Wednesday, January 27, 2010

kinda last minute sg trip

so i mentioned i went to sg

its not really a last minute plan

i already had it planned in my head

but i only informed my sis, who's in sg, a few days before the actual trip and she replied the day before

soooooo that's not last minute planning, not really

i had a ride to puduraya :D

then took the Transtar Coach worth RM39 to Beach Road(i still have no idea where that is) in Sg

i dunno where i was~ keep texting my sis bout my location n confirming what to do after i reach a certain place =D

so my sis was frustrated i took so long to reach her place, she had to wait outside on the road doing nothing, note: she is impatient hahaha

so i was planning to just stay for one night there. but i couldnt get a bus in time so stayed for another nite. which conflicted with my classes in college.

i skipped first day of class, as well as some others because first week's usually introduction week with no attendance most probably =)

aaanyways, i took too long to write this. my memory's failing me!

so i've been to orchard road & vivocity for the 2nd time. first time was with family but didnt know where it was. spent quite a lot actually, if i convert everything to RM =P

saw a skirt i really like in kitschen, sg. then when i checked the price of the same thing in kl, it was wayyy cheaper hohoho so CONCLUSION, shop in KL! its cheaper and u get to buy more clothes xDDD

i got a really cheap flight back to kl, cost SGD32 from Tiger Airways. my cheapest flight ever! lol and it was a night flight at 9pm thats why cheap. there were quite a lotta empty seats, one of em includes the seat beside me. for all the flights i've took, they're all full. one of the few times i see an ACTUAL empty seat. xD

i got back kinda late, first thing i did was sleep the moment my head hit my soft pillow with all my bears and dogs =DD