Friday, February 25, 2011

and i think to myself...

... why one writes blog now ~~

since got this thing called facebook

better looking with designs and own widgets?

last i remember my own blog was.. waay before my finals ended, 2 + months ago


because my memory is just terrible and i have yet to grown use to the habit of taking pictures. sometimes i do though, when someone mentions it first ~

makes me think time flies really fast because i cant remember half the things that happened. maybe just less than half the whole thing and the really memorable ones.

doesnt it make you glad that photos are invented, you can really cherish the times you had before and see it again, right before your eyes now. videos are even better, it moves and its like looking back in time. but most people tend to get embarrassed in front of video cams, myself included haha

in this LONG LONG holiday of mine ( 2 months + ), it felt like a long and short time. felt long when it was happening, short when it happened.

shall take more pictures now :) being called vain is better than no pictures muahaha