Tuesday, June 23, 2009

girls day out

lol lazy to write

and i forgot what to write haha

wait i remember!

today i went out with mick nish and cyuin!

and we did silly stuff today and it was fun~ lol

i even got a video to show, shud i use youtube? nah im lazy

haha lunch @ cheesebox

and we were browsing the net there with the pc and couldnt find anyone in msn to bother lol

we even updated the chatbox in our class blog =D

we did some silly funny stuff there too, updating every small matters like cyuin dropping a chunk of choc on the table with dramatic vocabularies

then along we went to get the shoes cyuin's burning with passion to get at summit @ the mall

and me, i bought a pair toooooo

and later that day i found out my sis bought a pair at summit too, lucky not the same pair lol

after shopping was arcade and we wasted quite a few dollars playing Time Crisis hahaha we just keep getting shot! (we aint that good, we just like to shoot stuff)

we even played the mini bowling thing, and racing and DDR, we spent 30 seconds inside the phototaking machine getting some cool air before being noticed by the staff there

then off we went to sit at the food court table doing some talking and more silly stuff hahah

i went back at somewhere after 4.30 then back home to prepare for the beach with my siblings

we went to berakas beach~

only 3 of us went in the water hohoho

i managed to bury my bro and we stayed there for less than an hour

then the normal stuff and back home we go....

dinner at home, and played some monopoly... cheating is the way to go hahaha way up in the end though

maybe i'll get the pictures up in facebook or up here when i can

tired liao~~~