Saturday, June 20, 2009

rant & period: may i present....

compare these two and tell me who's cuter lol

this here's chino
2 years old

this one's called rudy
er... 6 years? or was it 6 months... xD

isnt he adorable??

rudy's more hyper

i'd call chino lazy anyday hahaha



touchdown was at miri @ 5.30 pm

my family and i, exclude my bro in brunei coz of class, had seafood dinner~ we aint goin back to that restaurant again! haha

we reached back in brunei at around 9 i guess, late tired but then you dont see me sleeping.....yet

my sis wanted to go for a swim tmoro morning so i shud sleep soon.......

.......right after im finished with this muahahha

so my whole family knows about me forgetting my passport and etc..
even chuirou! im guessing everyone's getting updated now lol

i feeeeeel outdated, im so free tmoro afternoon

BUT i have no idea how to start asking ppl to go out...

hmmm... HOW??? no one is on msn at all!!
then there's phone BUT TOO LATE NOW lol

maybe i'll call tmoro morning haha later la still got time~


here's the ever so 'comfortable' airasia seats, where back aches are free of charge =)

all planes are like this but me still no likey, i adjust them EVERYTIME xD

oohhh here's what i see outside the window or what's-it-called, glass panel?:


here's the clouds~

burning desire to feel them!!

this 3 are when we're out from airport:

it was drizzling and i was kinda bored

hohoho i like this one xD

we did a lot of catching up on the way back to brunei

and lotsa laughs and quiet moments lol

OH YA wanna see how my room looks like now?

it spells D for disaster

i was surprised, sad, disappointed, mad, furious, angered, agitated, depressed

all those are all in order

it wasnt that bad at first

but i was so furious at the mess i emptied everything from the 4 slots

all my organized cds and books were MESSED UP!!

and SOME BITCHES/BASTARDS had to go and mess them ALL UP

zoom in on the door, some idiot who claims as master piece


i dont recall having my door being given to public for it to be SPRAYED like this, it can be wiped off BUT STILL!!

how can one not be FURIOUS AT THIS?!?!?!? damn f*cked up le.....

talk about uneducated children, they're OUT OF CONTROL

that aint the only messy part, even the table

suspect who claims to be innocent:
'i've only touched the plug.... and oh, the air cond'

- might as well be the truth
sucks having ignorant siblings T-T

it doesnt even feel like my room at all, heck its not even my room!!

all i have in this room are that stupid cupboard and wardrobe

all cause i wasnt selfish enough to ask for more furniture of my own and having the BIG room so everytime there are GUESTS staying over its ALWAYS in 'my' room

talk about privacy! i get none since young!!

and i never minded but this is just infuriating

seriously, cut me some slack, respect my stuff so hard meh?

the stupid bitches and bastards cant even read english for crying out loud

ahh~~ feels good letting it all out

oh... btw im ranting and having period now lol

apologies for mood swing or anything too rough and i dont mean it(some)

*anger subsided*

im having a great day, huh?