Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i think im getting it!

i think im getting thinner as im typing this

with all the walking that i get from and to work

some fats are bound to come off!

but then thats just me comforting myself ~


here's what's going on in my head quite a few times(random):

-ive me: You're fat

+ive me: Wha? I'll show you!

-ive me: Yea?

+ive me: Yea! I'll be back to how i was a whole year ago

-ive me: As if! There are somes things that comes and goes but some may come but they don't just go like that. See your fats for example, they've decided to stay

+ive me: Ya think my fats should meet exercise?

-ive me: Yea sure, if you think you're actually gonna do it. Besides, fat people are nicer to hug haha

my brain stopped debating here... so i guess: to be continued...
or something like that haha


never thought of myself as random until one of my friends mentioned it:-

my reactive thoughts:

1st : Omg im sooooo random!

2nd : I think its coz i think too much things at one time haha

3rd : but then...... hmmmm........

4th : maybe i just cant focused on an uninteresting subject for long

conclusion: i think a lot when im bored ~