Sunday, January 31, 2010

convocation ~

i go buat kecoh @ convocation and eat free food :D

convocation for graduates of Diploma in Hospitality Management @ KLCC

thank yin n her chester for 'inviting' me there, as guest not graduate haha

im gladdddd i didnt pay RM260 for the convo, truthfully told xD

there was only a robe but no square hat! it comes together wan maaaa stewpit

sooo it starts at 3pm, guests are supposed to be there by 2.30

BUT as everyone might have guessed, i was late. reached there round 3.10 ok right?

it was free seating so i chose a seat round the middle, it wasss HUGE there

btw the robes look nice from afar

up close.... they look kinda horrible and makes one look fat lol

i'll wear mine when i get my degree, hope it looks better then :D

so basically, i went there to:
- see my fellow graduates getting their EMPTY certificate case
- fall asleep listening to the speakers
- eat FREE FOOD :D
- take pictures with the people i sawww, not much =/
pictures with ivan, yin, max, debra. see when they upload :)
then i curi hohoho

hmmm.. it only lasted a few hours. tired looo~

i got back to mentari with the sweet sweet couple hoho feels like tiang lampu when around those 2 :P

back to watching america's next top model :D