Thursday, January 31, 2008

another new equipment!!

champagne cork opener thing...

i'm not even sure what this is called but it's the newest equipment that i have just received a few days back. i only know it's a screw for pulling out the champagne corks. feel free to tell me the name of this thing if u know, haha.....

my dignity

has went down the drain......
i was LATE for class!!!!! i've never been late for any class, NONE!!! zero, nada!

maybe i'm really gettin a lot of stress from all the assignments given
maybe that's why i couldn't sleep last nite til 4 am
maybe that's why i couldn't wake up at 6.30 am-(class at 8)
maybe that's why i turn my phone on silent-(that's just plain stupid)
maybe that's why i didn't hear my friends' calls-(total to 24)
maybe that's why i was late for my first class in front office
maybe that's why i was late for 2 whole hours.........

i'm class rep, i should be making a good example of myself. and not being late for classes. damn i feel so down. good thing my lecturer very nice, she didn't get angry at me or don't let me into her class.. today's schedule is the busiest ever, with only a 1 hour break. classes ends at 4 pm, and from 4 comes ECA time. joining the student council which means more work. tiring day..

took a quiz online a few days ago, i found out that i'm actually EMO!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

why me?

- first day of class, volunteered to be TEMPORARY class rep
its the 1st day of college, so i thought there'll be at least someone else later who could officially take the position of being class rep. how wrong i was....

- day of assessment, forced to be group leader
our lecturer asked for 3 group leaders for our project. they gazed at me intently, and so i was forced....

- first student council meeting, nominated as 1 of the 6 to hold a post in the council
yes, i've joined the student council. im not holding a post, not yet. not that i want to anyhow. the teacher-in-charge will choose 1 of the 6 students to hold the post. i was nominated just because i'm class rep. sheesh...the situations i find myself in, haha...

i wonder why........

one more thing, to the people i usually chat with: if u see me using ebuddy, it means i'm in my college campus. nothing much, actually. just want y'all to know

my o level results


im not even gonna go through and mention how my results were. im too depressed to think about it. but feel free to check it out at my class blog --->

Sunday, January 27, 2008

more orientation stuff

this time it's orientation dinner/night, it was really crowded that night. people are practically fighting for the food. it's a buffet by the way. each tray of food will be emptied in a matter of minutes. i only managed to get a lil bit of this and that. not really a good experience. the lamb shanks were nice though. much better than the beef i had the day before in Santa Ines.

there were singing, dancing, and playing games. if there were anymore things they've done, i wouldn't know any of it. i stayed there just to get some food. XP

i've met a few new faces that day, and found out where the pool/snooker/foosball are located, and stayed there till i wanted to leave. not a bad night for me, i spend my nights being bored anyways. compare to some of the guys i know, they said it was a total waste of time. they even left early, to be expected. i don't know when it ended, but i left at 10. not alone though, accompanied by a friend of mine.

can't believe i've managed to forget taking pictures again that night, haiz~

maybe i should get a camera? or a new phone? hehe =p


i actually did thought of putting a picture of the 3 plates in one hand, i have once again forgot to take the picture...T-T

im having a revision in the restaurant on monday though, shud i take the photo then? i don't think i'll be wearing my waiter uniform that day. it'll be nicer if i were to be wearing the whole thing. looks more neat. the next time i'm wearing my penguin suit would be at February 11th, haha... still a long time later, maybe i should just wear them on monday....

or how about i google for some pictures so that everyone can know how it looks? but im lazy lah......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

these past few days

it's been like, 5 days since my last post. time seems to fly when i go online, sigh~ i seem to recall saying that i'll take pictures of me in my uniform with my new friends here. but sadly i couldn't find the time. no, to be exact, i keep forgetting. oops, but hey, i'm being honest here^^

ok, let me recall the events these past few days......
last saturday & sunday no class, so i stayed home, what a good girl i am XP, but then i online that whole day. take note, not good for my health.

monday, i had my 1st restaurant operations class in my waitress uniform. the shirt and vest made me look penguin-like, but they look really nice. but the pants made my butt look big. hate the pants. i have FINALLY learnt the technique of holding 3 ceramic plates with only ONE hand! one hand, i tell ya. and walk smoothly while carrying these heavy plates. yes, they're darn heavy. know that the plates are not stacked on each other. imagine there are food on the plates. there's one between my thumb and index finger. another on my middle and fourth finger. and lastly balance the 3rd plate on my pinky, thumb and wrist. if u can't picture that, never mind. they're so darn heavy, but practice makes perfect. i just might get use to the weight ~~ by then, i'll have a really muscular left arm, hahaha. yup, left hand to carry. right hand to serve.

i've also learnt about cutleries, crockeries, and glasswares. yes, glasses for beer, cocktails, wine, whiskey, shakes, smoothies, etc. cutleries are different kinds of knives, fork and spoons. heard of a fish fork before? well, i've only just heard of it myself. crockeries are plates, teapot, sauce pot, wine bucket, saucer, etc. try picking up a potato with a fork and knife in one hand without damaging the potato. ^^

i rained that day, heavily. and i didn't have an umbrella. so i got back soaking wet. it doesn't feel bad though, fun actually =p

tuesday was more livelier than any of the days. my group of 12 people were in a chaotic mess deciding who should be in which group of 4 for our project. we couldn't decide. so in the end, we cincai pick, haha. i am one of the group leader, wonder why i keep getting these kind of position.... the project is to introduce one of these 3: cutleries, glasswares or crockeries. mine is cutleries, although i am more interested in glassware......

Saturday, January 19, 2008

my knife set~

as anyone can see, that's my new knife set. new as in i never had one before and this is my first, it's NEW. Colorful, aint it? i can do whatever i want with it, haha XP
u might be wondering what i'm going to do with some of the tools, but i don't even know that myself. so.....maybe next time..

another problem discovered: should i leave them in my locker or just bring them home?

once i thought about it, that's a really stupid problem. why should i be bringing my knife set home? i mean, there are already knives in the apartment. and i'll have to bring them back and forth every time i have kitchen classes. besides, chef tan already said to leave them in the locker. haha =p
a minor problem solved.....^^

Friday, January 18, 2008

the after affects

after getting the injection thing, i felt totally fine. i even thought that the injection ended to fast. little did i know what's gonna happen....

after quite a few hours, my left hand(injected one) started feeling all numb. then, pain started spreading around that area in a very annoying way. everytime i bend or straighten my hand, the pain keeps on showing up. even touching it softly can trigger the pain. i have no idea how i'm gonna get through the night. don't get me wrong, it isn't VERY painful. it only hurts a bit, but it's REALLY irritatingly annoying. typing on the keyboard doesn't affect it at all though ^^

hopefully, i'll sleep like a pig and not notice the all, if possible...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

another 'exciting' day

i finally got my uniforms! but after getting them yesterday, i was so tired i slept for 14 hours!
ha, what a pig i am....
and yes, if u calculated, the time i started sleeping is at around 7 pm. haha...

and i have to wake up early at 9 am just to get my typhoid inoculation, aka injection. I'm learning how to cook and also cooking foods to be serve to guests, that's why i have to be injected, for safety reasons. i have no classes today, but i had to wake up so early just to get the injection. so troublesome....

i think i really am addicted to internet. i've been online for the WHOLE day. don't believe? ask the others who were online this day, 17th January 2008. i seriously have to control myself on this. don't think i can though, but at least i know what my problem is...(as if that helps).

did i mention that i really like my uniforms? i tried them on just awhile ago, feels great in them. i can't wait to wear it to my classes on monday. in case you're wondering why i'm not wearing it tomorrow. it's because my classes tomorrow has no need of the uniforms, just formal clothings.
i better stop here, till next time! which is really soon xp

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

wednesday morning

according to my schedule, my class is suppose to end at 1.30 pm, but instead it ended at 10.30 in the morning. everything's fine, it's just that it's still the first week. our chef's giving us a little break. did i mention i was elected to be my group representative? if not for my big mouth, i don't think i'll be in this position.. haiz~ damn my big mouth

then guess what? I've spent my whole afternoon in the library, time seems to fly by there. it's freaking cold in there. well, only if u spent hours in there.

why am i in the library?
to kill time so i can get my uniform at 4 pm

why didn't i choose to go home instead, since i just live next door to my college?
i HAD to accompany some friends of mine because they live so far away that they didn't want to go home.

whoa...haha ^^

wah, why am i so good?
i wrote that much without even realizing it till it's published.
i should really learn to control the length of my post, cut them down and separate them into groups...>.> lols...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

start of my college classes

to think that taking the course in the diploma in hotel management, i'll be at least away from having to memorize all the stuff like bio, chem, geo and all that complicated things. little did i know what i had coming to me...

for me studying in hospitality, i have to learn all the basics of every subjects - as in tourism, culinary arts and hotel management, of course. in other words, i also have to study geography from tourism, more than a little bit of bio as we have to know about our tongues, taste, enzymes, and such from culinary arts, waitressing, restaurant operations, even the study of wine, there's also computer classes.

what i don't really like is the bio stuff, geography and the computer classes. but i get to use the kitchen and the computer labs, so i'm not really complaining. the classes should be quite easy, according to the lecturers, so as long as u attend their classes. but it's not the reassuring hearing that from them, since they're specialize in their subject. i think i can trust them on that. I THINK.

we baked a butter cake on our first day, my group that is. im in group 3. there are a total of 6 groups in hospitality management, 4 groups in culinary art and only 1 group in tourism. my house mates and other friends i made on orientation were separated into different groups...real sad. well, except for vaniessa. we're separated by the results of our english placement test, which means my english isn't that good to be placed in group 3...but at least i'm exempted from taking english classes XP

we were not expecting to be baking on our first day of our classes. we actually baked cakes. it went well, and our cakes were served to guests! actual guests! the latecomers weren't allowed to bake their own cake, so they either observe or help the others. i was helped out by a nice guy. we all had the chance to taste the cakes in the end. all the cakes went out fine, none burnt. not bad, if i have to say so myself. they taste pretty ok. after the cakes, chef tan had us all analysing different taste of foods. i.e. lemon, lemon zest, bittergourd, nata de coco, crackers, molasses, green apple, salads, even vinegar! omg, and it taste horrible. i had to rinse my mouth, so did everyone else...but overall, it was an interesting class where i got an unforgettable experience. did i mention we were in the main kitchen where the aroma of lasagna and other dishes could be smelt...we couldn't even pay attention =p

the second day was just as any normal day, but it was my first day wearing formal clothes. it felt nice. just a brief introduction to geography in the morning and computer studies in the afternoon. i had lunch at sushi king, first time. which meant i spent more money, RM 15.99. that actually isn't much, but still... i have to stop going out so much, especially out to malls where i'll be able to spend more money... so tomorrow afternoon I'M GONNA STAY IN THE LIBRARY! where no money will leave my wallet, until i pick up my uniforms at 4 in the afternoon. also getting ready for the typhoid inoculations the next day. Well, that's a plan...haha >.>

one of the amazing quah

i've been in cars driven by many different people, but my cousin is just incredible. his skills are good enough to compare with my sis's! During the times when they're just me and my sis in the car and he's the one driving, he never fails to drive real fast while shouting, make noises, even singing!

it may sound weird, but it's actually quite interesting. he would cut the cars that are speeding which he end up speeding himself, even cutting lorries. LORRIES. He always seemed to be enjoying the whole thing, not that i'm complaining. being in a really fast car can be entertaining. but it's still be very dangerous, because the places where he speeds up are not deserted or empty, but packed with cars of all sorts, half of which are also speeding up real fast. we should all learn to drive slowly and safely, for the sake of our loved ones.

UNLESS you're as skilled as my cousin! then you can drive as fast as u want. there are times when some cars are just faster than him that he'll be like: 'just cut through me lah, im making way for you already' and such. haha.. he's always so sarcastic, hilarious even.. nice to have a cousin like him around. improves life from being such a bore, not that mine is anywhere close to that. i'm not gonna name him....yet. i'll have to ask for his permission. haha xp

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Money with Wings

I dunno if i'll have enough time to blog everything up, i may not have the energy or time to do all this. Plus, i don't usually keep track of what happens until i get bored and eventually spends a lot of time writing them down.

Reason behind all these: I am having too much fun here in kl. I went to sunway pyramid with a taxi with a couple of friends, and gone shopping. Took the KTM(for the first time), monorail(second time), and LRT(first time, too) to get to sungei wang, and gone shopping. Walked all the way to KLCC, and done more shopping! Women really love shopping, it's just a really addicting thing to do. It kills time too, by the way. Tiring, but fun.

I had to get more formal clothes for my classes, i heard the counselor saying that the lecturers will kick me out of their class if i wore improper clothings. Wouldn't want that to happen. I have to wear formal shoes that doesn't expose my toes. I don't have those kind of shoes, which means more shopping. I'm spending too much money on these stuff!!!
They're pricey, i can't help it.... They're irresistible, i can't control myself....
I'll tame myself, somehow someday...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

after movin in

life here's great so far, except for breakfast and dinner...
haiz~ i have to go out everytime to buy my food, all my money are slowly flying away! ARGH! same for lunch, but i can get that in my college along with my new frens, hehe. i have to get dinner before the sun goes down though, kl aint that as safe as brunei although the security in mentari court's really tight...

other than just food, i've found other things that im missing in my apartment:
- an umbrella, it's only because it's been drizzling here for days that i'd thought of it
- an iron, i'd need that if i were to wear my clothes neatly for my classes (which is definitely not optional)
- clothes hanger, hang my clothes?
- and etc.

it's been days since i moved in. im getting used to my live there now, kinda. i have really nice housemate, that's for sure. there's only 3 at the moment, one's a senior, the other 2 are in the same year as me. but one's in culinary art, the other's in hotel management..just like me!!
'we'll be in the same class, i've found a fren to study with!' or so i thought....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

and then there was 2

my parents and younger siblings just went on their flight back to brunei.
the difference i felt after they left:
-my bro aint here to fool around with me
-my sis aint here to be 'bullied' by me
-my dad aint here to nag at me
-my mum aint here to be there for me

but my elder sis is still here for 12 days with me though, makes me feels a bit better.
she'll be here to accompany, criticize and complain at me. XP

become independent and obtain great results in my first year in college

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

took me long enough...

whoa.... people blog almost everyday for years already and here i am, writing my first post
im really really slow, brain got a bit lagging
sigh...but heck, better late than never

writing my first post and im getting tired already...
it is the first day of 2008, and im not doing anything out of the ordinary.
saw fireworks though, aint that exciting?
it's morning at 6.30 now and im watching supernatural. it's really nice!
but then im also getting sleepy. waking up early, not good for me. =p

i shall continue next time on......'a collie's life'.