Monday, November 2, 2009

got mood to post :D

current mood: trying to procrastinate from doing petty work

perfect mood to blog hahahahaha

simple update:

- my files from jan 2008 till now organized! *proud

- organized wardrobe and found a few clothes missing T-T

- its week 6 for my final term now... OMG SO FAST!! final exams on week 10/11

- suddenly like to play with make up :P

- sim card gone nuts, got a new msia number... while waiting to get sim card fixedddd

- BACK PAIN!! sitting in front of my lappie too long ahhahaha

- made doughnut in pastry class today~~ yummieee~

- stresssssss french exam (DELF!), have to speak & write french ahhhhhH!

- ahhhh stoooopid presentation on monday! havnt start my ppt yet :D

- wine assignment (like waste of time only) next week presentation

- Front Office assignment due the week after the next (slumber~)
predicting a last minute production hahaha

- damn bored + sien

- rather do other pointless stuff than doing assignment ishhh

- need to cut down my bad habits T-T

for now....