Wednesday, November 25, 2009

less stress


i DO feel a little less stress the moment i walked out of the exam room :D

and i LOVED that feeling...

but it left a few minutes later when i thought of my other final papers haha

im glad i took DELF, the oral exam of DELF was a lil harder than Taylor's.. but there were both handle-able :) maybe coz i was lucky enough to get lenient examiners~~ hohoho

i have discovered my numbers in french is NOT GOOD haha

but no more french starting today till............. i continue french next year ~ long time away

and i hear a lotta ppl are gonna enjoy burning their french notes LOL

IF, im saying IF have to retake french for the ppl who choichoi.. failed their french. then lagi stress no notes haha~

i SHOULD be studying now xD