Tuesday, January 12, 2010

back at 4 am O.O

yeapp i got back home at 4 am in the morning

not a good sign, but its my last nite in brunei
must make full use of it haha


11th Jan 2010
another gathering for ex-expresses 2007
with laoda, joyce, wayne, henry and pan

the INITIAL plan was meeting at q-lap mall at 1.30 then alvin n the chipmunks movie at 2. but me n joyce were late (main ppl who wanted to watch in the first place) so we bought tickets for Couples Retreat instead, at 3

so guys n gals split up n we gals kia kia on boutiques there, tried a few clothes on. guys dunno where they went ~

couldn't find the shop i saw online the other day : d'Bryan. Turns out it was at the top floor, with the cinema gahh.. and we were kinda late so i didnt get to venture inside :(

the movie was really funny, involves a lotta funny scenes involving sex but not censored type hahaha we bought popcorn to throw at the guys :D

when the movie ended, we took pictures then joyce left :'(

then along we went to the 2nd destination: Seri Utama Bowling (again) hahaha

i just love bowling, dont u? :)

lawrence reached there same time we did, so 6 of us started playing~ huhu while waiting for ong, we started without him lol he came in half way through the 1st game

all of us were new with bowling haha except pan n ong

but everyone played well :) feels nice hanging round with a group of old friends~

2nd game, pan, wayne n henry left and in came ong

so 4 ppl for 2nd game: ong did soo horrible he lost to laoda haha, and lawrence was good even though its his first time o.O

we break for dinner at jollibee which was just next door, ONG belanja! coz he lost to laoda lol henry came back in time for free dinner xD but left after eating =/

so 3rd game, the same 4 ppl. I ALMOST SCORED 100 points!! i got 98 T-T

i noticed how i never get AT LEAST 100 T-T! sad!

we finished around 9+ pm then ong was waiting for his car to arrive, so we went to soon lee to kia kia while waiting for his car.

first section we went to: lingerie department hahaha the guys were standing far far away while i was choosing underwear hoho

then we went down to camwhore with the accessories at Ground Floor. with the sunglasses, pink caps on the guys, handbag-ing like gays, cowboy hats, pink kiddy hairbands and more LOL

photos by chuirou @ fb haha when she uploads

after ong go liao, me send lawrence n laoda back at subok~

then i drift back to gadong there to fetch hau, feel so bad made him wait a whole hour D: but he ok wan sooooo ok la :P i know u're reading this! haha

emmm... we chit chat the whole nite lo, talking crap haha i cant even remember what we talked about.. but its fun :) just catching up with everyone n just talking, chatting with old classmates.

we were driving to kiulap coz hau was sick of gadong (lol i dunno why) then we reached AuLait, at Q-lap Mall. i had Red Devil n he had Peach Italian Soda, suuuuch a plain drink to have cost $5.80. not worth the money! but limteh there quite nice, comfy cozy feeling there ~
we stayed till they LOOK like they're closing at 12am

then sien lo dunno what to do, i was thinking of goin back liao. but resisting that haha so i let hau drive xD then he drove almost everywhere, touring round brunei lol

went to:
yayasan - looks real empty (pass through only)
katok - looks creepy n deserted (never been there)
seri - pass by also
yayasan - AND back here where we sat in the middle at the water fountain which the water was totally sucked up and gone lol

so we sat there n chatted for 3 hrs! lol talking bout totally random stuff, even the cats that walked by

soooo on the way, suddenly felt hungry... so the only thing to eat n near our houses: Nasi Katok~

Liyana has one of the best nasi katok around n its 24 hrs (i think)! haha it was nais~~ n cheap lol

so we wait n ate n that took another hour haha

now i remember where hau lives hoho i can go stalk him hahaha

emmmm... so i got back n locked the doors n gate n drop dead tired now

and i still have time to reply my msgs in fb hah!

and blog ~