Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my exams are moving in

which means its confirmed that there will not be any updates till my exams are all finished, 27th March.

as if i update a lot nowadays anyways

anyhow, for those who dunno and would have never guessed, i started wearing braces few days ago, on saturday.

and that's basically it, i have an assignment to finish a day before my exam begins too...

so no time, wait..... O.O i wasted 5 minutes precious time to update!!! waaa!! lol

AND elena told me my lao da aka chuirou coming to kl, exactly on the days i have my exams, what a bummer!


oh! and i noticed chia yuin's bday is the day i had my braces put on to my teeth! lol

so chia yuin.... sorry and....


chia yuin: you can have my teeth if you wan haha xD


i should bring everyone's bday present when i get back to brunei, huh?