Wednesday, June 30, 2010

gym + villa mauri + pool

morning :
WANTED to wake up early, but went to bed late the night before. so i slept like a pig til 12! other ppl wake up early early in the morning go to work and im like a pig sleep till 12. so sad la me. i shud follow their good sleeping hours, more healthy ahh.. i'll TRY

noon :
woke up. dim sum for lunch! :D
gym @ 3.30pm
did planned early to go but then msn and fb made me lazy AND i only ate my lunch at 2.30 so i needed time for my lunch to digest. later stomach ache when exercising!

2nd trip to the gym ~
did almost the same stuff, except this time there were a lotta ppl and cyuin not there :( not so fun when there's SOOOOOOOO much ppl lo. and one less company
i dun exercise much in kl, this be good for me body lol
yes i super shiock going to gym :D
got my sis's membership card so its free for me. since we look alike and they dun check ~


da nite was fuuuuuuun ~

i even took pictures! coz i know sure fun to take muahaha

not cam whore type

but i wanna take as much pictures as i can for the memoriess~

coz i am forgetful and i MEAN SUPER FORGETFUL

i think everyone know that :PP

coz i wanna seeee the things i've done and happened~

sooooo there's a total of 61 pictures, not all i will put up, toooo muchhh

just the ones with stories here and the rest i'll upload the whole thing in fb

aiya never take group photo D:

main event for the night:
dinner @ Villa Mauri, italian restaurant

everyone's going there now, i have a feeling it might be another trend again

it took over sushi tei and business is booming there, need booking wan oooo

here's the ppl!

round and round the table~

they wouldnt look my way :(


me likes the carbonara, especially the sauce~~ hahaha c'est tres bien ^^
aaaaaand the chicken something yang ordered, i just cant remember the name!

i had a hard time chewing the pizza haha i used the fork and knife instead
im still wearing braces baa in case u're wondering, makes me teeth weak :(

desserts were nice, simple but nice.

can buy ingredients and make at home looooo though :P
maybe except for that one which look like tofu - says koyu lol

i dun take pictures of food hehe not doing food blog :PP
plus i believe my taste bud is different from other ppl's. better not recommend anything, later blame meeee if dun like ~

the food we waited soooo long ~ scheduled time of meeting : 7.30 pm

then being ME, im always late wan even when i wanna be on time :(

i went to fetch hz thennn finding parking in gadong at nite is a miracle~

reached at 8, but koyu and chee woo also got there a little earlier than us. aaaaaand mick and nisa arrived later than us tee hehe.

when i take the pictures horrrr.. (almost) everyone's trying to look away D:

see how natural they look lol

nisa's laughing while avoiding! xD
mick snickering?

i see u peeking! :D

wahahhahaa looks like

forced smile!

blur blur wan still cute

toilet is upstairs so quite mafan a bit. but walking up after eating is good for digestion! and pictures!

here's more :

hehehe sooo nice ~~

yes, yang's posing for the picture! xDD

he's saying : 'this is going to facebook, isn't it?'
oh yes it is :D

and then it was bill time. haha cyuin calculated the approximate sum and we all just spent so much time counting and putting the money together. even the tips. it was fuuun-neh ~ xD

oh they forgot to give us the free pizza thing (voucher?)for the next trip so mick n huat was claiming for it hahaa koyu even thought of putting funny subtitles of what they're saying! ...... which i cant remember....

moving on!

we were half way going out the door, then coincidentally the chef was at the dessert counter near the door! the guys went ahead of us, talked a bit with the chef and exit-ed!

we wanted to take pictures with ze chef, didnt get his name D:
since the guys left, one of the waitresses help us take.

1st shot. blur but we look soo happyyyyyy~

2nd shot was blur-er. so i didnt upload.

3rd shot. clear! but i look less happy ~

so we're outside the restaurant. doing what? more pictures~~
know what? i might as well put everything up here.
im already uploading them anyways

mick suggested it

yang was getting ready in this pic

aaaand he's ready. totally

see how fast koyu is at running?? that's his leg there.
chee woo even faster! u cant even see him ~

i like this one. all smilesss :D

see how happy cyuin is! hehehe co cuteee~ hz cool cool wan

one of the funny pics :D


the other picture just looks weird not putting it up!

then then then mick and nisa had to go back liaooooo~

see how excited cyuin is when we gonna go play pool :P

yang HIS car, could have gotten a better shot. camera slow :(

koyu (posing) with HIS car

aand on the way we go to that building/apartment behind
Sin Kiew Hin (correct spelling?)

another funny pic! ahaha

random car with spikes on top

aaand we reached the 'aquarium'

i never asked why we didnt go in there o.o
was busy taking pics til forgot :D

and we only saw a few fishes

walking away from the aquarium.

aaaaaand on the way to pool at kiulap

here are the playersssssss!

chee woo : booming with beginner's luck

koyu : actually pro wan

yang : all strong hits, me and him keeps getting th cue ball in xD

hz : with all the poses

cyuin : getting better and better

huat : being his usual self

........ me!

i got back home exactly at midnite! hahha cinderella much

this is looooooooong


ok so here's all i got

about the cake last last last post.

and the info i have are pretty much limited. they dont have a website so figures.

this be the ONLY picture i have of the cake.
other than the one i have down there

erm anyways.
there are also other designs of the cake, eg plain(no animal faces), dog, , i think they're still quite limited then. now im not sure.

so the name of the bakery is Kim Bakery Shop. from what tantan can remember. and its at Kepong, Selangor, West Malaysia.

i've never been there myself so nothing much i can add.
except that other than its cute................................................

.......................... it also tastes AWESOME!!! :DDD wont mind having this cake for all my birthdaysss hehehe


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a few new widgets

my blog's been pretty much empty and well, boring. i guess

so when i see other ppl's blog, i suddenly feel semangat to put new(old) stuff on also.

from vicky & koyu's blog, i see :
Feedjit - The Live Traffic Feed

can see which country ur visitors are from, it's nice so i put :D

but then just a few days passed and i see visitors from places i've never havnt heard before : Scituate, Cracow, Malopolskie, Rexburg ??

something wrong there or really got ppl from there visiting or something i did wrong?

it says viewed :
"determintation. wil.. to... diet!". correct lo. but its so weird o.O

then there was david's blog :
i saw some fishes swimming about. they follow where my cursor. its really cute so i clicked it. i was expecting there to be another link, but instead im dropping food to the fishes. its seems like such a simple action, but it's just fun to do. so i added a few others ~

feed my ham ham ahhh! just click to pop the food in. it'll automatically drink the water when it wants to. then u can click the centre of the wheel for ham ham to go back to running ~

aaaand the typing game slightly below. im like typing games, improves my typing. im training myself to type without looking at the keyboard :D there's always typo when i do but im still practicing!

oooooooh and one more, something which i dunno why i didnt put early early when i started blogging : Hit Counter *smacks head

so i'll start from zero, must start everything from the bottom ~

im very sakai and outdated and lazy baaa...

some things just takes time to do hehehe

saw a few long long time ago and now finally im adding them in
(maybe coz im in brunei, motivates me more. lol!)

bonjour ~
(practicing my french!)

pictures : exhausted!

the attendees for that nite

everyone knows her, right???

ini ong

itu lawrance


getting supper

NASI KATOK at mata-mata! :D