Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post for 2008

Hmmm.... being the last post of the year and all... I dun feel much or any different though, embracing a new year and all that.. I just dont feel the enthusiasm, since i'm not in any active parties happening as of now ~

But then I feel ok and fine... o.O weird.... haha

Maybe I'm just used to it already...
Whoa, i sound emo "=_=

Not much I have to add in this post, i guess..

Going shopping at Times Square again, this time really shopping haha
Which means the previous plan for Sungai Wang change to Times Square..

I'll just get along with the new year season greeting ~

Omg! This lil doggy decribes exactly how my mood is right now! =P


YEAR 2009 ~ !!!

new year wishes? I'd rather keep them in my head and have them all granted with my own hands =) Not that i don't wanna share, as ridiculous as it may sound =P

a very interesting picture I found with hehe

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow ^^
Hope tonight passes fast ~


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


boring day today ~

went to doctor's then i got more contact lenses

stayed home after that, until tomorrow

supposedly going to Sungai or Sungei Wang, see how it goes~


- OMG! one of my shortest posts~ -

alone again.... whole family left........





hehe LOL just joking~

so i've sent them to the airport today~

imma gonna miss my family, its just like last year but i got my sis then. there's no one here this time though. The REST of my father's side of the family who lives in KL are all here though, different case since they're always here haha

at first I was looking forward to going back to college... now im feeling hesitant.. feeling new to the new subjects, with the new lecturers who i never even heard before and some who i know but kinda anxious to meet hmmm.... before college symptoms haha

im gonna miss my lazy holidays ~

a few more days before welcoming new year 2009

im gonna have fun before the year ends xD


Monday, December 29, 2008


warning: ranting up ahead! words only =)

waddaya know?

we plan to go to genting to have a half day fun there and so...
everyone woke up early (kinda) and got ready
AND then a cousin of mine (表姐) who lives in kl, was nice enough to send us to the bus station.. at Pudu there..
that time of day: 12 pm
ONLY to find out the buses to Genting were ALL FULL...
next bus at
3 pm

so we took monorail to Titiwangsa, which my mum insists has bus tickets.. so when we got there....
time: 12.15 pm
OUT OF TICKETS!! argh! next bus at 3.30pm

so we took more public transports to KL central...
where all the transports are linked.
time: 12.30 pm
stupid bus had TWO STINKIN' SEATS LEFT! the guy there even suggested that we - there were 6 of us - take the two seats then take another cab to go up, which costs RM 80! GILA la that stupid guy.. next bus at 4 PM!

sheesh! each station having a later time than the previous bus "==
we said no of course, and then our plan of going to genting was cancelled just like that~

not that im mad or anything... although i kinda sound like that heheh..
i was totally fine with it since it saves A LOTTA money by NOT going to genting: the place where your money leaves you without you noticing hahaha it IS true xD

SOOOO.... we stayed at kl central there and had our lunch lo~ at KFC hehehe and when we're finally done and my bro was almost over being all moody for not going to genting the day before going back to brunei, we got a ride back home with cousin's car (this cousin didnt follow us)

and so we stayed home and i was entertained by my DEAR book for hours before my bro & 堂妹 wanna go to Time Square, which was at about 5 pm.

this time my 堂二嫂 was on the way out and sent us to the nearest monorail, where we took to get to Imbi, Time Square. 1st place we went was to check out the movies showing today...

our 1st option: Yes Man
- sold out

2nd: Bedtime Stories
- down to last few seats, front row seats (who wouldnt want them?)

we actually DID bought the front row seats, i never had front row seats, i was curious haha.. GSC's not that bad actually, there was quite a space between the screen and us, compared to some other places.... hehehe

not much comment for the movie: plot was quite (my bro says its disappointing!) predictable, i was just thinking it was funny hahaha i enjoyed my popcorn ^^
BUT i was holding my 'iron' bladder for half the MOVIE! how stupid/stubborn was I?? i didnt wanna miss any part of the movie ma~ i hate it when i miss parts of a movie xP

when the movie finally decided to end, i rushed out in search of my beloved toilet haha my bro even joined forced with me i search for the sacred toilet hahaha he was rushing too

then it was time for the arcade, which my 2 lil relatives loves the most haha we were there till 10 pm! haha we didnt even noticed the time~ or my dad's miss calls... hohoho ~

we were on the way out and reached the monorail at 10.30 pm, we kinda couldnt find our way out since ALL the stores closed and it was quite difficult to recognize the place (excuse nia xD)

we only got back at 1 am, coz our 堂二嫂 was SO nice she drove to have a midnite snack...
ahhhh!!!! stupid ah!!! why did i eat the supper!!!??? now im going to get FATTER THAN I ALREADY AM!!!!!!! AAAAARRRGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! T-T

im looking forward to college now~ where im determined to get back to my old (not fat) self again then... i HAVE my ways~

oh, and i FINALLY printed my timetable which was FINALLY up in portals a few days ago~ and....

OMG! we're having FOOD SCIENCE AGAIN?!?!?!?!? with our dearly 'beloved' ms nancy!!?!? X.X

and i thought one term was enough......

i'll have to go rest now~~


Saturday, December 27, 2008

gettin more events~

i woke up at 1 pm, and slept like a pig as usual
thinking there'll be no plans to go out as usual

i woke up when my bro came up to ask whether i wanna go 游山水, directly translating meaning goin to swim in the mountain river

and i did! 2nd time swimming~ long time since i last went to anywhere to swim at all... it's been 3 years i think, i think it was SARS which caused that.... hahaha then i got lazy to swim at all.. woot! put all the blame on SARS mua-ha-ha

the previous swimming session as at Sungai Petani there, a water theme park, The Carnivall. quite fun there, its like a mini Sunway Lagoon, less perks of course

swimming at the mountains there was quite fun too. we swam at a small reachable section of the river. we didnt get to the main place where most people would go though, an uncle was nice enough to warn my mum about a kaleng who was drinking there, ask us to be careful la~

i didnt if he was telling the truth or not la, but my mummy didnt wanna take any chances, since my lil niece, Yoyo and nephew, Jason were both there, including my lil sis DiDi too. oh damn! we didnt take ANY photos...... T-T i got a picture for reference though haha

cute, arent they? =)

kids are always gonna fussy and demanding, but they're fun & its quite enjoyable to be around when ya know how to handle them hehe =D

After that my dad brought us kids to Sushi King ~

Spent RM149!! with the Sushi king member card.... WOW~

i have enjoyed the meal but wat my bro and cousins ate were ridiculous "=.=

and oh yea... tomorrow, im goin to genting highland with my family~
via bus, for the 1st time, with my family i mean..
we usually just drive us there, but the car has a few problems so... figures~
i dun mind taking the bus la, but... never mind~ haha

i gotta get back to my DEAREST book

so ciao~












and 2 more days before my family's going back to brunei
without me!!!


plus a picture =D

happy happy


Friday, December 26, 2008

Belated Xmas


im back in KL~ finally
muahahaa since yesterday

but i was too tired last nite and too lazy this morning =D

SO... yesterday ah...

on the way back from alor setar.... we had 3 stops coz of car problem, and we took i think 6-7 hours to reach kl, and i only slept for the 1st hour xD i totally admire my dad for being able to tahan so long *salute*

staying awake takes energy and thats why im tired AND it was christmas eve that nite. i slept early! but not before 12 am haha xD
had longan jelly to celebrate Xmas HAHA!!

THEN... today ah....

my initial plan got cancelled because of this and that lo, then i slept till quite late... almost noon i think

then lunch was steamboat! harharhar long time since i last ate one~
eating steamboat for all the meals of the day =D

last minute plan:
- my very nice cousin-in-law driving me, my couz and my bro to KLCC
(she thought traffic wouldnt be congested..
then got very geram when we reached traffic

- especially went to KLCC just to find Eclipse, 3rd book of Twilight Series @ Kinokuniya hehehe
(mana tau dun have, got 2nd and 4th only! so big also no stock

- THEN taking LRT + KTM + 15 minutes walking to Sunway Pyramid
Eclipse and Breaking Dawn only had one each on display lehh!!!
wonder if i got the last ones B-)


SO SAD AHH!!!! only now baru got the whole thing T-T
when everyone finished and are all done and over with it~
i dont mind reading it over and over again anytime xD
same goes for the movie~ =D

- after my happy moments of finally getting all the books, we spent the whole time @ the arcade.. mua-ha-har
(spending a total of around RM 30 ehhh.... )

we totally forgot to take note of the time: it was already 8.46 pm when we finally realized.. hohoho~

we were supposed to be ready to leave by 8.... hahaha
but good thing my sis' flight back to KL from Sg kena delayed (AirAsia ma~) and so we even had extra time to have dinner before we get our ride back

Tony - my very nice cousin (the driver) was picking my sis up from KL Central (after taking bus) and ON THE WAY, pick us up only~ heh heh heh

then im now taking a break from reading Eclipse~



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mobile blog 2

Here's a picture i dug out from one of my picture folders Haha.. I cant even recognize myself in this one =S

Not sure if i've mentioned but im still in alor setar until further notice~ i have an appointment at the 24th with my doctor so.. I shud be back before then =)

AND.. i'll be mobile blogging till i get back to kl B-) ...if i can remember to, that is.. Haha ciao~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

laziness taking over!

i HAVE pictures to upload....

sadly it involves me standing up and leaving to get my card reader or USB cable to transfer the pictures from my phone, and that, would result me in not wanting to post anymore so.... go figure

have i mentioned im in kl now?
or did i.....?

anyways, im in my relative's place and supposedly my next term starts at Jan 5.....
WHICH means i cant go back to BRUNEI!!!! as boring as it is some people may say, i still miss home.... T-T and the lil doggie my sis has there, Cookie~

and speaking of dogs~

aint it just simply adorable!?!? took it from google xP

and this one here's a collie puppy~ ^^

i even got kitties in teacups!


how random can this post get? >.>

i better stop.....=P haha


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Aint they cute? ^^
OMG i didnt know i can blog with my phone!!!


hmmm.... and that's to vicky and nish....

for totally forgetting about the tag thing...
i dont even know which tag i got tagged! i dont see my name anyways, so...
im gonna replace it with the less troublesome tag i saw in pin jia's blog xD

All u gotta do is type ur name down with ur elbow.. =D

c olklkie4 quahnbj ygthewn tjkikn gv

OOOoooooo... sounds foreign if it's readable.. i even have a number in my name! haha


Which reminds me, a cousin of mine says that this picture of me and my sis look a lot alike.. Comments?

click on it if its too small to see~



concerning what jeanette said in my cbox....

i like the wind effect in this picture =D

the 1st one i dug out from my files xD

lazy to get more..... haha

and lazy to type anymore....

so ciao~

movies movies movies!!!

sounded like i've watched a lotta movies recently....
haha which i didn't! xP

2 only nia la~
the long waited Twilight & Bolt~


i cant believe i waited SOOOOO long before i finally watch this movie!

the male lead was KINDA disappointing, coz i was expecting someone more charming than Robert Pattinson, although there are scenes which made him looked.... nice... =P

i read the book like MONTHS ago, and couldn't wait for the next book. but then i got stuck there anyways coz the book was borrowed from a senior of mine, and it slowly drifted off my mind after i returned it.

the cover isn't really inviting, now is it? it creeped me out at first, but after reading the book.. i simply love it! =D

hope my sis buys the whole series soon~ xP
but then i can still borrow from others =P

i dont miss any movies that involves DOGS!!
the ones that i know of at least...

and Bolt is such a cute movie~
too bad i didnt watch it in 3D though,
maybe sometime later.... hmmmmm =P

i enjoyed watching this~ and bolt is SOOOO CUTE when he's a lil puppy~~~!! plus the cute and yet annoying hamster Rhino and the cute kitty Mittens. Wait..there are those stupid and funny pigeons! HAHAHAHA!!!

AND i aint missing the other dog movies:

Beverly Hills chee' WOW wa

and ze Hotels for Dogs~

i just cant get enough of these dog movies, hehe ^-^

my god it's getting late...

Friday, December 12, 2008


just when a thought i was thin (6 months ago)

i had to go live a filling life in Langkawi and get even fatter than i already was before i left... so now.......

if the me in this picture doesnt look fat, it's nicely disguise T-T

but then im still.....

yea yea yea, i know i keep complaining...
it's not like im not planning on a diet...
its just that it'll only be executed next year haha

hey, living at where i am now...


my relatives(especially the adult females) keep bringing home snacks and fattening foods! i cant control it when they're all delicacies of malaysia!!!

I AM controlling of course, with the least bit...


my bro aint controlling and look at him
(he requested me to post his pictures heheh....)

would you even believe he looked like this only one year ago.... still almost the same six months ago.... he poses dramatically like this so dont be bothered by his facial expression haha!!!

and NOW he looks like.....


most definitely thinner now.... but then again, it could just be him growing tall and looking less fat only~ that's what he's saying himself.

So, next year's goal: DIET! EXERCISE! EAT LESS! GET THIN AGAIN! ~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hello to whoever's still here

i've been Missing In Action for QUITE awhile now....
i always do anyhow so that's not a wonder

so here's an update la, dont say i totally kill this blog haha!

so here's me now...

.........and my beautiful sister.

-the end-

ps - no, we don't look alike.