Friday, February 25, 2011

and i think to myself...

... why one writes blog now ~~

since got this thing called facebook

better looking with designs and own widgets?

last i remember my own blog was.. waay before my finals ended, 2 + months ago


because my memory is just terrible and i have yet to grown use to the habit of taking pictures. sometimes i do though, when someone mentions it first ~

makes me think time flies really fast because i cant remember half the things that happened. maybe just less than half the whole thing and the really memorable ones.

doesnt it make you glad that photos are invented, you can really cherish the times you had before and see it again, right before your eyes now. videos are even better, it moves and its like looking back in time. but most people tend to get embarrassed in front of video cams, myself included haha

in this LONG LONG holiday of mine ( 2 months + ), it felt like a long and short time. felt long when it was happening, short when it happened.

shall take more pictures now :) being called vain is better than no pictures muahaha

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hey lo

AAAAND it happened again!!!

i wrote so much, wanna post a long long one for everyone to see and look and guess what happened?


unsaved post GONE

demotivation to rewrite the whole thing again

first thing i wrote was a dream i had last nite - no mood to rewrite T-T

but! it was about theme park and japanese spa meh

then UPDATE! my trials just started this monday, finals on the 14th/15th

FIRST time so late finish exams, like RIGHT before XMAS! stupid college, oh wait, now a UNI. whoever's out there looking for a UNI, dont come to mine!! i strongly recommend against it! (once again) hahaha u're saving urself...

and urmm.. IM FLYING BACK TO BRUNEI on the 3oth DECEMBER~!

and gonna be there till after CNY ! woot! 16th February to be exact

already looking forward to seeing a few faces that i havnt seen in awhile and those who are still there.... or not :/

IM bringing someone along in this trip ;) tee-hee~

more updates on, my trip a few days ago to midvalley :


HUGE ASS BIS BEAR!! sooooooo 'uge!

a weirdly long legged bear with my kl buddy yvonne :D

THE H.A.B Bear with shin, college buddy ~

and there's this cute lil kitty kat me likes but couldnt buy ~

see how happy i am when around stuffed stuff xD

another thing that made me very happy was.....

having my first time.....

meeting with a HUGE celebrity!!

even took ONE picture, it was enough ~~

ahhhhhh im so sakai and excited that time ~

he's not my idol or anything

just first time being so up close to someone so BIG

he looks.... human, and normal! XDDD

heart throbbing like mad though...

he is...


AHHHH~~!! so handsome ~~ lol

im sure a lotta you would know who he is, since he starred in so many TVB shows, he's famous ehhh! shocked that pan didnt know him lol

saw him while he visited my lakeside campus, promoting the restaurant that he's the ambassador of, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

nahhh~ the picture

LOL two person in a picture together = taking pictures together right?~~


*cold wind*


here's the REAL shot ~

~ ^-^ ~
he's not that young anymore, can see the wrinkles liao.

he's so small and cute still~~~ :3
and so nice to take the picture with me~~~

only got 50 ya know~


saw it at midvalley and had a debate with shin on this...

still enjoying life as it is

gonna revise on the exam tmro though ~


Monday, November 22, 2010

bo mood eh

in a way, too much updates and dunno where to start!

but for now, i got DELF A2 exam this sat and sun eh!

ppl enjoy their weekend off then i have to suffer the wrath of FRENCH

its getting harder for me now, am forgetting a lotta basics. gotta refresh the memory!

ANDDD! got trial exam for french oral and listening tmro at 8 in the morning!

wheeeeee~ see how i survive tomorrow

oh! thank koyu for a reminder on a quick update lol

I've recently attained a new phone ~

Xperia X10 mini pro!!

gonna root it REAL SOON. cute and handy and size is just right in my hands ~~


starting late is better than never starting at all

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i live!! for now..

surviving uni:

1 - do your homeworks

2 - do your assignments early or on time

3 - do not even think about procrastinating or delaying your work

4 - play less, study more

5 - attend class, do not skip if necessary

6 - do not blog when you have work to be done.

7 - do not do last minute work. even though u have less than 2 weeks to finish that report that is so important that if you dun finish, you'll fail this entire year. finish it now if possible.

i can always find time to blog at the most inappropriate time :) right when i wanna procrastinate from doing important work that needs to be done ASAP.

ahhh stress now. and it motivates me to work! but so late liao...

tomorrow i shall do!

nites, ciao~

i have a bad feeling about this.