Tuesday, July 29, 2008


a lotta events happened

and i needed a long time to actually write down and upload the photos


warning post for the next damn long post ahead of this one =D

but before that, i have to worry about my assessment on plants and premises first before i update the blog, which is tomorrow. im guessing the post will be up..... er... wednesday?

hahaha i take too long i know, for all i know i could have been finishing up the long post instead of this one hahahahahah! oh! swt....

Sunday, July 27, 2008


oooooookay.... this post was in the draft since 2 sundays ago, so i didn't bother re-doing it so that the date is more accurate... hehe.. just imagine this post is above the 'beware' post =)

k la, i finally found some time to FINALLY finish up this post


these passing week was DAMN eventful~

A LOTTA things happened, and for today.....

what made me VERY happy/gay (gay means happy, i don't care what you think) is.....


aku dayum PROUD *smiles broadly*

RM 64 for 8 hours is a good pay, which includes transports and a meal~~
at KLCC, banquet. service was Dome, which im still new to...

here are some photos we took when we're registering for the job =)

ashley & goon ee, peace =)

sonia's yeng pose with the unprepared maggie and 'shocked' bashinni

lining up to get our uniforms...

ashley saying 'hush!', goon ee playing with her hp and clement being short

yet another one of her yeng pose, BUT with her hair bun up
hahahaha she looks so funny like that

my moneh!!!! X)

tiring but im happy with my pay~

there was another job at Zazu (dunno correct spelling or not) restaurant in sunway lagoon. pays rm 50 for half day of work. not bad also. here's the plus plus part, it's an open bar~ haha curi minum the wine there also ok ah~

THOUGH i dont regret not goin, coz that day.....

i went to cheong-k at Neway with ivan, yvonne, andrew, byron and jackie~ the initial plan was to go with my 'family' though but since half of them can't go.... we invited other friends who could.

i went to sleepy mode twice hahaha, was kinda tired maaa....
the trip to neway this time was preeeeeeetty interesting la...hehehe
I HAD LOADS of fun~~~

no pictures during k coz too dark~~
heh heh heh....


last last thursday's pastry class...

proves how late i was at updating my blog

our new pastry chef, previously chef tan now chef azura
she's nice~

she's demo-ing for us

these are...kinda burnt at the lower part and just nice at the upper apart there.

it was so long ago... i forgot the name of this!! T-T

after pastry class, we had lunch at mamak...

dno wat sonia's doin....

about to laugh? hahaha

me drinking my teh ais~

cole vaining, kena interrupted by sonia's hand hahahaha


some other random pictures here:

this very nice cigarette box hehe

this cute lil puppy i got from yvonne, it's a handphone stand.. i think... heh heh

haha! here's a pic i took in college. spot anything weird with the picture? =D

here's another really random picture... do u see anyone in this picture? xD

turns out this is not gna be damn long after all hehe

too lazy to finish up EVERYTHING in just one post, im gna split them =)

easier for me to organise and upload the pictures

and for u all to read =D

If I Fall?

here's something i find VERY interesting from andrew/goon ee/ivan's blog

dno i kena tagged or not but i wna play with this =D

here it is, bet you all seen this before~

a. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle.

b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
d. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
e. Put this on your blog.

1. If someone says,"Is this okay?"
I Want You
(oooooooooooooookay, that sounds wrong)

2. How would you describe yourself?
You And I Both
(you ask me....)

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Fire Inside The Man
(ooooh, me likey~)

4. How do you feel today?
The Diary of Jane acoustic
(hahaha ooh really?)

5. What is your life's purpose?
Morning Moon
(that sounds so deep that i don't even understand!)

6. What is your motto?
Be Good To Me

7. What do your friends think of you?
Uptown Girl

8. What do you think of your parents?
(wow.... i see...hmmmm)

9. What do you think about very often?
If I Talk To God

10. What is 2+2?
(hahahahaha! something i would actually say! )

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Before The Moment
(ahhhh.... sounds very important =D)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Can't Stop
(ah hah hah, but of course~)

13. What is your life?
Brigas Nunca Mais
(translated: Altercations Never Again, that's pretty impossible luu...)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Welcome To My Life
(errr.... welcome?)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
U Must Be
(you must be! .....)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
(what the hell? >.>)

17. What will they play at your funeral?
The Way You Look Tonight
(ooooooh, means i look good at my funeral hahahaha xDD)

18. What is your hobby/interest?
Guess How Much I Love You
(awwwwww i do that all the time X)))

19. What is your biggest fear?
Someday I Will Understand
(im afraid of that?! i can't wait for it....)

20. What is your biggest secret?
Do I Have to Cry For You
(o.O WHAT a BIG secret! hehehe)

21. What do you think of your friends?
Isn't It A Wonder
(awwwww... aint that sweet~)

22. What will you post this as?
If I Fall
(if i fall.... help me up =) )

23. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
Rock Your Body

hahahaa that was entertaining~

Sunday, July 20, 2008



with Mr Spidey as the model

idea contributed by JanKn

hahahaha it's sooo cute~

Mr Spidey~


lookie lookie

the shape doesn't have to be exact

like this can xD
or is that the hard part? >.>

it even looks a lot like the shape in this picture hehehe

you can make the tiny legs fat and chubby looking hahaha!

still thinking how im gna get this mr spidey here......

Saturday, July 19, 2008




i can't exactly explain what i'm stressing about but I'M JUST STRESSED OUT


siuhe fpowauhef
g w grgir
bpkfndpjbnpkvnwepit q3ru

2 b 3

i would feel better if i were to be able to shout out loud somewhere though...

here's what's going in my head right now

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .


what the hell??

who the f*ck??

. . . . . . . . . . . .

of all the ******* in the world

why did it how did it??


@!!! @#$^&*(&^%$$%^&

i find myself very annoying, don't u?

i've been getting that a lot lately

annoying and irritating people without myself intending it


i'm gettin bored~~

and i want mick's plushie~!!


just ignore this post hahaha

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

brunei punya sultan...

happy birthday!!! hahaha

how old is he now ah?

forgot liao, at least i didnt miss his bday, lol

almost midnite liao though hehehe

Sunday, July 13, 2008

classes started for me...

....this week
and this week's classes are over~
which is quite empty, i mean my schedule

wanna see?

it's really small, click it hahaha
not that it's important to you, but it is to me =)

warning: damn long word post worth of 1 whole week
enjoy =)

aaaaaanyways, monday started as normal as any day i have in college. same old same old. and the first class of the week HAD to be RDOD/Professional Activities..... actually overall, i had fun in this class xD some pictures which i found in my phone at the end of the day haha

that there is beste, our president and hsu ann, vice president

hahaha that's me at the back xD

black shirt's kevin, it's not very clear but that's ashley on the right

beste at the computer, hsu ann walking his way and russell on the phone...

everyone listening to what david was saying, and that's sabrina yawning there hehe xD

i dont have MPW 1113, which is malaysian studies, study BM. classes for people who didn't get at least a credit for malay. i got a B, NO NEED TO TAKE!!! =D which means..... 3 hours break~~~

we went to sunway pyramid in those 3 hours.... sunway pyramid to us is like 'the mall' to everyone in brunei, the main place to lepak at. haha. i kinda forgot what i did that day, coz time just flew by~

which brings me back to english class. our new lecturer for this new subject is nice, but truth be told, i was sleeping through the second half of our first class, ho ho ho~ i was tired from the day before i think.... AND she was just reading out what was written in our notes, not really that important =)


tuesday was entertaining... the next day my group has service in F & B (means we'll be serving lunch), so i was in need to find guests. i asked my senior at first, she confirmed with me and even helped me found 3 extra for my fellow groupmates. all that and THEN in the end told me that she had class and cannot make it.
*annoyed* + *pissed*

soooooo... i held the responsibility to find 6 more guests..... it wasnt that hard, for this time.... coz of the people who helped me, asking their friends, seniors, juniors..etc.. i am very thankful of their help, especially to Yvonne~ the 13th member of group 3. which reminds me, my group had an additional 2 people, from cert of HIAS or something like that. both guys and quite quiet. and totals up to 15 people.

getting back to my tuesday classes... my f&b class was about mineral water. learning the different taste(by actually taste-testing them) and brands of mineral water. interesting....... lol. the class after that is maths - statistics, f&b purchase & cost control, and plant & premises, which are ALL in the same exact classroom. means we'll all be in the same room for 5.30 HOURS, that's freakin long.... even longer than professional activities class (4 hrs) =_="

since it's our first class to the new subjects, we only had the introduction. so that didn't last long and we were let off early. did i mention there are a LOTTA notes for these subjects? o.O i was so damn shocked when i found out... can die liao if we were to memorize the whole thing.

lunch was fun when the lil kitten came to our table to play...

ONE of the kittens that you can see in the college grounds. there are lots more...

i let it play with my white fluffy phone strap, it was soooo cute. jackie actually took a video of it.... heh heh, lazy to upload la~

classes went by and people hid my phone etc etc happened, the usuals. we went to play pool, i recall myself bringing a lotta chocs that day =D it's been months since i last played pool, i played soooooo badly i can't even get a straight ball in T-T.... i usually have fun playing pool, even when i miss everything. but i didn't, so it seems that it all depends on who you're playing with... mmhmm..


wednesday service with mr bertrand as our practical lecturer was fun. our actual lecturer is mr mayukh, from india and he's new. that's why mr bertrand is teaching us before mr mayukh takes charge. we've learnt how to open a wine bottle, i very sakai one so im very happy about it. hahaha. first time actually using my corkscrew xD

both my 1st two times of opening my wine bottle is SUCCESSFUL~ *proud* everyone's service were...okay. no one broke anything that's one. a few corks fell apart, out of overuse. but if this were our first service, it would sooooo become a disaster. not that i'm saying anything. it just pisses me off when i thought of what happened, maybe im just too moody that day. overall, that day was a-ok. i could never find time or remember to take pictures during service... sad =(

ahh, something i wont get used to anytime soon.. having classes after service, english some more. aint something i would really look forward to every week after service. im having my english class together with group 4 and DT, combined class. we had a listening practice test that day, i did pretty ok, i think. 31/41, OKOK la....

fine, i did pretty bad.... blek


moving to thursday, im loving thursday! for the 1st week, my only class of the day is at 4 PM~! and we had an assessment that day, WHICH i totally forgot. BUT.... but it was SOOO easy that there is ABSOLUTELY no need of studying.

it's a crossword puzzle by WHICH there is a word bank. so its only like a fill-in-the-blank thing. with only one confirmed correct answer, you can get everything correct. serious...

i've never once liked crossword puzzles. exception of this time


only class we had on friday was kitchen theory and it ended at 11.30 am. our plan for the day was goin to cheong k at Neway. here are the pictures after class

goon ee here waiting...

emo people!!

more emo-ing!

then we headed to secret recipe at sunway pyramid...
for durian cake

which goon ee loves so much

but we ordered too much, it was finished in the end though...

sonia was kinda bored hahaha

here's diana and ivan smiling very happily


goon ee



goon ee's standing there...

the one fully in black and walking away is diana haha

cole and sonia with their 'yeng' pose

cole and goon ee's turn

sonia gettin to the pose, but too late xD

jackie was doing something.....

at the lift, this picture was not edited at all
yet it looks like 3 separate pictures xD

at the carpark:

i have no idea what they're doing

pointing and acting innocent?

more pointing hahaha and cole with the pose

no pictures of us when we're k-ing. but we all had fun and sang till 7. we got so high singing 'my heart will go on' by celine dion till the top of our voice... twice. and another song which i can't remember the name. and a whole lotta other songs. we sang in mandarin, cantonese, and english. mostly english la~

it was damn fun xD

and after that, jackie dropped us all at college. everyone left until there were only me and sonia left. we went to mamak and ate a lil something. ivan came back after awhile and then we went to the 7th floor. we had quite a laugh there till i got stomach ache with sonia. hahaha xD

clement called after a few hours and showed up at the 7th floor. and we played pool. i played great this time =D with ivan and clement. or maybe they were just making it easy for me hmmmm... lol

sonia didnt wanna play. and she also left after a short while, with my watch. which was a bit small for her, she somehow successfully forced it on. haha. i have to remember to take it back from her tomorrow.


saturday ivan & me went to pick up elena from her place. and we went to time square. we spent the whole day there, and watched a movie. guess what we watched? hancock... their earlier choice was wanted, but the seats that were available is too close to the screen. and i wanted to watch journey to the centre of the earth....

watching hancock twice was okok la.... it's the 3rd movie i watched twice at the cinema... there were parts when i went 'ooooooooh' and finally understood after watching twice, very funny.

then after walking around, lunch was KFC. we noticed something.... everything, almost all the food that we ordered in kfc, the size is like... shrunken. became damn small liao. the chicken, wedges, fries... the burger looks the same though. since im full from that, i have no complains.....yet. haha

we just spent the day walking around time square, where it's close to the lala hq. so we saw a lotta lala people haha. and oh ya, there was this 100 plus thing going on just right outside time square. got basketball hoops, hanging tyres, football, giant rubber ball and exercising bikes, which when you accomplish the goal of the game, they give you a free bottle of 100 plus. haha. they even have a stage for people to show off their shuffle-ing skills. we stayed there for quite awhile, coz ivan wanted to play basketball.... and he enjoyed himself.

coincidentally we met diana, she was with her friends. we separated after ivan's done playing basketball. which reminds me, i went bowling for the first time, the time in brunei doesn't count since i was still young xD Ivan, Collie and Elena makes ICE hahahahaha

since it was my first time, you can't blame me if i don't do well. but my score was 44, maybe it's a sign to me that i shouldn't play. 44 = die die (both in mandarin & hokkien) lol superstitious~ both elena and ivan tied with 92... ivan pretended to be a noob, when he played a long time ago and was pretty good then. elena is playing for the 2nd time. not bad for a beginner like me to get a spare la~ yea i got A spare, they both got spareS haha

after that we went to the arcade, we had FUN with the air hockey. hahaha, and ppp. me and elena played the motor bike thing, we lost completely hahaha good thing there were not much people there. we played the arcade basketball too... and then we spent rm 5 getting one lollipop and a cola sweet. aint that smart?? ahahahahha we could have just used the money to buy a whole packet from metrojaya xD

me and elena bought socks from soxworld hahaha

then went for dinner at little taiwan.

FINALLY took pictures....
heh heh

here's elena~

i have a feeling she'll be annoyed when she sees this hahaha

and that includes this too, not that bad coz im there though xP

ivan in pink

elena playing with ivan's phone

that was saturday, i was soooo tired after i got back.

my sunday was pretty uneventful. i stayed home 24 hours, im such a good girl hahaha. and tomorrow's class starts at 3 pm. i can stay up late and wake up in the afternoon~~ woot!

long time since i last met elena, she cut her hair already..... when should i cut mine? *sigh*

this post damn long rite? haha