Friday, June 19, 2009

rant: shit damn f*ck!!!

here's what i dont like about myself: my memory/forgetful-ness

it is sooo bad i cant even remember what i was doing 5 seconds ago!

so here's what i forgot today:

1) when on the bus to the airport, my mobile phone

2) when lining up to check in at airport, MY EFFING PASSPORT!!!!

right on the day im suppose to fly to brunei!!!!!

mobile phone okay la since goin to brunei ma, no need lo

but passport!!!! man my forgetfulness ROCKS to the max

not only do i wasted RM500+ to get new tickets to miri instead to join my sister tmoro, i've inconvenience EVERYONE else(family)!

i was reminded to bring food, souvenirs, novels, etc etc BUT

NOT my passport (sister did, only once the night before which i can remember)

being phone-less, i was totally unreachable. no one knew how to find me

SO! i walked around the place looking for pay phones!!!!!

i felt so lost!!!!!!

i'll never leave my phone alone again!!!!

late now continue next time