUS i forgot to pass her my photo hmmmm... i have to go back?
orientation's just a day 29 hrs away ~ haha lazy n no car to get there, no money for taxi, i aint rich

and so im (almost) done with my scholarship thing, all that im waiting for is the result whether they want to accept me or not.

after that, went to summit there for bowling, movie (old dogs), shopping somemore..

then pyramid, with nick, walk some more, dinner, then movie (cirque du freak: vampire's assistant)

that lasted till 11pm...

still have to do my powerpoint gahhhhhhhhhhh

I GOT CHIP & DALE!! from max


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

back at 4 am O.O

yeapp i got back home at 4 am in the morning

not a good sign, but its my last nite in brunei
must make full use of it haha


11th Jan 2010
another gathering for ex-expresses 2007
with laoda, joyce, wayne, henry and pan

the INITIAL plan was meeting at q-lap mall at 1.30 then alvin n the chipmunks movie at 2. but me n joyce were late (main ppl who wanted to watch in the first place) so we bought tickets for Couples Retreat instead, at 3

so guys n gals split up n we gals kia kia on boutiques there, tried a few clothes on. guys dunno where they went ~

couldn't find the shop i saw online the other day : d'Bryan. Turns out it was at the top floor, with the cinema gahh.. and we were kinda late so i didnt get to venture inside :(

the movie was really funny, involves a lotta funny scenes involving sex but not censored type hahaha we bought popcorn to throw at the guys :D

when the movie ended, we took pictures then joyce left :'(

then along we went to the 2nd destination: Seri Utama Bowling (again) hahaha

i just love bowling, dont u? :)

lawrence reached there same time we did, so 6 of us started playing~ huhu while waiting for ong, we started without him lol he came in half way through the 1st game

all of us were new with bowling haha except pan n ong

but everyone played well :) feels nice hanging round with a group of old friends~

2nd game, pan, wayne n henry left and in came ong

so 4 ppl for 2nd game: ong did soo horrible he lost to laoda haha, and lawrence was good even though its his first time o.O

we break for dinner at jollibee which was just next door, ONG belanja! coz he lost to laoda lol henry came back in time for free dinner xD but left after eating =/

so 3rd game, the same 4 ppl. I ALMOST SCORED 100 points!! i got 98 T-T

i noticed how i never get AT LEAST 100 T-T! sad!

we finished around 9+ pm then ong was waiting for his car to arrive, so we went to soon lee to kia kia while waiting for his car.

first section we went to: lingerie department hahaha the guys were standing far far away while i was choosing underwear hoho

then we went down to camwhore with the accessories at Ground Floor. with the sunglasses, pink caps on the guys, handbag-ing like gays, cowboy hats, pink kiddy hairbands and more LOL

photos by chuirou @ fb haha when she uploads

after ong go liao, me send lawrence n laoda back at subok~

then i drift back to gadong there to fetch hau, feel so bad made him wait a whole hour D: but he ok wan sooooo ok la :P i know u're reading this! haha

emmm... we chit chat the whole nite lo, talking crap haha i cant even remember what we talked about.. but its fun :) just catching up with everyone n just talking, chatting with old classmates.

we were driving to kiulap coz hau was sick of gadong (lol i dunno why) then we reached AuLait, at Q-lap Mall. i had Red Devil n he had Peach Italian Soda, suuuuch a plain drink to have cost $5.80. not worth the money! but limteh there quite nice, comfy cozy feeling there ~
we stayed till they LOOK like they're closing at 12am

then sien lo dunno what to do, i was thinking of goin back liao. but resisting that haha so i let hau drive xD then he drove almost everywhere, touring round brunei lol

went to:
yayasan - looks real empty (pass through only)
katok - looks creepy n deserted (never been there)
seri - pass by also
yayasan - AND back here where we sat in the middle at the water fountain which the water was totally sucked up and gone lol

so we sat there n chatted for 3 hrs! lol talking bout totally random stuff, even the cats that walked by

soooo on the way, suddenly felt hungry... so the only thing to eat n near our houses: Nasi Katok~

Liyana has one of the best nasi katok around n its 24 hrs (i think)! haha it was nais~~ n cheap lol

so we wait n ate n that took another hour haha

now i remember where hau lives hoho i can go stalk him hahaha

emmmm... so i got back n locked the doors n gate n drop dead tired now

and i still have time to reply my msgs in fb hah!

and blog ~


Sunday, January 10, 2010

bowling @ seri

2nd day driving n im a scary driver hoho

i REALLY shud not touch my phone while driving

getting to know the roads in brunei more though :)

today! 09 JAN 2010 to be exact

bowling at Seri with mick cyuin jas n ian

mick kena kidnap by my mum at chms (mick's a teacher!!!! cool~) to my house.
we went to fetch cyuin then jas

we got there at 2.30

BUT there was a bowling competition there so fully booked til 4pm

SO we went kia kia in soon lee, met ian there at the lingerie department n makan nacho at jollibee *yum*

bowling there costs $5/game/person & $1/pair of shoe
cost more than msia of course =P

we played 2 games n i had funnnn~

lol thing - ball came out of finger and rolls towards the back while attempt to throw the ball to the pins in front: by mick n jas

full mark of bowling being 300
even the score of all FIVE of us add together pun tak cukup haha!
1st game - 296
2nd game - 297
improvement of 1 point !

oh! and i got a Schnauzer from ian

see how cuuuute it is!! =3

he got it from the UFO catching machine from Taiwan =D

cyuin wanted it too, but i got it first ngek ngek *evil me* :P

he got a total of 6 things.. 2 monkeys, a mug, a peanut eraser and.. emm emmm i cant remember!

and off we go to CheezBox @ The Mall

Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Spaghetti(me) was nice~~
the Chicken Cordon Bleu(mick n cyuin) looks most interesting, same for Chicken Kieve(huat). shaped like croquette. might try Shrimp Wantan Noodle Soup(jas) next time

when we paid the bill, they miscalculated and we had extra $10 in our hand.

we could get 2 blizzards @ DQ, but tooooooo full to consider.
we could limteh, but no time.
we could buy SOMETHING, but dunno what.

in the end i spent $4.20 of it on my mini tooth brush for my braces.
the balance is still with me lol

ABSOLUTELY no picture today lol no picture mood i guess, tiring day with bowling n all.

my neck is STILL sore from yesterday's go kart accident, and my hand muscle starting to ache too. AND i can still drive :D

fetched mick home n i know my way back, with thanks to mick for repeating the way again n again in case i forget. AND SUPER UBER CUTE PUPPY AT HER HOUSE ALERT!! name: obin?

AND CYUIN'S 3 DOGGIES!! i just looooove dogs :) nites~


Friday, January 8, 2010

8th JAN 2010!! summary coz im tired

relaxing shower tiring day at 11.30pm

first day driving on my own - wheeeeeeee~!

to gadong pizza hut then JP
wahhhh proud
with laoda, joyce, ching yaw, ong, law, shuen, lih, henry
(ex-express ppl who could come, the rest i dunno =/)

then CAR CRASH neck hurts!!! (omg hoho)


no worry

it was just the go kart at JP lol
i too pro at driving d
drifting on the track like initial D then bang!! wheeee

my neck hurt a lil when i was showering now ok i think

better tell mami or dadi bout it hoho


continue writing later haha

highlight of the day: me drive like pro, with a few flaws

no ones perfect :)


Monday, January 4, 2010

brunei so far..

nothing much has changed in brunei

a few buildings gone, a few built
roads have been looking better, they even look newer! lol

the places which we usually hang out are still those few places

and so on~

anyways, nothing much happened during xmas since me family dun celebrate it~

but my 大姑 (aunty in english?lol) does, and soooo...

she invited me, my sis n cousin along to eat Korean food with her side of the family hoho it was both our first time eating korean food, me n my sis i mean. and there might not be a 2nd time for my sis n cousin, coz its 'not their thing' says them, they prefer japanese. i prefer japanese too, but im still ok with korean =X

the food there was ok~ something im totally new to, a good experience, ppl who hasnt tried them shud really do =)

pictures were taken, but i have no idea when i'll be able to get the pictures from my sis (its been weeks since i asked for them) that includes pictures from cousin's wedding, swimming mountain water, and other outings~

i'll upload in fb when i get them~

and next here's new year, finally reaching 2010!

oh yea another year, but it just feels like another day just with a different number. makes not much difference to me, maybe im lifeless! O.O

lol so anyways, i should set some new year resolutions or something. never once did this hoho

health : Hope my whole family stays healthy all the way :)
wealth : i shall save money n not waste them on unnecessary items wheeee~
education : GET SUPER GOOD GRADES!! :D
hobby/interest : find healthy hobbies to do, maybe swimming & bowling ~
but have to find teman also hmmm...

something like that can laaa~~ hohoho


a day after i got back to brunei, me family went to limbang to visit my grandmother~ the food she cooks brings back childhood memory :) like the sour duck ohoho~

limbang is a very undeveloped place where its more boring than brunei. there's astro though haha stayed there for 3 days 2 nites ~

when i got back to brunei... i was at home n family times til sunday, 3rd Jan 10.

went out with lao da, joycie, supa, choo choo, and ah tiong. ahhh the only one missing is elena, in uk~...

and so we met up at Ahan That, Gadong~ nice thai food there. i ate sweet n sour chicken there and really nice ohh~ they use thai sauce so there's the thai flavour there. lao da's buttermilk chicken also tres bien haha supa's noodle finished before i even had time to steal

then ah tiong's kung pao chicken was tooo far for my short hands to reach, choo choo settled with a seafood salad i think. on her diet as usual, even though i dun think she need to =/ then joyce also diet~ even though she's thin :(

then we spent almost an hour? chit-chatting n taking pictures and making a lotta noise in the restaurant hohoho

next plan was going swimming :) but before that... went to jaya to buy googles~ i was the only one who bought though, frustrating thing was, the $8.90 has a 10% discount so the final price was $8.01. i paid $10. THEY CHARGED ME THE STUPID $0.01 and gave me 99 cents back wth!!! i dun like this one bit D:
1 cent no need charge laaaaa, its no wonder malaysia dun use 1 cents anymore =/

aaand so we went to the stadium~ with thanks to supa driving us :)
when we reached, the only who changed was me n supaa~
joyce changed a bit later then then then
laoda choochoo n ah tiong didnt swim D:
they were by the side of the pool playing with supa's lappie :(
but me joyce n supa had fun, we were totally exhausted after swimming a round forth n back though hahaha we only swam around 3 times, the rest of the time was playing with the water, somersaulting/diving such ~

entrance fee was $2 each! ahhh expensive~!
oh and i have the tendency to convert every price i see in brunei to malaysian ringgit now haha everything expensive ahhhh~~ haha

around 6pm, supa drove all of us back to chms hoho and we saw grace there
chit chat chit chat
lao da's car came
then ah tiong's
joyce's family came then we continue chatting
till grace left, then joyce left~
supa drove me back coz we live around the same area

wait til i get used to driving! haha i already have my license (msia) :D

4th Jan 10
escapade-ing with Mick, Nisa, C.Yuin, Jas n Huat
huat felt that he didnt belong there coz he's the only guy so we made him a female name: Kendra hahaha and male names for ourselves

Collie : Cole
Nisa :
C.Yuin(michelle) :
Jasmine :
Mick :
Mick (already male enough xD)

we ate a lot~~ and i was satisfied~ haha escapade is still nicee~ especially escargot hoho my favourite, its snail btw. for me it tastes like chewy chicken :)
we had sashimi <3!>
haha then we walked to the mall for movie~

before movie, we went to Kanojo, newly opened japanese products shop. getting a lotta that kind of shops in brunei. nothing much there actually, still new i guess. no one bought anything and once again, huat feels out of place coz the shop's kinda too pink n feminine for him haha

then jas wanted to buy mint, so on we go to the grocery section. where a few of us bought drinks. and so we had some time before the movie starts, we lepak in front of the cineplex area. dexter (Dextra) came, i still have no idea who haha then we bought drinks n pop corn~

the large size drink here is the medium size for GSC in msia and more expensice =X hehe i have no complaints thoughhhh.. i drank the whole thing myself lol

yup, we watched sherlock holmes hoho nice movie, funny too. i get confused on the parts they were explaining bout the complicating stuff though. i usually get lost at some point of any movie, this one has not fail me yet haha i always thought watson is the chubby assistant though lol

ahhhh... it was possible that everyone (almost) could have stayed longer for dinner~ but i failed to mention this soooo... we all went back around 5-5.30 pm all of us~

and thats the end of this outing. there will be more to come~

planning picnic @ the beach~~ hoho to anyone who's reading, wanna go? ahhaha

choochoo has left for canada, nana in uk.. joyce gonna go aussie, wayne gonna go kl, jas goin to kl/sg soon also.. so it'll be like a farewell for chai n joyce~

i wanna go out

wanna go bowling and beach

and i write too slow, its late