Sunday, January 10, 2010

bowling @ seri

2nd day driving n im a scary driver hoho

i REALLY shud not touch my phone while driving

getting to know the roads in brunei more though :)

today! 09 JAN 2010 to be exact

bowling at Seri with mick cyuin jas n ian

mick kena kidnap by my mum at chms (mick's a teacher!!!! cool~) to my house.
we went to fetch cyuin then jas

we got there at 2.30

BUT there was a bowling competition there so fully booked til 4pm

SO we went kia kia in soon lee, met ian there at the lingerie department n makan nacho at jollibee *yum*

bowling there costs $5/game/person & $1/pair of shoe
cost more than msia of course =P

we played 2 games n i had funnnn~

lol thing - ball came out of finger and rolls towards the back while attempt to throw the ball to the pins in front: by mick n jas

full mark of bowling being 300
even the score of all FIVE of us add together pun tak cukup haha!
1st game - 296
2nd game - 297
improvement of 1 point !

oh! and i got a Schnauzer from ian

see how cuuuute it is!! =3

he got it from the UFO catching machine from Taiwan =D

cyuin wanted it too, but i got it first ngek ngek *evil me* :P

he got a total of 6 things.. 2 monkeys, a mug, a peanut eraser and.. emm emmm i cant remember!

and off we go to CheezBox @ The Mall

Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Spaghetti(me) was nice~~
the Chicken Cordon Bleu(mick n cyuin) looks most interesting, same for Chicken Kieve(huat). shaped like croquette. might try Shrimp Wantan Noodle Soup(jas) next time

when we paid the bill, they miscalculated and we had extra $10 in our hand.

we could get 2 blizzards @ DQ, but tooooooo full to consider.
we could limteh, but no time.
we could buy SOMETHING, but dunno what.

in the end i spent $4.20 of it on my mini tooth brush for my braces.
the balance is still with me lol

ABSOLUTELY no picture today lol no picture mood i guess, tiring day with bowling n all.

my neck is STILL sore from yesterday's go kart accident, and my hand muscle starting to ache too. AND i can still drive :D

fetched mick home n i know my way back, with thanks to mick for repeating the way again n again in case i forget. AND SUPER UBER CUTE PUPPY AT HER HOUSE ALERT!! name: obin?

AND CYUIN'S 3 DOGGIES!! i just looooove dogs :) nites~