Friday, February 27, 2009

mistaken identi-teeth


mick has noticed some wrong with what i said in the cbox haha
that proves at least someone is paying attention la~

for easy reference:

21 Feb 09, 18:48
Supa: Which teeth were plucked? I bet the dentish must have pulled out ur tiger tooth so he sewed it right? Btwn, I'm gonna be a braces free girl in April! Hooray! haha ^0^

23 Feb 09, 18:31
collie: supa: my dentist's a she haha, and yea, she did exactly as you said T-T ahhhhh the horrorrrrrr!!!!

25 Feb 09, 15:58

Mick: Hey! 1st, you said it was your tiger other words, canines...but now it's premolars? Which is it?

ok now here's the thing:

I, me, didnt know/wasn't sure the name of my teeth which were being plucked out, BUT i know the position of them......


this is how i found out they were my premolars ~

enjoy ze pikuture ~

credits for google for letting me know which teeth of mine were plucked

yeap now u all can know which of my teeth went missing =)

getting late, sleepy time...


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

toothless and clueless

flashing back to last saturday...............................................

i got 6 shots of anaestatic! which, according to the dentist: 4 cartridges... o.O
i recall the 2nd and 5th shot actually stinging... ahhh the horror~

i felt nothing once again while my 3rd and 4th premolar are being plucked out, overall less pain than the 1st and 2nd~ STILL needing the painkillers though eheheh...

hmmm.... missing 4 of my premolars....

im basically toothless, huh?

i cant chew without hurting my gums... much...

and i recently found out my teeth are smaller than average O.O

i have a model of my set of teeth, and my 4 poor teeths with me, but if i take pictures of them and upload them here.... i'll find it...hmmm.. weird and embarassing hehe so nevermind~~=D


here's a cat brushing its teeth =D


hmmm.... on to my mid-term papers: (to my own reference)

im in my week 7 so....

yesterday, Feb 24
8.00 am: English - Roleplay of an interview... was Post-poned...

today, Feb 25.... today....
9.30 am: English - Roleplay of an interview

tmoro, Feb 26
8.00 am: F&B Rest. Tech - short assessment Topic 1 + 2
11.00 am: Economics - Chapter 1, 2 & 4
4.00 pm: Malaysian Studies - Chapter 1, 2 and 3 (partly)

Friday, Feb 27
11.00 am: Food Science - HACCP? o.O
2.00 pm: Kitchen Theory - Got assessment???
3.30 pm: RD Theory - Everything so far gua....

hey, i could be screaming like this....

except, not in pain....

and not for my life haha i didn't know lizards can open their mouth like that O.O


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


as i mentioned earlier, i got my 2 precious teeth plucked

i couldnt feel anything at all in the process, NOTHING!

i got 4 shots of anaestatic to pluck 2 teeth, means 4 more shots in another week T-T

and MORE when i put on braces!

the fact that i have a classmate who JUST put on braces and is suffering like hell is not helping at all.... =(

AAAnyways, i felt absolutely nothing when my teeth were being pull out from my gums. maybe just a little feeling of force pulling my teeth. and the dentist even sew my gums! i didnt even know until i saw the lil needle and the black thread o.O

my whole left jaw felt like a burden, I COULDNT FEEL ANYTHING!! i could be drooling without myself even noticing, and i feel handicapped O.O feels weird having to eat with an unmove-able lump of burdened left jaw, the food even tasted weird with the antidotes on my gums.

when the anaestatic finally wore off..... &^#$(*&Q#^$*&)*&#Q% PAIN!!!!

was in a bad mood most of the time.... sorry for the people who were around during that period.. truly sorry =(

1st time i ever eat all my medicine on time!!!! coz i need the painkillers haha xD

it still hurt like hell the 1st week, couldnt chew with my left jaw.

it doesnt hurt anymore and i can finally chew with both my jaw again~

the pain ended during Valentine's~~~~

i had a wonderful, delightful, happy and heart-warming valentine ~
our 1st Vday together ~ full stop.

OMG i got french assessment tmoro!

ciao xD

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

guess what?

THIS very saturday......

i will be meeting with the dentist and.....

getting my teeth pluck!

yea... i getting braces REAL soon T-T

and i hear from everyone that it's gonna really inconvenient the first few weeks, and it's gonna be very painful~

PLUS im losing my teeth on ur birthday, mick! lol

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the start of something busy~

tonnes and tonnes of assignments
coming stressful assessments

not doing much.....yet but feeling a heavy load of stress

i shall finish my econs assignment now!!!

haha wonder if i can