Thursday, May 7, 2009

my new word: bubo

sounds cute doesnt it??

well if it doesnt to you it does to me =)

and here's me saying im busy and boring

BUsy and BOring.... =D

im such a bubo =(

but im liking the ring to it ~ xD

although it aint positive to how it originated hmmm "==

for my own reference and boredom:

Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur

5 weeks training in Housekeeping Department

1st week Room attending

2nd week Turn Down Service

3rd week Public Area

4th week Linen a.k.a. Uniform Room

5th week Coordinator

im in the last thurday that i'll be in HK department

im moving to Front Office real soon now....

reminder: ask about FO uniform tomorrow! blazer skirt blouse lol BSB

ohhhh.... and i get to work in Banquet in the Chinese Restaurant of Equatorial, Golden Phoenix for 3 days, or more. sounds like fun actually, i miss F&B training ~

and TRAINING IS DAMN TIRING AND TAKES UP EVEN MORE TIME THAN COLLEGE!!! although we DO learn more in REAL hotels as compared to our college 'hotel'

im even too tired to go on.......