Thursday, January 14, 2010

first day back in kl

and sooooo.... i slept at 6 AM DAMN EARLY RITE???

haha and i was supposed! to finish up my powerpoint, which until now, i have yet to finish

right, so i went to the new lakeside campus anyways to submit the scholarship form, with help from max. he fetched me there

when we got there, haha felt so lost there

the new lakeside campus looks like HOSPITAL everything looks so white lol

emmmm sooooooooooooo me n max went round n round in the campus... turns out the office was at the front entrance there =.= ok la exercise is good haha

thennnnnnnnn... i passed the forms to them... she said to email the essay n powerpoint to the other person in charge, PLUS i forgot to pass her my photo hmmmm... i have to go back?
orientation's just a day 29 hrs away ~ haha lazy n no car to get there, no money for taxi, i aint rich

and so im (almost) done with my scholarship thing, all that im waiting for is the result whether they want to accept me or not.

after that, went to summit there for bowling, movie (old dogs), shopping somemore..

then pyramid, with nick, walk some more, dinner, then movie (cirque du freak: vampire's assistant)

that lasted till 11pm...

still have to do my powerpoint gahhhhhhhhhhh

I GOT CHIP & DALE!! from max