Thursday, December 24, 2009


im flying back to brunei 26th dec

one day after christmas hohoho
going back to kl sometime before jan 1

today's xmas eve

and here's what i did today

i woke up at noon

went to take my new specs, shiny~ me likey

went to swim mountain water (游山水 lol)

it was freakin cold~
the waterfall section was closed so we went to the mini falls lol

the rocks were tres slippery my bro hurt his lil toe awww :(
it became blue black or ooocheii haha

then went out to makan with papa, bro , 2 cousins of mine

then we went bowling :D

my dad damn pro, all either strikes or spares O.O

his awesome-ness from years of experience ~

then he taught us the proper way to bowl

coz we just cincai throw the balls hoping to hit the pins

and our postures were so wrong its funny :D

i've improved~ lalala

let's all go bowling one day! ~~

after that we went out yamcha

wheeee we're fatter now coz we ate chee cheong fun, french fries, chicken wings, and satay xD

play superpocus in facebook, its cute n fun LOL

its 15 minutes to 12 and im here doing the same thing i did last year

yay that's now my tradition hhahaha

imma update bout cousin's wedding dinner when i unlazy-fied myself or got the pictures

blog outdated anyways :D

n update on how handsome my bro became later hohoho

maybe after i get back to brunei hmmmmm....

still as lazy as ever now

and random o.O