Sunday, February 14, 2010

cny + V day




will be missing once again for the next week (most probably) for CNY celebration n pai nian~ hoho

Gong Hei Fatt Choi
Gong Xi Fa Cai

May the year of tiger bring u all roaring success in ur endeavours.

AND a healthy, joyful n prosperous year ahead

and time for visiting all the relatives and collecting angpao's :P


Thursday, February 11, 2010

rainy days

its been real rainy these past few days in kl

AND the afternoons were freaking hot

i think i got myself sunburnt! feeling hot around my face area

plus my cheeks are constantly pinkish

or am i sick?

i was walking in the rain a few hours before, totally soaked

because while walking halfway through the longest pasar malam in malaysia, it started raining. it was drizzling at first, then stopped.

and then a sudden downpour of heavy rain woohoo~

plus i have nothing left to buy, other than brassieres for me grandma (lol) so instead of standing around under the big stall umbrellas, i got outta there and in the process having myself drenched in rainwater.

good thing i was wearing black, slippers and short pants hoho

had a shower the moment i got back, refreshing~

AND i should be studying for my P&S mid term tomorrow :D


Sunday, February 7, 2010

so.. mick~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to youuuuuu~~

im not there in brunei to celebrate with yaaa D:

your probably last bday in brunei, no?

but where ya goin?

aussie? uk? =/?


coz its ur birthday :D

collie dog

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

its february already??

It's been 3 weeks since class start in college, my degree classes

But why does it feel like classes are JUST starting?

Time flew by once again

Iim thinking it's because classes went by like a blur, as boring as they are, I didnt understand much of what was being taught. For certain subjects only, which I plan to study on my own after writing down the notes in class. Or ask others who actually understood.

Degree's much more different from Diploma now, especially the lecturers teaching. I thoroughly enjoy my french classes (intermediate french hoho) though. That's the only class I look forward to, the rest.. speechless. Although french is confusing what with the numbers and past & present tense all the confusing stuff, its still fun to learn. AND it'll take a long while before I can speak fluently in this language. Im confident with my french reading though :D

And so, assignments were announced, well, most of em are, and groupings are done. Soon begins the stressing & last minute studying for assessments as well as rushing for datelines for assignments ~ I DO actually miss these times, yes I got too bored when there's nothing to do. Going out just wastes more of my money coz I'm a shopaholic :P

And for the record, I've accidentally skipped Marketing class @ 9am today because I thought today was Wednesday which classes starts at 11am. yay me~! I think attendance wasn't taken hohoho hoping so ~

Record so far (Week 3) :
2 Tardiness
1 Absent without permissions

ahhh the horror!

*sigh* life as me, it's always like this...........................................


locked out (again)

u'd think i've learnt my lesson by now

this time.. no extra keys to open door

i called uncle james, he said have to wait til 6.30am coz for strict-er security, they didnt wanna keep extra keys there anymore D:

so i had to sleep on the living room sofa.... which was quite comfortable actually

so, 6 hours on the sofa.. not so bad. at least there IS a sofa, there's also TV to watch.

i deserved it, since im always so forgetful :(

then i got kinda bored and took some 'emo' photos of myself :D

see how terribly sad i am :d

the lights made me look sooo pale D:

emooooooo liao...

right when i got comfortable with myself by emo-ing..

*phone rings*

its uncle james! and it was good news :D

so all thanks to uncle james n kakak for the keys for opening my door

im soooo gonna make extra keys and hide around my apartment now, AND stop being SO terribly blur and forgetful ALL the times :) can i wipe this bad nature of mine away? je ne sais pas ~

here's a happy extremely CUTE picture of capucchino ~

and this super weird car i saw at lakeside campus few days ago :D

saw a middle aged fella on the driver's seat
wonder wat car this is? =O