Tuesday, September 29, 2009

oooooh.... look!

finally updating... hah!

warning: this post might be the latest, but the next one will take FOREVER to post :)
muahahaa : credits to my laziness and pro-procrasination

but then again.... what to update on? O.O

imma write anything that comes to mind: randomly :D

my college reopened... huzzzah~
classes are...um....' too motivating' i cant stand it

oh i know! i have learnt how to drive muahahaha *proud


driving exam's on ze 5th October 2009

and im no good with manual cars yay!

im not good with the gear changing concept
a few more classes would do me good..... i hope haha

and i feel just comfortable driving a car as small as kancil, cars any size bigger than a kancil is too big, too much space... and that's scary. insecurity when driving lol

my term 5 results gonna be out next week, im gonna do well! i think....


i think i got fatter, coz i ate nasi lemak for dinner

im randomly watching sailormoon coz it brings back childhood memory LOL!

just finished watching america's next top model cycle 11, 12, 13(epi 1&2)

wardrobe overloading with clothes and a quarter of them i seldom wear

gonna pack and donate (awwwwwww, im so nice~)

fringe getting long need to cut soon, its POKING my EYES!!

aircond damn hottttttt T-T

and its too high for me to reach

i know im short! haizz

9 am class tmoro, better sleep early

my definition of early: before 12am

target: SLEEP BEFORE 11 AM

possible?: highly doubt that

sleep after watching another episode of true blood hahaha :D