Friday, December 18, 2009


I'VE GRADUATED!!!!!! from diploma :D

and my results was SATISFYING coz that's what i was aiming for

although i DID hope to get the highest grade hohoho

here's the grading system, for now:

full mark's 20 so...

10-12 : Pass
12-14 : Honorable Pass
14-16 : Very Honorable Pass
16-20: Very Honorable Pass with Congratulations from the Judges


and im continuing for my degree, so hopefully..


my graduation ceremony was the day after the exams ended.. real fast, no? the suspense of waiting for your results to come out, everyone was frantically stressing out then. and out of the 78 ppl taking diploma in hospitality management, such as myself, 5 failed. they're gonna retake next term with the next batch i guess, that'd be around march next year.


aaaaanyways, i got back to my relative's place at selayang. and the house is quite packed.. there werent enough place to sleep :( someone had to sleep on the couch (and wake up with a back pain) imagine more ppl are coming in! how are they gonna sleep? o.O

LAST NITE, me cousin's wedding dinner~
my father's side. he's my dad's eldest brother's only son. lol
and the dinner was QUITE fun hohoho, my bro drank till his whole body became RED, so did i though, but i feel fine. ed, my bro, on the other hand felt unwell when we were leaving. he downed five glasses of Carlsberg, supposedly that'd be the reaction for a 13 year old kid who looks like 17 hahaha

they were ppl karaoke-ing on stage, even me 2nd uncle! i'd say other than my uncle n the groom, the other singers were horrible :PPP

and we went to watch The Storm Warriors II after the dinner hohoho

they say it was draggy with the fighting n graphics, i find it confusing lol coz i forgot anything from the 1st movie! other than the part where 'Cloud' was sitting on the rooftop :D
cant blame me, that was in 2001 and i was young~ wheee~


and my egg's not replying any of my msgs TT_TT

he's having his camp now, but but but they 1st few days he did reply me.. his camp was from 13 to 19th dec. and noww... i havnt receive any replies or calls from him for dayssssssss now :(

maybe the camp confiscated his phone?
or they demanded him to turn it off? hmmmmmm...
i miss him dearly ): hopefully i'll receive some sort of reply from him tmro or the day after..........

gonna go eat me lunch now, someone very de hungry~