Friday, January 15, 2010

i miss me papa n mama

i misssssssssssssss them soooo much.. already o.o

and i'll be back for cny with my parents


i've been spending cny in kl for 2 years now, it feels different though. i can feel the family moments thing but its kinda different without my parents n siblings there. but this year, we're gna have fun! collecting angpao :D

ok now im just procrastinating.

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yes the few lines up there are nonsense,
please pay no attention to it :)

awww its windy now, such a nice feel. its feels good to live on the rooftop level ya know. i could just climb outside my window onto the roof, n enjoy the blowing cool wind wheeeeeeeee~

i have enojoyed my time of peace on the rooftop


feels nice to just lie there n stare at the sky

i should try doin it at nite, but kinda scary at nite.
i'll do it if i see starsss~

the sky's kinda dark but im guessing no rain tonite, although brunei's raining at the moment.

soooooooo... this weekend, im might be goin to SG. yea with cyuin n jas for one nite if possible ANDDDDDDDDDD i was asking jas n my sis bout where im living, NO REPLY from any of them yet wth!! :(

i shall rush them muahaha