Friday, February 27, 2009

mistaken identi-teeth


mick has noticed some wrong with what i said in the cbox haha
that proves at least someone is paying attention la~

for easy reference:

21 Feb 09, 18:48
Supa: Which teeth were plucked? I bet the dentish must have pulled out ur tiger tooth so he sewed it right? Btwn, I'm gonna be a braces free girl in April! Hooray! haha ^0^

23 Feb 09, 18:31
collie: supa: my dentist's a she haha, and yea, she did exactly as you said T-T ahhhhh the horrorrrrrr!!!!

25 Feb 09, 15:58

Mick: Hey! 1st, you said it was your tiger other words, canines...but now it's premolars? Which is it?

ok now here's the thing:

I, me, didnt know/wasn't sure the name of my teeth which were being plucked out, BUT i know the position of them......


this is how i found out they were my premolars ~

enjoy ze pikuture ~

credits for google for letting me know which teeth of mine were plucked

yeap now u all can know which of my teeth went missing =)

getting late, sleepy time...