Monday, March 30, 2009

me bro bday~!

lil edward's 13th birthday~~

damnnnn.... i forgot to get him cake....
he didnt want one at all, so i thought one slice would be juuuust nice~

he would have liked this hahahaha seriously

he wanted to go to sunway pyramid, so we took public transport there... again..

since it was sunday, public transport is meant to be full and crowded. it's just too bad i never noticed that till that day haha so we were all like sardin inside the ktm

so we reached there at 5.30 pm and we started moving at 4

anywaaaaaays, me bro wanted to read 'eclipse' so i had to get back to mentari to get it.. that's one of the reasons he wanted to go to pyramid, the other was to play DDR wor..... im not sure why....

and so the first place we went to is the arcade~

we played mario cart LOL i got placed LAST!
bishi bashi I WON!!
drum game
initial D
even puzzle bubble for my lil sis
PPP, which is the 2 pictures down there...

my tomboy cousin ~ also called ting, but its choi ting

me brother's back lol

here's me with my lil sis, who's bored and wanted to leave soon haha

to annoy my cousin and sis who wanted to go home soon, me and my bro purposely shopped around a lil longer to fill up my bro's empty bag..

after the arcade, we went to take a lil souvenir for my bro's bday. mini photos.

they werent co-operative to take the pictures, BUT at least the end product was ok hahahaha

blur i know, i dun have any soft copy =P
as long as i identify who's who im satisfied xD

after 45 minutes of walking around shopping to fill up my bro's bag....
my bro bought: new wallet, 2 phone straps, a pig notebook, 8 pins, a similar bottle like mine that says 'I DUN GIVE A DAMN', mine's

i also bought a few stuff for my lil sis and a beanie seal for ed, it looked so cute it reminds me of him, plus it's fun to squish xD

dinner was SUPPOSED to be BarBQ plaza, but the line was just too long and we were just too hungry so we changed to Sushi King~

only 2 red 2 beige 2 pink and 3 purple

bro ordered something curry, lil sis ordered something noodle, and i ordered something from kid's set xD

and we spent almost RM 100 and still not really full/satusfied. i asked whether they're full or not. all answered: okok la...

it was around 10 already so we took cab back =D

and ze next day early morning at 6 am, my family left for the airport and buh bye, another half a year before we meet again... awwwww, i miss my elder sister now. she's busy with her homeworks so she couldnt make it for qing ming =(


Saturday, March 28, 2009

the day has come....

yes..... it is the day......



as this day is collided with a friend's bday, we've celebrated it by going to cheong k~

and this was held at:

it was...... hmmmmmmm..... ok la~

maybe there were too many people, i felt like it ended too fast then it was already time to back.
next time, max number of people to go cheong k: 5

and i mean it! AND the cost of cheong k at night is WAY WAY WAY too expensive nowadays, im resolved to go cheong k in the afternoon only, unless occasional events xD


and going to my relatives today~~

coz my family are coming to kl for qing ming. last year only my dad came, my mum mentioned that i've never been to qing ming since before she was pregnant with me... so they made it compulsory for everyone to go wor... i wonder why they didnt last year.... hmmmmm......

there were in alor setar since friday, and coming back to kl today~


i got to selayang at noon. then this and that happened.

i cant remember what i was doing the whole day..... tv gua...

i recall waiting and waiting for them to reach back, and they finally reached at 2 am ++ haha and we didnt sleep till 4 am.. =D

and we needa wake up at 9 am ha-ha-ha~


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my exams are moving in

which means its confirmed that there will not be any updates till my exams are all finished, 27th March.

as if i update a lot nowadays anyways

anyhow, for those who dunno and would have never guessed, i started wearing braces few days ago, on saturday.

and that's basically it, i have an assignment to finish a day before my exam begins too...

so no time, wait..... O.O i wasted 5 minutes precious time to update!!! waaa!! lol

AND elena told me my lao da aka chuirou coming to kl, exactly on the days i have my exams, what a bummer!


oh! and i noticed chia yuin's bday is the day i had my braces put on to my teeth! lol

so chia yuin.... sorry and....


chia yuin: you can have my teeth if you wan haha xD


i should bring everyone's bday present when i get back to brunei, huh?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a known fact:

as stated in the name of my blog....

IM FATTING BACK!!!! woooooooot~!

it actually SOUNDS like a good thing, like im going back to somewhere, but in my case, NOT a good thing...

im starting to not care what i eat anymore.... as long as i enjoy what im eating of course~ eheheh...

but if i keep thinking like this..... i can just change my name from COLLIE to FATLIE

vonvon's been calling me that nowadays.... =_=

ahhhh..... life

it's always unfair~

aaaanyways, some of all of ya already know that i aint going back to brunei anytime soon.... SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

but good news is I MAYBE going back by the end of the year, not sure if i can attend any party which WILL be held after i get back there though.. coz im bringing 2 of my cousins who've never been to Brunei there as well.


my sis just inform me via facebook last nite at 2.59 am that:
edward said cookie died

here's my reaction:

since i just watched Marley and Me (its a really nice movie, but prepare a packet of tissue before watching) my tears were at the verge of coming out....

coz i wanna be sure of it before i breakdown, so far no reply yet....

I havent even seen that lil fella for almost 8 months and she's gone?

one of the main reasons i wanted to go back to brunei is to see lil cookie, she's getting older and im missing it... same for my sis in singapore.

and this is the only picture i have of her!!!! T-T

i think im gonna call my mum


on second thought, i dont wanna know....