Wednesday, February 3, 2010

locked out (again)

u'd think i've learnt my lesson by now

this time.. no extra keys to open door

i called uncle james, he said have to wait til 6.30am coz for strict-er security, they didnt wanna keep extra keys there anymore D:

so i had to sleep on the living room sofa.... which was quite comfortable actually

so, 6 hours on the sofa.. not so bad. at least there IS a sofa, there's also TV to watch.

i deserved it, since im always so forgetful :(

then i got kinda bored and took some 'emo' photos of myself :D

see how terribly sad i am :d

the lights made me look sooo pale D:

emooooooo liao...

right when i got comfortable with myself by emo-ing..

*phone rings*

its uncle james! and it was good news :D

so all thanks to uncle james n kakak for the keys for opening my door

im soooo gonna make extra keys and hide around my apartment now, AND stop being SO terribly blur and forgetful ALL the times :) can i wipe this bad nature of mine away? je ne sais pas ~

here's a happy extremely CUTE picture of capucchino ~

and this super weird car i saw at lakeside campus few days ago :D

saw a middle aged fella on the driver's seat
wonder wat car this is? =O