Friday, November 13, 2009

midnite in college

imagine being in school/college still having class till midnite!

i just had that experience last nite

it was long, REALLY

but i learnt a lotta stuff

it was my restaurant revision class


things we did that took us from 2 pm in the afternoon to finish till midnite:

2-6 pm
preparation for restaurant service
getting cutleries, crockeries, glassware, napkins, tables, flambe/carving equipment ready. i was folding napkins n kinda took my time doing it coz the folding takes time! haha

5.30-6.30 pm
making lotsa pancakes (crepes)
@ pastry kitchen under a culinary lecturer
i've learnt a few things about pastry~ haha
maybe coz its a different lecturer, different chefs with different styles
its good to learn from different chefs on cooking/pastry, coz they are always different ways to approach things for everyone. BUT, my kitchen practical chef is only one person since my first day in college, and its always fun to have his class =)

6.30-9.30 pm
flambe-ing peaches, pineapples and crepes

pretty crazy on how long we take to do these, BUT its coz we have to clean up the pans we're using n re-use. ITS VERY troublesome to clean, with all the caramel~ we have to heat the harden caramel to melt it then wash it off, consumes quite an amount of time. and also the plates n service gears all sticky with caramel.
plus there were mistakes made by a almost everyone, including myself, re-do-ing and redo-ing the flambe, even though there were a few number of demos by my restaurant practical lecturer.

9.30-10.30 pm
carving of chicken(poulet roti) and lamb rack

demo n carving by ourselves.
and of course we get to eat them when we're finished! yum! hahaha
its just getting a whole chicken/lamb rack, and cutting them into smaller portions professional :D
food was nicee~ coz we were too hungry i think didnt eat for 10 hrs lehhh... even tapau some to take back :P

10.30-12 pm
includes barbariously stuffing food down our throats(not really like that xD) & cleaning up EVERYTHING and having everything put back to their original places & de-briefing.

and im getting tired *yawn

i got a presentation tmoro, another assignment to be submitted & presented on monday
PLUS a french oral examination aka DELF A1 on SUNDAY, and im not even sure i can find the place!