Saturday, March 28, 2009

the day has come....

yes..... it is the day......



as this day is collided with a friend's bday, we've celebrated it by going to cheong k~

and this was held at:

it was...... hmmmmmmm..... ok la~

maybe there were too many people, i felt like it ended too fast then it was already time to back.
next time, max number of people to go cheong k: 5

and i mean it! AND the cost of cheong k at night is WAY WAY WAY too expensive nowadays, im resolved to go cheong k in the afternoon only, unless occasional events xD


and going to my relatives today~~

coz my family are coming to kl for qing ming. last year only my dad came, my mum mentioned that i've never been to qing ming since before she was pregnant with me... so they made it compulsory for everyone to go wor... i wonder why they didnt last year.... hmmmmm......

there were in alor setar since friday, and coming back to kl today~


i got to selayang at noon. then this and that happened.

i cant remember what i was doing the whole day..... tv gua...

i recall waiting and waiting for them to reach back, and they finally reached at 2 am ++ haha and we didnt sleep till 4 am.. =D

and we needa wake up at 9 am ha-ha-ha~