Monday, April 13, 2009

i know.... it's me

yea im being very much lazy these few weeks

planning this doing that

i need more black socks, they keep disappearing. i dunno how it happens! it just does T-T

hmm... updates ahh...

i've started my industrial training since last week in Hotel Equatorial KL, 5 star hotel lehhhhhh.... 16 floored smallest sized hotel with a history of 35 years (still) surviving in kl, that IS something.. most old hotels are closed down or changed company by now, other buildings are 3(or more) times taller and bigger than Equatorial ohhh.....

see how small it looks with the twin towers behind it hahaha

but then again the hotel's in KL where as im in PJ, i need to take:


coz there's a distance between kl central and monorail

the flat building there is centre of all public transport KL central


the minimum time i need to reach the hotel is 45 minutes, maximum could be up to 2 hours. while ktm is KNOWN for being delayed all the time, you can never count on ktm if you're rushing to reach somewhere.

so far.. for my shifts at 8 am, i can reach the hotel by 7.15 ... amazing leh~
im known for being late but im early muahahahaha

this week's shifts are at 2-10 pm, i dont like it one bit... i prefer morning shifts~ i get to enjoy my afternoon having fun

i'd prefer sleeping and waking up early nowadays..

and with the standing and walking im getting everyday on my way to work, im hoping to slim down AT LEAST a lilttle.. sigh.... i should watch how i eat *no more fast food*

but its what everyone likes to eat haha

although we know......