Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hey lo

AAAAND it happened again!!!

i wrote so much, wanna post a long long one for everyone to see and look and guess what happened?


unsaved post GONE

demotivation to rewrite the whole thing again

first thing i wrote was a dream i had last nite - no mood to rewrite T-T

but! it was about theme park and japanese spa meh

then UPDATE! my trials just started this monday, finals on the 14th/15th

FIRST time so late finish exams, like RIGHT before XMAS! stupid college, oh wait, now a UNI. whoever's out there looking for a UNI, dont come to mine!! i strongly recommend against it! (once again) hahaha u're saving urself...

and urmm.. IM FLYING BACK TO BRUNEI on the 3oth DECEMBER~!

and gonna be there till after CNY ! woot! 16th February to be exact

already looking forward to seeing a few faces that i havnt seen in awhile and those who are still there.... or not :/

IM bringing someone along in this trip ;) tee-hee~

more updates on, my trip a few days ago to midvalley :


HUGE ASS BIS BEAR!! sooooooo 'uge!

a weirdly long legged bear with my kl buddy yvonne :D

THE H.A.B Bear with shin, college buddy ~

and there's this cute lil kitty kat me likes but couldnt buy ~

see how happy i am when around stuffed stuff xD

another thing that made me very happy was.....

having my first time.....

meeting with a HUGE celebrity!!

even took ONE picture, it was enough ~~

ahhhhhh im so sakai and excited that time ~

he's not my idol or anything

just first time being so up close to someone so BIG

he looks.... human, and normal! XDDD

heart throbbing like mad though...

he is...


AHHHH~~!! so handsome ~~ lol

im sure a lotta you would know who he is, since he starred in so many TVB shows, he's famous ehhh! shocked that pan didnt know him lol

saw him while he visited my lakeside campus, promoting the restaurant that he's the ambassador of, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

nahhh~ the picture

LOL two person in a picture together = taking pictures together right?~~


*cold wind*


here's the REAL shot ~

~ ^-^ ~
he's not that young anymore, can see the wrinkles liao.

he's so small and cute still~~~ :3
and so nice to take the picture with me~~~

only got 50 ya know~


saw it at midvalley and had a debate with shin on this...

still enjoying life as it is

gonna revise on the exam tmro though ~


Monday, November 22, 2010

bo mood eh

in a way, too much updates and dunno where to start!

but for now, i got DELF A2 exam this sat and sun eh!

ppl enjoy their weekend off then i have to suffer the wrath of FRENCH

its getting harder for me now, am forgetting a lotta basics. gotta refresh the memory!

ANDDD! got trial exam for french oral and listening tmro at 8 in the morning!

wheeeeee~ see how i survive tomorrow

oh! thank koyu for a reminder on a quick update lol

I've recently attained a new phone ~

Xperia X10 mini pro!!

gonna root it REAL SOON. cute and handy and size is just right in my hands ~~


starting late is better than never starting at all

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i live!! for now..

surviving uni:

1 - do your homeworks

2 - do your assignments early or on time

3 - do not even think about procrastinating or delaying your work

4 - play less, study more

5 - attend class, do not skip if necessary

6 - do not blog when you have work to be done.

7 - do not do last minute work. even though u have less than 2 weeks to finish that report that is so important that if you dun finish, you'll fail this entire year. finish it now if possible.

i can always find time to blog at the most inappropriate time :) right when i wanna procrastinate from doing important work that needs to be done ASAP.

ahhh stress now. and it motivates me to work! but so late liao...

tomorrow i shall do!

nites, ciao~

i have a bad feeling about this.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


that's my number of posts now!


im less emo now, yay!

but will still continue to be less active

my raya holidays coming to an end this sunday.....


not enough ~~ :(


watching now, so happy :DD

aaaaand my homeworks and assignments never touch so...
better get myself to doing it.

budget : the 3 Qs to do (effing hard, says others who did it already)
finance : presentation & exercises
marketing : website analysis
english : thesis
F&B : theme restaurant (hope my group survives!)
and more GUA

ciao ~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

tsk tsk so dark here

as u might already know/guess

i will be inactive until further notice D:

a few weeks before was coz i was totally emo

partly coz affected by koyu! hahaha

but mainly coz... busy lo =X

i got 2 presentations tmoro and i'm not finish with my slides!


AND after my finance assessment and assignment next week on monday-wednesday...............................................................................................

HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! *puasa hols

going lang tengah (google it) + maybe port dickson with the college gang

first time loooo, like after 2.5 years??


i shall be temporarily blacked out. maybe even my chatbox!

ciao ~

make blog black to show my emo-ness~

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

here ya go

pierce date : 10th August

tmoro marks a week since i did it

not exotic at all, but my first time maaa.

hurts when it was pierced in, stung for the first hour the numbness wore off~

reminds me of the first time i pierced my ear in brunei

attendees that time : elena & mick i was holding on to their hands xD
cyuin n nisa (i think!?)

ahhh good old times~


Monday, August 16, 2010

im such a bad friend

9 & 15 AUGUST



plus im doing it both in this one post


although i think joyce doesnt visit my blog at all :/
elena i know visits once in awhile ~ but still!

look at the time!


sincere wishes and apologies ~

Friday, August 13, 2010

oh one more update

i got a new piercing ~

maybe out of impulse? hmmmm

quite different

anddd... josephine : college mate, influenced

another easily influenced nature of mine :/

but i like where i pierced ~~

guess where? :D

im such a genius

i wanna compare my eye lashes

coz im using that eyelash-growing thing i bought in Kanojyo in Brunei

so my eyelashed really grew ~~

GUARANTEE WORKS lol so happy :D

been using for quite awhile liao, see the logo/name also gone and only half a bottle left. i also bought the 'eye talk', for getting 双眼皮. i single nia, wanna try getting them hoho

baru start using recently, so will show if the result is nice muahaha


so i pandai wanna compare the lashes of both my eyes

know how i did?

i closed both eyes.......

...... GENG lehh~~

Friday, August 6, 2010

pc fair 2010

my post down there will be delayed till further notice tee-hee ~
its PC Fair 2010 !
Starts today til sunday, go kia kia kua kua if u're in KL :D

these random photos are courtesy of, i could never find time to take pictures there. always SOOOOO crowded and plus walking so much and sooo many stuff to look at, im so mentally lost that i cant really think of anything else, like seriously :D

first of all....... OMG SO CHEAP! THIS AND THAT ALSO I WANT!!!

sadly, i bo lui ~~

every pc fair, sure collect a lotta brochures and flyers from the promoters wan. i got a whole stack leh. imagine all the papers wasted! lol the poor trees

i didnt buy anything although im very much tempted to, say cheap also not very cheap lo. but i DO think i need a new phone. still thinking what to get, my current one is getting laggy-er and starting to have problem with the sound liao :(

ethan influenced me to check out htc..... should i ? Aria's new, should i get that? RM1799 leh! @.@

not really liking the on screen keyboard :/ i predict lotsa typos

i prefer SE, coz im loyal ~

see this : SE Vivaz Pro

SE Xperia Mini Pro

i want a phone with keyboard~~ influenced by elena

makes it sooo much more easier to type, then i can compete with elena's speed with her BB hahaha

xperia mini is KINDA small but still ok eh i guess, converted its like BND450. OMG its so cheap after i converted haha cheaper than my SE W910i last time

the condition of this phone now is.... erm... not good.

at first my bro wanted vivaz pro, but in brunei its too pricy, here in kl is cheaper. but im still thinking, c.yuin saw this and she likes haha :D

aaaaaaanyways, should i get one of these phones OR just get an iTouch and a cheap cheap phone ~~~

nothing is cheap loo and because of that, i headache deciding which i want :?

but pc fair now, better decide before its tooo late

today i travelled there via msia'a SLOWEST train aka KTM then change LRT (fastest) then walk a loooong way to get the KLCC :( on the way back sooo tired lo ~

but when i got back, i dunno why suddenly i semangat cleaned up my room. squeaky clean now, such a good feeling :D i even filed up some of my messy notes and rearranged my room ~

clearing up the unneccessities might take some time :)

so now. i should be doing my assignments and homeworks! surprised i actually HAVE homeworks, 's been long since i last had one tee-hee

ciao ~

note : i see Nigeria visitor! ahhh more familiar visitors from brunei, bsb, PJ and damansara xD

Thursday, August 5, 2010


yay~ i feel the mood to blog up too :D

since more than 2 bloggers updated, it gives me motivation to update too.

yeah im so easily influenced ~

im gonna start with Dogs alsoo


that was what i wrote yesterday(today)before the internet jammed!

just when i so semangat!

when it was smooth again i bo mood liao

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


not here, but in koyu and mick's blogs!

note: koyu's blog has been private-ized, cannot read unless got privilege xD

aiyooo so cute la, all the puppies in the world.

but the last 3 words in mick's post made me think of the harsh world again

so im gonna sooo enjoy my life while i can


still remember what collie means? ^^


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


ahhhh back in kl

then my blog less active liao

the last time i felt like updating(a few days ago), i saw my hit counter was 1000.

i shocked and shiock a bit lo~~ haha quite fast lo, for meee

and now 1200 liao. weird leh, so many foreign ppl pass by my blog wan =/

so erm... MY REPORT!

my crazy report has a limit of 55 pages.
i just finished stressing with part 1. 2 parts in total.

part 1 was the easy part. *DIE

im suppose to find and decide on a topic to write on for part 2 and analyse in detail blah blah blah those kinda stuff for er... 30 pages max. sooooo im SUPPOSED to have a topic by now. tomorrow have to submit a draft formulation of the topic ~ wheee~ and i havnt started. . . .

on top of that!

ASSES!! one for every single subject i have! and they are: (for my own reference)

- French : Video + description of a 'thing'
- HR : Case Report
- Finance : Oral Presentation + Cash Flow
- Marketing : Weekly report+oral presentation - total of 4
- Sales & Nego : Sales Kit + MORE presentation ~
- Budgeting : HW + Pop Quiz
- English, YES ENGLISH ._. : 50 articles+report

they just loooooove presentations, such a hassle =/

so far like that first, must finish a few of the asses

how u guys hanging? i'll be back soon!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

back and sick

im in kl liaoooooo

since saturday~~

got lotta stuff to update on.

but for now, i got sick since i got back, kinda.

and now im rushing to finish my report!

due friday, and im only 10% done!!


plus last nite weather very bad, lightning + thunder + heavy rain on and off and on and off. i think that caused my internet to be super slow. hmmmm.....

THEN wednesday to friday i have 8 am classes till 6 pm!!! 6 PM!! have to sleep early looooooo! :( must finish report............................................................. but getting so distracted.

and i noticed........
being in brunei gives me motivation to update almost everyday ~

not in kl though, not that much.

class just started for 3 days!!! 3DAYS!! and i have 4 assignments already!!
the number doesnt even fit!



Saturday, July 17, 2010

its time

i'll be in kl in T-minus 8 hrs plus plus IF no delay

seriously, feels like one moment im back, the next im leaving, like mick says

its my longest stay here in brunei since i left

and my BEST stay ever. minus the going back home late-ness

and i've totally enjoyed myself

although a few destinations werent possible

i can still leave it to next time hopefully

not sure how i can express my gratitude :/
even to those not aware of the existence of my blog

my family + house here is always the same no matter when i come back

always have the same home-y feeling

but the next time i come back

new house ~ with the family that lovessss me so much, and me them ~~ hehehe

im getting tooooooo wordy nowadays

this is supposed to be short!

3-4 more hours before leaving da house!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

half a lazy day

oh yeah~

my dad suddenly wanted to go miri

so going there tomorrow, one day trip.

MEANS im supposed to be sleeping early and waking up early early morning. but geeeee.... look at the time :/

i've been sleeping REAL late nowadays, holidays totally disrupts my sleeping hours worst than normal (which is already abnormally baaaad)

yesterday went like this :

because my family had to move round end of august, i have to finish packing my stuff here before i leave for kl. so i started packing round after midnite, then time flew by real fast while i was packing, especially my anime/cd/ost SSSSS.

so i went on and on till i hear door-knob-turning and door-closing sound from next door. that means my mum's up. and i checked the time.


woooooo~ i was up all night and im still not done packing. then miri tomorrow lehhh, hope i finish it in time.

THE kids (My lil siblings) woke up and got ready. then i semangat wanna follow my mum to send them to school.
PS i volunteered to send them but my mum wanted to go tamu and she bought TOFU, a whole chicken and sweet potatoes. SWEET. im gonna have fun with the chicken :D

got back home, ate ham chim peng! SOOO long never eat liao ~~ i always eat along the spiral part and go rounds and rounds before finishing it :D fun while eating

then tv till i feel asleep on the sofa at 8-ish.

woke up 10 plus and went up to my bed. back to sleep again after checking my mails. yea im such a pig, i enjoy sleeping!

yeaaaaaaaaaaa~ :D

and i can sleep under almost any circumstances ~

aaaaaand i woke up again at 2-ish :D

holiday time only can i afford to be crazy like this, but this has to stop! i hope :/

i ate NASI LEMAK from chai eng's , yummy yummy ~

a family friend, A came over to stay a few days, so we decided to go watch movie, but my bro got tuition till 9pm. so me, my sis and A went to kiulap, coz the cinema seats are COMFYYYY! but before i parked the car, i noticed we have a problem :D genius, my sis had $10, and A had RM only ~

then i have $5, geng right?

kiulap i dunno any place for changing money, except banks which are closed.

so went to gadong to change.

then back to kiulap ~ u'd think we 'jiak pa bo shu cho'
hokkien for eat full nothing to do :D
in fact, yes. we had too much time in our hands while waiting for my bro ~

they wanted to watch despicable me, i watched liao. but since its so nice, i dun mind watching a second time :D plus, im still wondering why we didnt check online whether it was showing in the first place ._. qlap mall no showing for DM.

on the way down wanting to get back to gadong... yes, back to gadong.


so we had a snack in Jollibee(FAT), my lil sis' treat eheheh

only then i remembered! was supposed to go pool

so since i kinda wanted to go, and i wanted to bring my bro last time but failed. since A was here, boleh la :D A's in between my bro and my age, so we get along really well.

i had to bring my sis back so we balik rumah after the rain subsided(a bit)

DISCOVERY : my bro had talent in playing pool! lol

i made my bro addicted to it, im such a bad influence :X

very good lo brunei, no one smokes while playing pool. SO NICE!!
compared to kl........

OMG this was supposed to be a short update bout miri niaa :(

should be sleeping now,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

birthday and bye's

first of all, its after midnite so...


will force her to read this post after calling her hahahah

she's my on and off best friend in college, older than me by lots. but can be childish at times, someone i can always turn to (during diploma), but! got boyfriend liao! no choi me! muahahahhaa


as i speak, heng huat's on his way to Perth now, with his parents. on to the same uni as Pan, UWA~ pan's ecstatic-ly excited to have a company there.

yang, cyuin and me went to send him off ~

ate delifrance for dinner, NOT NICE WAN!!! dun go dun go lol

huat's steak pie doesnt look bad though ~

i forgot to bring the cam memory card (AGAIN!)

so its in the internal memory, WAIT TILL I FIGURE IT OUT! or find the usb



my class is starting on monday, quite soon already.
and half of my plans are not executed yet, so i shouldnt have too high a hope i guess. so when it actually happens... i'll be super happy/glad :D

but so far, i've been enjoying myself in this holiday much more than my previous trip. so glad to have spend it with you all (whoever's still reading my boring blog here)

although a lotta ppl have gone out of the country liao! but some are back, and some are still here who cant wait to leave haha.


OH! and i have this report which im suppose to submit the first week of my class, and i havnt even started. technically, i have a cover page now. that's still something! :D

this report is the reason why i have such a long holiday an extra 3 weeks wuhuhu~

BUT! i rather not though, it made my classes/holidays delayed till 24th DEC 2010 only can i finish the year's course! THAT'S FREAKING LATE LA!! gonna make me miss my cousin's wedding D:

for now, focus on report. might be taking sometime off the blog for THE report.


Monday, July 12, 2010

cheez bowl

cheeezzzzbox for lunch today ~

but this time more with more ppl.

the last trip was with nisa & cyuin, i HAD pictures!

but its in the internal memory of the camera and i have no idea how to get it out or no time/lazy to find out how :(

this time there's JANE TAY
like 2.5 years no see her liaoooooooo! still the same old girl :D

PAN, that ever so tall guy who suudenly went to perth and back :D

and mick , the ever unique mick muahahaha
promoting her blog : :D

pictures lazy to upload here ~

but its all uploaded in fb, where its so uber-ly easy to upload now ^^

if u're my friend in fb then sure can view.... i think!

after the cheez, bowling bowling bowling.

literally went bowling for 3 consecutive days.

1st day : with express-es

2nd day : me and mick's bring-ur-sibling-bowling day + chai eng
playing the 2nd time made it a bit tiring x 2
honestly wasnt really looking forward to a 3rd time

3rd day : today :DD
i was proved wrong and really enjoyed myself today, although the cost of it aint pretty.

made nicknames again :DD

ok so the score board's like this, its shows the first initial of the name u type in only. we had 2 lanes with 3 ppl on each.

in order :
lane 1 : pan, nisa & mick
lane 2 : cyuin, jane & quah

THEN the lane 1 always have one pin missing, ALWAYS. so unfair, right? then we decided to change lane, but we forgot to change the names. so we change our names (only the first initial)! :

PAN - Can (with Cyuin's initial)
CYUIN - Pyuin (with Pan's)

NISA - Jisa (with Jane's)
JANE - Nane (with Nisa's)

MICK - Qick (with my Quah's)
QUAH - Muah (with Mick's)

and it was funnnn ~ :DDDD

been spending a lot these days, especially on the Kanojyo's stufffff ~ hehehe

so bowling's checked out of my ultimate plan.

THAT plan im starting to think its too ultimate, thus not possible :(

its slowly breaking down into parts, making it possible soooo.....

- JP : might be cancelled this time
- kaizen : friday nite good?
- pasar malam : thursday nite, confirmed.
- cooking : mehh, never decided on the dish. troublesome-ish.
- so we're going to send him off and have dinner at Express :D
- a visit to mick's before the send-off (maybe)

until then. . . . . .

my hair colour before i finish this

the first one i can find where u can see the blackness of my hair

can see? can see?

or maybe this one? ahaha
can see its slightly brown / purple-ish ~

see in person AND under the sun will have the best result :D



will update tmoro? maybe

and i found a picture with obvious colour of my newly dyed hair hehehe

nites ~

Sunday, July 11, 2010


im still not asleep.

half way through watching the first episode of vampire's diaries.

and i think its NICEEEEEEEEE already ~

yay! im multi-tasking! im improving yeah~

but procrastinating level increased too

only saw a glance of vampire face niaaa

imma finish it and SLEEP!


one more week to go

in case anyone wants to know laaa

im flying back to kl next week :
3pm on 17th July 2010

go send me laaaaaa~~~ if u're free :D

todayyy ~ (saturday)
was the express outing day (supposedly)

but we didnt all gather at the same time :/ and not all were present with some others present too

the initial plan was on thursday but it was postponed due to me going to limbang and a few others not free also. meh ~

so basically pool-ed again, and until midnite again. lol

but this time we added in bowling in the evening.

SOOOO expensive compared to pool! $6 per hour and can SHARE ~

bowling's $5 per per head game plus $1 for renting the shoe. that's a lotta money!

first up i met liang lih, law and tze hung for bowling

hung just came back from uk and he's FRIGGIN TALLLLL
i'd say a head and a half taller than me!
and he says its just average for the guys in uk O.O

then i ate ayamku for dinner~~~ so nice ~~ so fattening ~~ so lol ~~

second round of bowling with law, ong aaaaaaaaaand the rest (4 others)

it was crazy fun and full of laughters :D
like making weird poses after throwing the ball
hoping it'll strike the pins better. . . . . it works!! . . . . most of the time hahaha

we were half way through the last round when shu en came.

thennn pool ~


dunno whether it'll be on tmro :/

maybe friday? or force koyu to take a day off so he can cook too? xD

but have to wake up early~~

dim sum breakfast with the wonderful fam :DD


AND AND AND!!!!!!!!

i dyed my hair liao! me likey likey ~ ^~^
colour - deep burgundy, not too noticeable. just the way i want it :D

my mum and aunt are regulars at hair dying. coz. . . . they have THE unwanted natural hair colour which shows their age and stress hehehe

and they were dying earlier at noon. so together dye dye lo ~

check it out the next time u seeee me or when i get a picture of it

itssoooooosilkysmooth :DDDDD


Saturday, July 10, 2010

its saturday already??

time flies. it really does. especially when u're having fun

yesterdayyy... (friday).... i got back early early in the morning from limbang coz my bro wanna go for his thing in school at 9.30am. so rushhhhh lo. that means cannot meet mick in limbang D:

i've never met mick in limbang before, its gonna be soooo.. er.. interesting. i wanna see her field. my mum said her gramma owns it and is still healthy to handle it. cool.

me grandma is different. she owns a stall in the morning market there, and handles it on her own. but more lazy hahaha now i know where my lazy genes come from! but very cute lo. she used to sleep real early at nite. now, she stays up late till 12am liao. why? watching drama! the even cuter part is that its a taiwanese drama, those popular girly girly ones!!

the reason we went to limbang was to visit my cute old grandma. AND get those i dunno their name!

but here's what i found online

Chut Chut(a kind of cone shaped sea shell that has to be sucked) or raw cockles(despite the risk of Hepatities).

took these during cny this year, ask granmama to take picture then it looked like this. . . . .

then then i ask her to smileeeeee :D

cute kan? lol i look metal-ish

on the way back i slept like a pig, completely. woke up when reached home. lazy-ing and lazy-ing ~ around 11-ish i went online. msn berserked, even ebuddy and meebo :/ not much chit chat there. i had 30+ notifications within a night ~

when i online again later that nite also 30+ notification, feels good inside. that i have so many ppl who leaves msgs for meeee and finds me to chat with :))) eheheh

hmmm... cyuin suggested we go out and out we went!

cyuin's updating real fast nowadays. yay! :D
means no need for me to update hohoho

later at nite :
had a feastful dinner, coz my dad bought a big big huge super fresh fish 石斑 and wanted to go out to eat it ~

there was lobsters, a humongous fishiee and some kailan. enough for up to 9 ppl leehhh ~

when the clock hit 9 . . .

me and me bro went to dee jay to check out the phones. i need a new phoneeeee. cant decide wat to getttt. im a loyal sony ericsson fan but htc works too ~ :/ dunno what to get . . . .

while watching movie, saw an ad on LG Lollipop phone. i only hear a few guys i know wanting that phone O.O

after phone visiting, i went to play pool (again). more ppl this time. more fun. more tables. more games. too bad i didnt force my bro to follow ~

and yea. got back late again :/

and now im awaiting replies for my ULTIMATE plan muahahaha
hopefully it can be executed *pray pray*


guess whooo?

now that i take a closer look hor.... quite alike leh o.o



Thursday, July 8, 2010


will be missing from today

till sometime friday (tomorrow)

u wont be able to find me


girls day out. guys night out

tick tock. no pictures. mak's online! lol

GIRLS - cyuin & nisa, mick couldnt make it

- wanted to go Grazie Maurie for dessert, but they close at 2 pm :/
- ECLIPSE!!! FINALLY!!! hey i like watching the twilight saga, but i aint like those fanatic girls lol
- much much love and appreciation to the girls :DDD
- shopping! im back to being shopaholic again hahaha
- bought some face mask, sleepover at my place! :)

the POSSIBLE plan is: groceries shopping, me cooking, hair dying, massage mask try ~ one day. ONE DAY

then then nisa and cyuin had to go back liao ~ :(

since i was in gadong, i went to foo kim seng. been in brunei so long, i've never been in there more or less eat there. just to visit foo though, his lil sister DAMN cute~~~~ hahahaha

it was about the time for them to do some food delivery so i tag along coz i too free. THE FOOD SMELLS AWESOMELY DELICIOUSSSS ~ ! :DD didnt try but i will next time! i got dinner at home maaaa ~

after kacau-ing there. i balik makan.

GUYS - ong & law

another round of pool. JUST ong and law. seemed like such a small group, ong's sis was always around plus their 2 frens. but 3 ppl is fine toooo.
the score of the match today : 2 - 2 - 2. TIE. LOL.

was planning to go back at 10. then while at the counter paying..... guess who i saw?????

SENG WEI lehhhhhh!

super shocked to see him. i was basically screaming his name out loud when i saw him. he paiseh i screamed so loud hahaha aiya never took his picture :/ he got funny hair :)

and so we went on to chit chat. i saw him alone at first, then saw tung lik a distant away. moving closer to the snooker table which is pretty much blocked from where we stood, i see the rest of the guys. almost all of them i guess.

hmmm.. from what i can remember, just listing their names out for fun :
s.wei, lik, e.kee, y.sian, s.ern,, l.yao, lx came later though.

l.yao i see in my campus before! couldnt believe it really was him
lik going to the same campus too. ahhh familiar faces i might see now ~
FYI: my college campus is humongously big that its hard to find ppl :/

SO played pool again with s.wei, lik, lx.
i lost badly to wei.
lik and wei, i cant remember who won @.@ it was kinda a mess
wheeee ~ last game, i beat lx :DDD

feels really good to win! the kiasu-nessssssss taking over ~~~ says he sees me playing pool everyday. WHERE GOT?? *eyes rolling

u'd think im good at pool by now ://////

and so i got back late. BUT earlier than before though :)

home sweet home with hokkien dramas :DD


my stomach muscle hurts, not sure whether its the muscle or not but the stomach area hurts everytime after a visit the gym. and each time i just do a few sit-ups. how is it possible it hurts so bad? :(

heals after a few days though ~

nite time, got bowling plans tmoro ^^

ciao ~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

exciting tuesday

after a boring monday. did totally NOTHING ~
a very demotivating day

wow i have monday blues even in my holidays

although i had planned to go gym early
i procrastinated til 2-3 pm only go

initial plan was going alone, mick was available to accompany :D

3rd trip to the gym since i came to brunei, that aint good.

and only today i noticed that the membership card's valid till July 12
that's only 6 days away!
i shall go to the gym everyday which i dont have plans
only for these 6 days ~

sooo the plan was badminton with yang and huat after gym.
took some time in the gym, having sakai time with mick there :)

then mick had to head back, new furnitures in her house to remove and rearrange ~ so she'll be busy these few days. hard to get her out now :(

i never knew the badminton court in pusat belia was FOC!! i super sakai
then again i never played much badminton outside school or the house
understandable la ~

but its like sauna there, damnnnn hot. the fans werent on! just a few.
jankn and his family are very good badminton players!
they got skillss. i never knew ~
his bro joined today. so a nice number to play doubles.

i KO-ed after less than an hour

tsk tsk , my stamina is still the same as ever. just below averageee

THEN DINNER to ore-celebrate my mum's birthday ~ !
coz my bro has tuition tmro nite.

@ Royal Brunei Restaurant, buffet
both my mum and dad got this $50 voucher to eat there or other places which i cant remember.

u'd be surprised that the guys in my family is the slowest to get ready
see all the female members of the fam waiting xD

i was A BIT slow :D

my sis wait till playing her ipad ~

my mum's always the 1st to be ready ~


bro playing his psp.
turns out im quite good at tekken 5 in psp :DDDD

omg my sis has super thick lips!


his usual face when i take picture of him :D

smoky smoky

the theme was Singapore, but i gotta say. not so nice lo the food. plus even more pricier than buffalo steakhouse. AND its already pricy there, but personally (the whole family), we all think eating at buffalo was more worth it and more satisfyingly delicious. hehehe ~

emo hahaha

me evil smiling double chin face!!

although RBR had the chefs singing to every single table. *unique
imagine malay chefs singing chinese song! it was funny and memorable, their pronounciation was good too. wanted them to sing birthday song for the mum. but she was insistent that i didnt :/

they sang 小薇 ~

the song was long so stopped half way through
here's the short ending of the song lol

and then the other chef sang 甜蜜蜜!

funny pic!