Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my 3rd service

SOOO many mistakes...T-T

Remember what I said about carrying 3 plates with only one hand?

I finally got a picture to show how it looks like…. I really took my time huh?

Transparent plates to see how the plates are held on the hand =D

i didn't have any trouble carrying 4 desserts all at the same time, BUT clearing ALL the main course and the bb plates is slightly impossible for me....for now. i need more practice... heck almost everyone else needs them too. the weight of em altogether is just unbearable. in my group, i think shin and vann are the only girls who could actually accomplish that. I SALUTE THEM!! xD

This week’s service was different from what we all expected, instead of gueridon service we
using banquet style for the serving.

here are some definition of gueridon service i found:

Gueridon Service:

This is a service where a dish comes partially prepared from the kitchen to be completed in the restaurant by the waiter or, when a complete meal is cooked at the table-side in the restaurant. The cooking is done on a gueridon trolley which is a mobile trolley with a gas cylinder and burners. The waiter plays a prominent part, as he is required to fillet, carve, flambé and prepare the food with showmanship. The waiter has to have considerable dexterity and skill.


A trolley is placed next to the customer's table and food is served onto plates from this trolley. Gueridon service also refers to cookery at the guest’ table. The waiter

will do the actual cooking of a dish next to the customer.

looks SOMETHING like this la,
of course the picture is taken from the internet haha~

Doing Banquet style because: Mr TB got us all a reservation of 35 pax and they’re all coming at the same time. We’ll have to work fast and serve fast. Vann brought her guests (parents), adding to a total of 38 pax. Mr TB said to reserve a few extra pax just in case, final total = 45 pax. Which doesn’t fit in at all, we only have 11 servers, 10 this time since Ian is helping out with the bar. IF there really were going to be extra people coming in, the VERY unlucky person having the table next to the extra guests would have to serve both his/her and the extra table.

Guess what? Me and anne are the ‘lucky’ ones. Actually not that bad lah, we got assistance from the others. I thank each and everyone of them, especially all those people who helped me open the door when i was having the difficulty to do it on my own =)

I find service quite fun actually.

AND according to my calculation……

I’d only be bartender only in my 6th term…… LONG TIME AWAY LA >.>

long time since i last served... 6 weeks ago, normal to be nervous lah~


1. my attitude when asking for something towards the guess x2

2. didn't check for finger prints on the plates, oily stains...

3. raised my voice, i NEED control....

4. beh-tahan, cannot handle clearing all the main course and bb's

5. coffee was left untouched for more than 5 minutes, not suppose to serve. i served it without knowing that....

6. coffee spilled on tray, wasn't even aware of it till mr. tay boon pointed it out

7. served coffee on wrong side, minor mistake...

8. putting saucer, cup, teaspoon one by one down on the table. if he ignored me for 5 seconds, i could have done this properly....

i think there's more but i should think more on the positive sides lah. i got a VERY NICE when i'm serving dessert =D shiock eh~ i carried all four nicely~

BTW, it's mr. tay boon's birthday today. SAME AS CHUI ROU!!!


we had cake that was baked by the taylor's chef(s). kinda disappointed though, the cake looked great but tasted normal, plain. TOO plain for these chefs... but the caramel and chocolates were DELISH though, i don't like the strawberries.. bleuck =P

fun day la~
after service i got to eat the surplus desserts which tasted really nice, soft and mmm..delicious~ especially with the sauce. i got a little piece of the saute chicken and well, it tasted excellant too.. juicy~ the bread was oookay la.. typical dry bread. the pumpkin soup i didn't actually tasted it, but it should be nice all the same.

then i followed ivan, clement, kit yee, hsu ann for their moral studies shooting. i'm not in their group, but they don't mind me being there =D i was there to be the umbrella girl.. FUN-NEH... after their consecutively shooting of the same scene to get the perfect one, ivan sent kit yee back home. then me and clement to mentari. i feel asleep in the car haha and i had a corn for dinner, i'm sleeping when i get hungry which is now.

good night~

Sunday, May 25, 2008

ignore my first minor ranting

by far, i've lived for 17 years 2 months 4 days 7 hours approximately. as of 24 hours ago, i've classified my life into 2 parts: fun & stressful


is the part of life where you enjoy yourself with your family and chosen few friends you've known and learnt to live with. when holidays arrives, we go travelling together. we go out to have fun together. when there's free time on your hands, you spent them together. chill together, just trying to kill time by being together, not caring what others think, possibly. and spend hours and hours talking, mainly crapping but some still makes sense. but who cares when you're having fun.


is the part of life where your family and friends put everything on your shoulders. eg, when there's something wrong, it's always your fault. when you do something that you can be proud of, people say you're showing off to them. when they missed out something that everyone else did, you're the cause of it although you did absolutely nothing. when you're in charge of something, anything goes wrong, you're the one they shoot and they're the ones who are always right.

when it all comes down to this, i'm the one to blame just because i'm class rep? hello? i didn't even wanna stay as class rep, i am just because no one wanted to accept it. unlike the other groups where the members are nice and happy-going, im stuck in the one which is full of people with 'small' hearts and always thinking of vengeance. i'm so quiting this job after this fucking term. i'm not saying i'm blaming all my group members. i mean, there's always a few bitches and bastards in each and every team and the one in mine is just fucking pissing me off.

there are times when i wished a few members of my group were kicked out, OR even better, never in this group at all.

that's just me ranting what i'm beh song-ing =)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


pain pain pain paiN PAIN PAIN!!!

actually okok la, exaggerating nia xD

cut my index and middle fingers while i was *mirepoix-ing in my kitchen class today

*random rough chopping of vegetables

service tomorrow ahhh.... i won't be late!

middle finger cut was deeper, OUCH! when the antibiotic was applied....

according to the guy at the kitchen office, chef tan's way of wrapping my cut is kinda wrong. made it worst... owwww... it looked SOOOO funny when it was bandaged up with cotton
covered with dettol. puffy~

i did took a few pictures of it... but my laptop's bluetooth is somehow not working, so cannot send the pictures.... then i tried taking the picture with my laptop cam. haha check it out:

the thing that made my skin yellow is the dettol right? =.=

already quite tired when i took this picture =P

lucky i'm not a left-hander. i had my food science assessment that day, if i cannot write... i would sooooo regret studying for the ass... =.=

haha i have another food science ass though, online assessment, only required to click. better than writing~ answering 50 questions in 1 hour... not enough time to cheat xP

which reminds me, mr adrian's online assessment..... really have to study liao.. his online ass completely impossible to cheat with the limited time given. 20+ questions in 15 minutes.... sigh hahaha. attempted and proven by seniors who took mr adrian's class before hahaha x)

i'd better prepare for tomorrow.. ciao~

am i really that ticklish? >_>

Monday, May 19, 2008


HIV/AIDS Awareness Shortfilm

isn't it difficult to read my post? i mean, the box IS preeeeeetty small....
even i find it hard to read, heh heh


no class in the morning, soooooooo....
we started the HIV/AIDS awareness shortfilm~

location: library
jeann, ethan, shin, anne, byron were there when i reached. kevin came when i was running back to my place to get my completely white shirt to wear for the shooting. vann came when we're at the garden.

on to the pictures taken that day

this is the picture ethan put up in his blog by the way, the one which he puji sendiri on~

the picture's really not that bad, but it REALLY creeps me out lorr...

i'm scaring myself xD

"We want YOU to be a part of this."


just a random picture

ethan, with my butt in the shot haha

random shot by me~

awwwww ethan blocked shin's face


using an umbrella under the blazing sun~

there's actually shade under the tree haha

i can't seem to recall what i saw that time....

both jean and ethan looked bored though =_=|l|

 haha jokin~

when was this taken?


who's leg is that again?

if you're asking what kevin's doing.....

he's er.... following the flow haha

he looks so FUN-NEH! hahaha


the only class we had that day was accounts, and i thank ms vivi SOOOO much. she let us all out early, which was 2 minutes after she arrived in class. hahahahaha we practically didn't have class. wait.. we DIDN'T have class at all xD


we're having the hi tea with lecturers, not for the students la. it's for the parents. it's just like the PTA in high school~

if you think about it... everyone came all the way from their home for a class that was only to be called off, that kinda kicks ass if you live far, FAR away from college. but most of them were staying for the hi tea anyways~

since my parents are in broonay, my aunt and cousins came in their place. first time seeing jia chin and she cut her hair! looks reeeally different.... aiya, forgot to take a picture of it =.=

they only talked to 3 of ma lecturers:

mr bertrand said:
- quiet in class (am i now?)
- confident (i'm soooo not)
- answers when questions are asked
- circle of friends veli guuuud
- and some more i can't remember....

ms ruth said:
- first thing she said: wow, achieved quite a high score in geography *shiock sendiri*
- talkative (hell yea)
- but can control (hmmmm...)
- time management not so well (late for her class twice, of course la~)
- confident (i am NOT )
- handles work given quite well (.....?)
- circle of friends quite good, gets along with the people in class
- etc....

mr adrian said:
- definitely talkative (=.=||)
- should know when to talk and when not to
- confident (is it because i talk a lot? >.>)
- circle of friends : good (my cousin keeps asking ba~~)
- etc~~

AND i didn't know there was a buffet in the restaurant for the parents....till someone told me, FOC good food~ eheheh... i left the place when my aunt and cousins were still eating. i only ate a little of the food there~ sigh... had pizza though, missed pizza hut~ x)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

for mummy

nothing much happened in these few days, just that i've been having internet problems in mentari court, couldn't online for quite a few days. i didn't online when i was my relative's place too... Why?
wireless got problem also lorr...

events that come by and passed: Mother's Day

i'll be honest here, i don't recall much memories of when i last bought my mum any mother's day present, not that i did this year. BUT... i got my mum my first mother's day card for her. sounds kinda sad that i never got her any before... i really appreciate all my mum has done, all i can do to do is show her my appreciation is my results i got in my term 1 in taylors. because that's pretty much the only result i got in anywhere that i can actually be proud of. yea yea, people say i keep showing off or the term they always like to use: LAN CI. hahaha.

so im here saying:

thanks mum, and i scored best for term 1 assessments! aren't you proud? =D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



i got complaints about this picture when i first posted it in one of my previous posts.

because there were no caption for this photo or anything else, since i just uploaded it for display purposes. SOOoooooo.......


happy? xD

yesh, im very wu liao~

Friday, May 9, 2008

wednesday service

memory kinda blur now....

this picture was taken.....


oh ya!

we're in the ktm, on the way to....


i know i can remember this...




that was during last friday morning... vann was there to collect her custom made lenses and some other stuff. also looking around for the centre piece for our service on wednesday, since i'm manager. centre piece is the main thing on a table in a fine dining restaurant on display, located with the salt and pepper.

the centre piece used by my group's last manager, byron, were roses. i wanted something which can last longer than flowers, so as to save money for the other managers~ aren't i nice? xP but it aint that easy... thought of using glasses, filled them up water with those jelly which multiples and grows in water (think they're fungus) with a candle floating on top of it. can't imagine the shock when i saw that the other group which was serving with us actually using THAT idea..... swt...

although in the end i thought it was kinda troublesome and candles work and look better at night. we're serving lunch by the way. so i ended up buying this on the night before the service:

this was the easiest to handle and yea, cheaper xD
RM 3 each, i needed 11 of these for my 11 dear servers. 13 in my group, with one more as bartender. vann was the bartender this time, and when she's manager... i'll finally be the bartender. yay~ though it's still a LONG long time away~


service for this time is silver service. so glad i wasn't serving, quite a few of them were having a pretty hard time with the service gear. i know i will be one of them if i were serving...=P

*service gear: a pair of large-sized fork and spoon used by servers to transfer food to the guests' plates.

being manager,
i admit that and it was pretty obvious i didn't during my briefing. i didn't even do the menu content. i called ivan, beste, caleb, cindy to ask for help... some calls didn't get through, some couldn't help much. in the end, josephine(my housemate) who was only a few metres away from me, with two doors as the gap between us, has her group's menu with her! imagine that....

two of my servers didn't have their menu's, so i was really glad i borrowed all 12 menu's from josephine. the content on the other hand... with the help from ethan, it was completed in a very short period of time before 8.30 am/ the time to be in the restaurant.

i asked for so much help from byron. filling up the forms, assigning duties, writing menu job briefings on the board, and just about most of everything.... that'll be the last time i'm gonna be like that and hope it doesn't happen to the managers-to-be in the future.

strong impression of the service: drinking at the bar DURING service, got caught by lecturer some more..... starting to think he wasn't aiming that at me though, he was shouting at a distance. shin was beside me drinking milk at the bar too. and he didn't mentioned about that to me even AFTER service. hmmmmm... nah, i think it's still me.

manager's the only who has to wear very formally for service, with blazer or coat. i borrowed from jeanette. she got a really high fever that day, so her table was cancelled. been missing class for 2 days already... hope she gets well soon...

i was also wearing skirt that day, along with my ever so high heels. i was walking around the restaurant and kitchen A WHOLE LOT of times, checking out every servers and helping some of them out. wanna take a guess on how my legs feel after everything was over?

ahhh~ the relieve when i could finally sit down NOT as the manager...


first job when service started: welcome all the reserved guests to the restaurant. other than ticking the reservation list for the guests who have arrived, there's basically nothing else to do but observe. writing down whatever i wanted about how my servers serve, and pointing them out during the briefing after service. i find that the most entertaining part of being manager.

i enjoyed walking around checking out how everyone's doing, especially when they made a minor mistake. im so evil~ xD some were kinda nervous that i'll note that down and tell our lecturer, Mr Tay Boon. but he already had most of their mistakes taken without me to tell him. he is VERY observant of everything.

vann was busy at first when the guests started ordering beverages, then after that... she was SOO free with nothing to do. though she didn't waste her time and kept the bar clean. you can actually see her expressing her boredom... haha

no pictures were taken at all unfortunately, everyone was too busy with the service. i don't think our phones are allowed anyways... too bad there's no pictures =(

oh well, i'll just put in random pictures ~

Monday, May 5, 2008

another weekend with elena

elena actually gave me WARNINGS to not post her pictures, with exception of ONE only >.> i uploaded 4 in the end. hahaha. elena, i just couldn't resist...! i'll edit it if you request for it though ^^

here's the first one:

*picture of me and elena waiting for the bus*

apparently i was forced to remove the picture....ugh

haha i recall a lady giving samples of 'roller coasters' new flavoured keropok: curry~

this time, we went to midvalley. my first time taking bus in kl, i was very sakai that time haha xD think it was the same for elena. we dunno whether we should press the button to stop the bus when we reach our destination or not, so lucky that someone else in the bus did. OR else we could have just missed our stop. but maybe the bus would stop anyways... i wouldn't know..

elena wanted to buy new clothes. i was there to accompany her with her shopping.

what kind of girl wouldn't like shopping and trying on clothes in the fitting room? haha

first up, FOS

i tried on some blouses, elena tried belts only....

my eyes are brown~

she mentioned wanting white shirts, polo white shirts.

we're in Jusco by the way

and i applied for J-card

J-card = discount xP!!

*another picture removed*

still in Jusco.....

i teman elena try on white shirts, she chose that one for me. i give her face try it on nia~ haha

damn kek dao that i wasn't ready for the shot when i'm the one taking the picture....=_=''


elena complains that her pictures are ugly, comment people?

is this called vain-ing or cam-whoring? x)

i just want you all to see me in the clothes i'm trying on ma~

ever seen me in short sleeved shirt?

haha this one's ripped open xD

very interesting design no?

by the way....

it's NOT because i'm too fat ah!

next day: Carrefour

forgot to take pictures until we were walking back... i mainly take pictures when i have nothing else to do but walk =)

i left elena's early in the morning on monday, 7 AM.... class at 11 am, group meeting at 9 am.

here's kevin in jeanette's specs:




to chuan ho, aqilah and steph

have a nice day =)
and yea im kinda bored...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


i got tagged by grace....then jasmine and susan, who also got tagged by grace~

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

removing er....

"List out the 3 good points of the person who tagged you"
to... "What's the latest good deed that u did?"

1. At what age do you wish to marry?

hmmm.... never really given much thought to this, but if i have to answer then.. a few years after i get my degree (if i do plan to go for degree that is) age...23+?

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?

tour around europe~

3. What's your favorite thing to do?

typical going out loh~

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?

of course it can... but depends on how you use it

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?

unlimited cash? xD i can get a lotta of other dreams to come through too~

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?

don't think i can. too much money issue in college

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

my precious family and friends~! so typical...

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

give 90% to papa and mama, the rest to put into bank. OR invest to get more~ =D

9. What is the one thing that makes you happy?

to be able to accomplish whatever i do without (much) mistakes

10. What's the latest good deed that you did?

helped david found guests for his serving

11. What are the requirements that you wish from the other half?

know and understand what kind of person i am, honest, humorous, sweet, cute, gentleman, caring, thoughtful, love me the way i am.....etc~

12. What type of person do you hate the most?

unreasonable, unable to differentiate between personal life and work, snobs, emo wayyy too much, self-centered, demands too much, bitches, bastards, assholes...

13. Should guy or girl take the initiative?

of course guy ^^

14. If you can teleport once, where would you go?

if i teleport there, will i be able to come back? haha of course back to broonay~

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

knowing what you have and treasuring it =)

16. If you could undo doing one mistake in the past, what would it be?

listened to my alarm and waking up early... for all those times that i was late for class...

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?

lazy and procrastinating part, the part which i should think before i act

18. What is the one thing you definitely can do without?

the cincai attitude of mine i CAN DEFINITELY do without

19. What is the one thing you cannot do but you wish you could?

expressing ALL of my opinions on everything...EVERYTHING

20. If one day you couldn't do the things that you are used to doing now anymore, how would you feel?

first of all, a bit sad of course... feel kinda lost...
but if it's something like me moving to kl, then i feel it's good for new changes. i've become if not a lot then a little more independent now. i relied on my parents too much when i was still in brunei. not that i'm not now, not a lot but still i do xP

i'll be tagging....

pin jia
goon ee

some of them are not active in blogging anymore though~