Friday, January 23, 2009

i disappeared again!

yea, i've been quite busy these last few days
pretty much having my whole brain enough things to occupy

i went to sing k twice in a week!

both session were k-lunch in Neway, so it's cheaper than Redbox anyday

me and my tisu mama aka yvonne went shopping for my new year clothes~

i bought a lotta stuff i really really like!!! ^-^

they're something like a new year k thing before some of us go back to our hometown.... speaking of which,


hear me? i miss that lil buddy of mine T-T
(to elena: feel proud man...haha)

wat else....? hmmmmm.....

oh ya, there's chinese new year... im looking forward to THAT! hehe

im going back to my relative's again this sunday, and on the same day going to the other relatives who are currently living in alor setar huhu~! i miss my lil chub chub cousin Hui Zhi there, she's so adorably nice to pinch! xD

oh! and the 2 lil niece and nephew i have there, they call my monster 'ah yi' haha i scare them all the time hehe but they know im nice =D they love me i know lol ss

hmmm... since i disappear all the time, no need to write an annoucement la~

just updating my excitement for CNY yay! it's coming soon and im in my hols already!

gonna get myself ready for it~