Wednesday, January 14, 2009

outdated again

my college started last week.....

my wireless' still dead....

i forgot to collect my laundry at the dobi....

im in college but my classes starts 2 hours after i reached... hehehe

no internet in my room!!!! T-T

surprisingly im taking that well....

being not able to online to research some of the stuff makes it frustrating though.... otherwise im ok~

current situation:
- at student lounge blogging for the 1st time xD
- my ass hurts coz i didnt move at all for the last hour =(
- class is in half an hour >.>
- i miss ze INTERNET
- IM LEARNING FRENCH!!! FUN!! we even sang a french song yesterday hahahah

~ j'aime le kafes~
~et paris au moi de mai~

haha im not even sure of the lyrics now xD

oh no i take too long to post, imma gonna be late!!!!


ps mick, i disappears with reasons!! hahaha =P