Sunday, January 31, 2010

tooth decay!

first of all OUCH!!!!!
and it still hurts D:

from Tooth Fairy :D
so ngam it fits how my teeth feels haha
its a family comedy, i had a nice laugh watching this.

haha as u all may have already know, im currently wearing braces.

I didn't know Tiong took hers off alreadyyy~ I cant wait till I get mine off, I bet it's gonna feeel so free and nice and ahhh i just cant wait :) but there's still the retainer though, but it's better than braces. can be taken out when i want to ~

oh as i was saying, tooth decay.

my front tooth, one of the big big ones has a decay D:
and i had it filled today when i went to the dentist for my braces stuff.

it couldnt be filled coz my teeth arent aligned yet. so then it was done today. i was scared, coz i saw the drill. THE DRILL! in my mouth! it IS scary. what if the drill touches me? my lips or my mouth? i know i think too much but still.. the scariest part is the sound ahhh.. still scares me just thinking bout it D:

it didnt hurt though, not much, while i was drilled. lol. BUT my whole set of teeth hurtssssssssssss coz of the braces. the pain is a good thing i guess, proves that my teeth are moving. but but butbut i can only eat SOFT food T-T for these few days til it doesnt hurt that bad. cant chew on anything hard, not even egg! or maybe the egg i ate was hard or something. i swallow or press the food in my mouth to become smaller. not fun.

this is the time where i can say this:
no pain no gain & beauty comes with a price

pictures are uploaded in laoda's photo album~~
and i love herrr <3 style="color: rgb(255, 204, 255);">ciao~