Saturday, March 7, 2009

a known fact:

as stated in the name of my blog....

IM FATTING BACK!!!! woooooooot~!

it actually SOUNDS like a good thing, like im going back to somewhere, but in my case, NOT a good thing...

im starting to not care what i eat anymore.... as long as i enjoy what im eating of course~ eheheh...

but if i keep thinking like this..... i can just change my name from COLLIE to FATLIE

vonvon's been calling me that nowadays.... =_=

ahhhh..... life

it's always unfair~

aaaanyways, some of all of ya already know that i aint going back to brunei anytime soon.... SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

but good news is I MAYBE going back by the end of the year, not sure if i can attend any party which WILL be held after i get back there though.. coz im bringing 2 of my cousins who've never been to Brunei there as well.


my sis just inform me via facebook last nite at 2.59 am that:
edward said cookie died

here's my reaction:

since i just watched Marley and Me (its a really nice movie, but prepare a packet of tissue before watching) my tears were at the verge of coming out....

coz i wanna be sure of it before i breakdown, so far no reply yet....

I havent even seen that lil fella for almost 8 months and she's gone?

one of the main reasons i wanted to go back to brunei is to see lil cookie, she's getting older and im missing it... same for my sis in singapore.

and this is the only picture i have of her!!!! T-T

i think im gonna call my mum


on second thought, i dont wanna know....