Friday, November 27, 2009

locked out

another incident to prove how incredibly blurrrr i am:

i locked myself out of my own room :D

while going for a shower

i should have checked the knob before leaving the room

but lucky got extra keys~ lalala

i feel more relaxed studying now :)
compared to a few days ago..

revising myself on all the subjects~

except cost accounting! i couldnt even remember learning this subject. me no likey :(

here's the stack of notes i have from since jan 08

not that much i guess, these are for my 2 years

and i have to study/revise the stacks of notes in the bottom 2 files for my finals

there's more in soft copy, MORE

back to studying!


like.. SHIT!


its FIVE DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nuff said



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

less stress


i DO feel a little less stress the moment i walked out of the exam room :D

and i LOVED that feeling...

but it left a few minutes later when i thought of my other final papers haha

im glad i took DELF, the oral exam of DELF was a lil harder than Taylor's.. but there were both handle-able :) maybe coz i was lucky enough to get lenient examiners~~ hohoho

i have discovered my numbers in french is NOT GOOD haha

but no more french starting today till............. i continue french next year ~ long time away

and i hear a lotta ppl are gonna enjoy burning their french notes LOL

IF, im saying IF have to retake french for the ppl who choichoi.. failed their french. then lagi stress no notes haha~

i SHOULD be studying now xD


Friday, November 13, 2009

midnite in college

imagine being in school/college still having class till midnite!

i just had that experience last nite

it was long, REALLY

but i learnt a lotta stuff

it was my restaurant revision class


things we did that took us from 2 pm in the afternoon to finish till midnite:

2-6 pm
preparation for restaurant service
getting cutleries, crockeries, glassware, napkins, tables, flambe/carving equipment ready. i was folding napkins n kinda took my time doing it coz the folding takes time! haha

5.30-6.30 pm
making lotsa pancakes (crepes)
@ pastry kitchen under a culinary lecturer
i've learnt a few things about pastry~ haha
maybe coz its a different lecturer, different chefs with different styles
its good to learn from different chefs on cooking/pastry, coz they are always different ways to approach things for everyone. BUT, my kitchen practical chef is only one person since my first day in college, and its always fun to have his class =)

6.30-9.30 pm
flambe-ing peaches, pineapples and crepes

pretty crazy on how long we take to do these, BUT its coz we have to clean up the pans we're using n re-use. ITS VERY troublesome to clean, with all the caramel~ we have to heat the harden caramel to melt it then wash it off, consumes quite an amount of time. and also the plates n service gears all sticky with caramel.
plus there were mistakes made by a almost everyone, including myself, re-do-ing and redo-ing the flambe, even though there were a few number of demos by my restaurant practical lecturer.

9.30-10.30 pm
carving of chicken(poulet roti) and lamb rack

demo n carving by ourselves.
and of course we get to eat them when we're finished! yum! hahaha
its just getting a whole chicken/lamb rack, and cutting them into smaller portions professional :D
food was nicee~ coz we were too hungry i think didnt eat for 10 hrs lehhh... even tapau some to take back :P

10.30-12 pm
includes barbariously stuffing food down our throats(not really like that xD) & cleaning up EVERYTHING and having everything put back to their original places & de-briefing.

and im getting tired *yawn

i got a presentation tmoro, another assignment to be submitted & presented on monday
PLUS a french oral examination aka DELF A1 on SUNDAY, and im not even sure i can find the place!



Saturday, November 7, 2009

lazy.. still lazy

and getting more forgetful each day.

i cant remember what i wanted to blog about after clicking 'new post'

thats unbelievable~ but then again maybe i had nothing to blog about anyways haha

AHhhhhhh!!! my final exam schedule's OUT!! and it looks as stressing as ever :)

might as well prepared myself before its tooooo late.

and good luck to the students in brunei having ur exams!

i heard u're all already almost half way done but still, happy studying~ =D

y'all gonna be enjoying ur holidays when my exam 'heaven' starts


beer, sim n lazyness kickin' in

hohoho~ tmoro's saturday, technically speaking today's saturday and i went out yamcha till 3.30am muahaha

long time since i last did something like this

but this time withh beer~ lol i damn sakai xD

and i found out how DAMN MUCH of stuff, GENERAL stuff that i have no idea about o.O

mostly coz i grew up in brunei aaaaaaand my exposure here in kl quite limited. that's true and sad awwwwww

getting to know more now, while embarassing myself by misunderstanding tooooo in the process "== not liking it but, what to do~? u wont learn if it doesnt leave an impression, and embarassing impression LASTSSSS. hahaha

firstly i dun even the way to pour beer :D draft i know la but i didnt know...... from bottle to glass also the same way O.O

house alarms.... BRUNEI DUN HAVEEEEE! lol
it aint my fault i mistaken it for alarm kannnn?? haha yeah tres embarassing
but then again i cant catch what ethan says sometimes.

or its just because je suis blurr~
yes i am. another sad character of mine

i felt that dizziness after i finish my bottle of hoegaarden:

belgium beer, taste better, cost more also

i dun drink much beer, heck i dun even drink except on occasions. but hoegaarden definitely taste better than tiger, carlsberg all those beers u can usually find :)

my msia sim card (given to me by my sis) went nuts, suddenly no access to network i.e. totally cannot use. so i got a new number until i can somehow fix it.

i went to maxis n asked how/what to do:

1st trip
the receptionist says i have to bring the owner's IC to fix it, standard procedure or what shit
and soooo, i got a copy of my sis's ic thennn....

2nd trip
i need to fill in a form, its only available @ the branch in Sunway pyramid. i was at mentari branch, and she thinks i dunno sunway pyramid she even mentioned: 'that shopping complex there'
and i noticed it was the same effing person on my 1st trip. stooooooopid woman.

3rd trip @ pyramid
i went and have that lost face there coz its crowded. ppl actually take numbers to que up. and i see a bunch of staff standing there chatting, not doing anything else but playing with their phone. efficient, kan?
so i asked one of the stoopid ppl bout my problem. guess what they said?

i have to get a stoooopid anthorization letter from my sister, who's in sg to be authorized to fix her sim card. and they 'prefer' the original copy! i told them my sister is in sg and they give me that stupid face. some shit job they're doing, everytime i go i get an effing different answer, maybe i shud just change to digi.


with all my assignments piling up from my laziness, i feel stressed coz im not exactly doing anything. my classes recently are getting pointless, it feels like im going for class everyday but the things i learn in class, not new at all. except for french. its like we're repeating all the boring stuff from previous terms. i even feel demotivated to go to class AT ALL.

and when our lecturers think we're not stress enough for our FINALS for our diploma. they give us troublesome assignments. its not hard, just consumes too much time for us to do.

their reason for the assignments:
our whole mark for a subject is 100%, 60% is final assessment, the leftover 40% they dunno what to do with it. seriously, if dunno what to do with it then just give them to us laaa. not that hard also. the assignments is troublesome to the extend that EVERYONE will supposedly have the exact same thing to present.

the point of the assignment: none.

pointless as it may be, it still has to be done.


Monday, November 2, 2009

got mood to post :D

current mood: trying to procrastinate from doing petty work

perfect mood to blog hahahahaha

simple update:

- my files from jan 2008 till now organized! *proud

- organized wardrobe and found a few clothes missing T-T

- its week 6 for my final term now... OMG SO FAST!! final exams on week 10/11

- suddenly like to play with make up :P

- sim card gone nuts, got a new msia number... while waiting to get sim card fixedddd

- BACK PAIN!! sitting in front of my lappie too long ahhahaha

- made doughnut in pastry class today~~ yummieee~

- stresssssss french exam (DELF!), have to speak & write french ahhhhhH!

- ahhhh stoooopid presentation on monday! havnt start my ppt yet :D

- wine assignment (like waste of time only) next week presentation

- Front Office assignment due the week after the next (slumber~)
predicting a last minute production hahaha

- damn bored + sien

- rather do other pointless stuff than doing assignment ishhh

- need to cut down my bad habits T-T

for now....