Tuesday, April 29, 2008

assignment updates

wow decreasing number of posts every month~

i should post more often then

i found good news and bad news:

good news: for this term i have 3 projects only
compared to last month's, which was 7... this is great!

as for bad news: they're all major projects
bummers.. when you think you can relax a bit. but then this IS term 2, supposedly it should be harder. our assessments increased by a bunch though. cooking AND serving will be graded. our first time wasn't, SO relieved to hear that.

i'm manager for our 2nd serving! and it's next wednesday... here's where my responsibility should kick in, wonder why it still isn't. hmmmmmmmmmm....
note to self, thing's to be ready before next week:
- menu
- centre piece
- restaurant forms

- blazer
- etc

the 3 projects are:

Moral Studies Mr Adrian
Making a video ad on HIV/AIDS
status: idea planned, shooting starts monday
my position: undecided

Thinking Skills Mr Adrian
Persuading the lecturer to buy our tap water. yesh, tap water in a bottle
status: plan A is out, gonna discuss with Mr Adrian
my position: leader (T-T i don't want..... not gonna complain though)

Professional Activities Ms Ruth
Learn and organize an event to be held in our campus
status: all positions are decided, topic and teams are out. still planning..
my position: secretary (can you imagine? haha)

Friday, April 25, 2008

O.o shock...


i got the overall best result in my term 1, for DH 29 only lah~
sis, if you're reading this, ask mama and papa to check this out:

don't you feel proud? x)

click on the picture if you can't see.

'Best Overall Student - January 2008 Assessment'

Diploma in Hospitality Management

dunno where to find a scanner in college, so i just simply took a picture of the paper as evidence to show that i'm not lying. IM NOT LAN SI OR KUAI LAN, i just wanna show my parents, especially my dad who paid so much for me to study in taylors. nowadays, when he sees me, first thing that comes to his mind is money. money to pay for my term fee, rent, living expenses..etc. they could be sum up to become QUITE an amount of money.

i was shocked when diana told me she saw my name in the list of best result achievers. she even asked me if there's any other person who has the name 'collie' in DH 29. apparently, i think i'm the only one. unbelievable leh.... since my results in high school was always in the bottom 10. this could be the first time i got 'best' in anything.... is it possible they made a mistake?
here's my result for term 1, excluding geography:

Computer Studies 19.8
Kitchen Op. 1 19.02
Business of Tourism & Hospitality 15.2
Food & Beverage Op. 1-D 16.72
Room Division Op. 1-D 17.7

Global Average: 17.69

i did study for geo though, maybe i got a really high mark for that? 17+ is kinda low for the best.... once again, i'm not showing off. i locked my student ID in my locker and when i got it back, it was already too late to collect my results. so i dunno how much i scored for geo.....yet. i'll definitely get it on monday, office closed for weekends.

i had a sleepover at elena's again and...because al thought he was suppose to pick me up from mentari, so.......
we were late for accounts.....by 10 minutes, which is not so bad....
so we didn't take the test to see if one has to take accounts remedial class. heh heh heh. i don't need to take them~~ since i took accounts before, it's okay la~ i hope. worse come to worst, i can go attend the remedial classes if i don't understand x)


during Mr Adrian's class, my hands got a bit bored so i started drawing the cow mick drew last time. then ivan asked me to draw a pig like that, which ended up becoming this:

cow vs pig x)

this cow's from al's hp theme

mick's cow without the egg

could be an egg or poop, which goes *ploop*

fativan's idea: sheep

david's request: platypus

jean asked for a horse.... what do you think this is? xP

a rat?

creepy cat haha xD

raccoon! fat

camel! also fat

they all look alike, don't they? all fattened by me! hahaha


OMG! my nails are so dangerous.... i accidentally scratched kevin's face, missed a black spot he has by a few millimeters. at first, it looked fine. then slowly getting red. after that, blood actually started coming out. i am so sorry for hurting him =(

got him a plaster

he's only making that face, because i'm taking the picture~

vann's idea: write/draw something on the plaster.

and here's the end product:

hahahahah SEXY~! xP


orientation night for the march intake
theme: the pink thing

a group of us went there at 10pm, after going to sunway for a movie and playing at the arcade. we jumped up and down when the bands are singing, danced when the dance floor was open. russell was sweating pretty badly, Mr. G was mc for this orientation again. last song, flo rida - low

it ended around 12.30 am. and we went to Asian Cafe for supper. as for pictures, i think there were a few taken during the dance. i don't have them though~ someone actually brought octopus and clown hats xD



can you see what's wrong with the 2 locks? xD

cupcakes!! nicely done, they look so real~

Sunday, April 20, 2008

weekend update``

after FINALLY getting my lockers opened........

i LEFT my file in my locker!


i didn't wanna go out bringing a big file with me. we were going to play basketball. but then i could just bring the file and leave it in the car....why didn't i???? my homeworks were all in there!!! i've spent my weekend doing zero homework because i couldn't get my file out from the locker during the weekends (they're locked, i went there yesterday)

anyways, back to friday:

so....we went to play basketball. 'we' are ivan, diana, tania, clement, sonia, goon ee, cole, justin and me. altogether 9 people, we asked the little boy who happened to be there to join us on a 5-on-5. i'm clueless on what to do.... not really active since i'm still in my formal clothes and bare footed. had to take them off because i was wearing my high heels. cole on the other hand, was really aggressive... she kinda ran into clement...they are both okayyy

when the sky was getting dark, we ate dinner at the restaurant next to the basketball court. and there were two cars: ivan and justin's. sonia, goon ee and cole were in justin's, the others in ivan's car. justin sent cole and goon ee back to their respective homes and the six of us were at sonia and tania's house. diana was staying over at their place, so the 3 of us were there to kacau them.

oh! i think there are some pictures in my phone....





found them~


take no notice of the head at the edge of the picture =)


tania. and diana there
sonia and tania are sisters by the way

all of which are taken by sonia. we just talked and talked about ....some stuff, till it was 2 am! our topics include songs, jokes, events which happened within these few months, genting trip, clubbing, other outings..etc.

saturday came. since there weren't any classes, i sleep till...afternoon i think. was doing this and that till it was 5 pm. it was only then when i remembered that i wanted to go to college to print out my notes and get some of my stuff from the locker.

i found out that day: lockers are locked during weekends, library is only opened till 2 pm on saturdays, completely closed on sundays and public holidays. everything i wanted to do there is impossible to accomplish on that day T-T

while i was waiting for the lift to get to the library, the guard there asked me to fill in my name in this book listing the people going in and out the place. and so i did....a few names above mine, i noticed a name that i didn't expect to see .. Russell Lee. and he's at 7th floor.... playing pool for sure.

since i wanted to take my sport shoes which are locked in the locker, i was wearing my safety shoes. and you can really feel the pain of walking for a very long time in those shoes. anyways, i met up with russell and his friend ivan(another ivan) and watched them play pool.

being there made me think that it's been awhile since i last went to the 7th floor. after they were done, russell wanted to go to pavillion to watch movie. his friend didn't want to go so i accompanied him. we took the public transportations to pavillion. we actually walked to pavillion from times square, and back to times square. IN THE HEAVY RAIN some more...we didn't have an umbrella...

picture after running in the rain. we got preeeetty wet. but he did actually bought an umbrella for our way back to times square, since it was still raining as heavily.

on the way to the WC

reason we walked:
from times square to pavillion: time of movie beh ngam
from pavillion to times square: the only available seats are at the VERY FIRST row in front of the screen. there's one whole row which was reserved but no one came to collect so we got the tickets for the seats xD

we got only half an hour to eat dinner, so......Chicken Rice Shop was the fastest we saw there, i think. and we were making ourselves eat fast. but still had time to take pictures~


by the way, the movie we watched was L change the world.

<-- L-wannabe x)

it was already 12 am when the movie ended, but neither of us felt like going back yet. so we walked around kl in the middle of the night. i lost russell's vest, i have no idea how i did it T-T he said he didn't mind, but i feel so sorry.....

walking from times square to klcc, can you imagine how far we walked.. we even walked past clubs and bars, the people there are reeeeally wild and active. night life is kl is like that oh....

when we finally got tired of walking, we took the cab back. large number of cabs can be found patrolling around the whole area. so apparently, there's no need to worry about getting lost. the only problem is $$ for the cab. haha

we rested in a restaurant located next to a club.
guess what we ordered:

2 x COCK for RM 3.60.. xD

we ordered coke la COKE..

got a bit tired, or rather....bored. that's when we saw a woman getting really drunk and she wanted to drink more. a few guys were stopping her though. after awhile, they went back in. few minutes later, she comes out puking and following that...more drinking.

we walked around asking the price of our ride back before choosing which cab to enter:
1st: RM 35
2nd: RM 45-60
3rd: RM 50-60
4th: RM 35

in the end, we chose the cheapest one of course. lazy to walk anymore anyways~ any normal person who've walked for as long as we did would feel the same way, it was 2 am already...

the cab fare totalled up to RM 40, since we had the driver stopped at 2 different places.

my locker is opened!

yes my locker has been OPENED!


the kakak guarding at the lockers area helped me BREAK the lock

yes! my lock has been broken, my locker is opened and i didn't spent RM 20 for it ^^

i won't be buying a new lock though, i'll just use back the original OLD lock that was provided by taylor's. i'll just go duplicate a new key as back-up so the next time i lose the key, i don't have to inform the program office to get it open and spend unnecessary expenses~

you'll wonder how i lasted these few days with my wallet, ic, student id, atm card, money, notes, stationery, schedule, class fund, shoes, locker keys, house keys, tourism textbook, etc...excluding my handphone... all inside my locker while it was locked. heh heh heh....i have my ways~

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh my god!!

how the hell did i leave my locker key INSIDE my locker?!?!

i got commis today...which i totally forgot till vann reminded me hahahahah

the chef im commis for is called LAL i think he's indian, hmmmm....

today's menu:
appetizer - consomme (clear soup with a dumpling in the middle)(wantan la)
main course - lamb shank (DAMN DELISH!!!)
dessert - pudding with raisins (love the pudding, not the raisins)(caleb does)

not sure if i was helpful at all..... all i did was chop chop chop and more chopping on the vegetables....................

can't say i learnt a lot, but i've learnt quite a few new things. beste did more, he was deboning the lamb shank..woooow~

the only picture i took when we're taking a break, guess who that is...haha xD

asked to commis again next week, haiz~~ busy busy

did i mention that the lamb shanks were DELICIOUS?

the best thing about being commis is the food that we eat after everything we went through, including cleaning up the whole place. the good food makes it all worthwhile~ but then if the chef you're commis-ing for is not so good then.....too bad haha xD

after cleaning up and all the delicious food and on my way to locker.....

it was only when i reached my locker that i realized......the key to my locker is locked inside the locker!! >.>
*flashback* i threw my student id, along with the keys into the locker. sigh.
my money, my id, my bag, my notes, my pens, my notebooks, my file, my shoes etc.... are all in there now.... at least caleb was being nice and belanja me a drink haha xD


from last week

last monday's pastry class

i forgot...apple pie?

anne and hee

last tuesday's applied tech for kitchen

that's a sole, fish. I HATE fish, my fish last week (sea bass) was disastrous. my station didn't make good time, and the fish skins came off. got stuck on the pan. the pan wasn't hot enough, and oil was kinda forgotten. overall....not bad lah i think, i KNOW i could do better than that. i just know it

random taken pictures

sunway pyramid

cute leh~

someone broke the hook T-T
hope i get the replacement soon~

first time serving guests tomorrow, kinda excited. but mr. tay boon changed me and john's 4 guests to 6 embassy. that sorta puts a lotta pressure on me...... they sound important although he said there's nothing to worry about... that really doesn't help much, expecially having it come from him.....gonna do my best tomorrow~~

Monday, April 14, 2008

sleepover at elena's

i've spent my weekend at her place, connection there sucks wasn't so good xP

some people may have noticed me continuously signing in and out saturday night OR me totally appearing offline =P

dinner was McD's fries, burger and some tanghoon that elena's bro made. she said she helped to slice up the onions....
i spent two nights there, my class on monday is at 11 am so i had time to go back early in the morning.

for these two nights, elena was rushing to finish her group assignment. although she's in her holiday, she still has LAN class a.k.a. malaysian studies. i DID try to not bother her when she's doing her work~ i'll be taking that subject soon too T-T

we went to subang parade on sunday, lunch was kenny rogers. yummy~~

we walked around the whole place, i bought a few stuff and then it was already 6 pm. time flies~~
so we bought dinner (nasi kandar) and went back. we were still so full from kenny rogers that we only ate it at 11 pm haha. i was at her place for 2 days and 2 nights but i didn't even see her bro for more than 2 seconds, wow~ haha

we took some pictures while we were at kenny rogers, think elena's gna post it up in the class blog soon.

i'm still adjusting my pictures from genting to blog up. although i already uploaded them in my facebook~ they cannot be viewed without a facebook account though...

i even brought colliver over to her place, still so huggable~
elena's bed is comfy, and king size.
so it's not incorrect to say that i slept with her right? haha xD

Saturday, April 12, 2008