Tuesday, February 17, 2009


as i mentioned earlier, i got my 2 precious teeth plucked

i couldnt feel anything at all in the process, NOTHING!

i got 4 shots of anaestatic to pluck 2 teeth, means 4 more shots in another week T-T

and MORE when i put on braces!

the fact that i have a classmate who JUST put on braces and is suffering like hell is not helping at all.... =(

AAAnyways, i felt absolutely nothing when my teeth were being pull out from my gums. maybe just a little feeling of force pulling my teeth. and the dentist even sew my gums! i didnt even know until i saw the lil needle and the black thread o.O

my whole left jaw felt like a burden, I COULDNT FEEL ANYTHING!! i could be drooling without myself even noticing, and i feel handicapped O.O feels weird having to eat with an unmove-able lump of burdened left jaw, the food even tasted weird with the antidotes on my gums.

when the anaestatic finally wore off..... &^#$(*&Q#^$*&)*&#Q% PAIN!!!!

was in a bad mood most of the time.... sorry for the people who were around during that period.. truly sorry =(

1st time i ever eat all my medicine on time!!!! coz i need the painkillers haha xD

it still hurt like hell the 1st week, couldnt chew with my left jaw.

it doesnt hurt anymore and i can finally chew with both my jaw again~

the pain ended during Valentine's~~~~

i had a wonderful, delightful, happy and heart-warming valentine ~
our 1st Vday together ~ full stop.

OMG i got french assessment tmoro!

ciao xD