Sunday, April 19, 2009

ASQ 2009 @ Sungei Wang

there was a warm up concert for the top 20 candidates of Astro Star Quest 2009

and i happened to be there ~

it was at the outside of Sungei Wang with a mini stage coz the indoor stage was occupied by a fashion showcase =(

i think i missed out the first 5-8 candidates

but i got to hear Sim Pei Yi sing =D

and god, she got better at it since i last heard her in brunei

there are even a few who cant even sing the song they chose with the right emotions, imagine singing a slow sad song with a happy cheery voice and getting the words wrong.. i was laughing half the time with yvonne xD

i only saw one guy who danced at all throughout the whole concert haha

i was at the side of the stage so i cant hear 80% of what the people on stage are saying AT ALL, and with the 20% that i can, it was impossible to understand so i gave up and just listened to the songs~

there was a photo taking sessions after the songs, but i didnt stay or take a photo. figures =P hehe it was toooooooo crowded to do anything else anyways~ hohoho

and i saw this other malaysian celebrity in times square!!! he's a chinese actor and i dunno his name, he was sooooo cute xD imma go findhis picture when i find out his name hehe soon i hope =P

toooooo tired now