Monday, January 4, 2010

brunei so far..

nothing much has changed in brunei

a few buildings gone, a few built
roads have been looking better, they even look newer! lol

the places which we usually hang out are still those few places

and so on~

anyways, nothing much happened during xmas since me family dun celebrate it~

but my 大姑 (aunty in english?lol) does, and soooo...

she invited me, my sis n cousin along to eat Korean food with her side of the family hoho it was both our first time eating korean food, me n my sis i mean. and there might not be a 2nd time for my sis n cousin, coz its 'not their thing' says them, they prefer japanese. i prefer japanese too, but im still ok with korean =X

the food there was ok~ something im totally new to, a good experience, ppl who hasnt tried them shud really do =)

pictures were taken, but i have no idea when i'll be able to get the pictures from my sis (its been weeks since i asked for them) that includes pictures from cousin's wedding, swimming mountain water, and other outings~

i'll upload in fb when i get them~

and next here's new year, finally reaching 2010!

oh yea another year, but it just feels like another day just with a different number. makes not much difference to me, maybe im lifeless! O.O

lol so anyways, i should set some new year resolutions or something. never once did this hoho

health : Hope my whole family stays healthy all the way :)
wealth : i shall save money n not waste them on unnecessary items wheeee~
education : GET SUPER GOOD GRADES!! :D
hobby/interest : find healthy hobbies to do, maybe swimming & bowling ~
but have to find teman also hmmm...

something like that can laaa~~ hohoho


a day after i got back to brunei, me family went to limbang to visit my grandmother~ the food she cooks brings back childhood memory :) like the sour duck ohoho~

limbang is a very undeveloped place where its more boring than brunei. there's astro though haha stayed there for 3 days 2 nites ~

when i got back to brunei... i was at home n family times til sunday, 3rd Jan 10.

went out with lao da, joycie, supa, choo choo, and ah tiong. ahhh the only one missing is elena, in uk~...

and so we met up at Ahan That, Gadong~ nice thai food there. i ate sweet n sour chicken there and really nice ohh~ they use thai sauce so there's the thai flavour there. lao da's buttermilk chicken also tres bien haha supa's noodle finished before i even had time to steal

then ah tiong's kung pao chicken was tooo far for my short hands to reach, choo choo settled with a seafood salad i think. on her diet as usual, even though i dun think she need to =/ then joyce also diet~ even though she's thin :(

then we spent almost an hour? chit-chatting n taking pictures and making a lotta noise in the restaurant hohoho

next plan was going swimming :) but before that... went to jaya to buy googles~ i was the only one who bought though, frustrating thing was, the $8.90 has a 10% discount so the final price was $8.01. i paid $10. THEY CHARGED ME THE STUPID $0.01 and gave me 99 cents back wth!!! i dun like this one bit D:
1 cent no need charge laaaaa, its no wonder malaysia dun use 1 cents anymore =/

aaand so we went to the stadium~ with thanks to supa driving us :)
when we reached, the only who changed was me n supaa~
joyce changed a bit later then then then
laoda choochoo n ah tiong didnt swim D:
they were by the side of the pool playing with supa's lappie :(
but me joyce n supa had fun, we were totally exhausted after swimming a round forth n back though hahaha we only swam around 3 times, the rest of the time was playing with the water, somersaulting/diving such ~

entrance fee was $2 each! ahhh expensive~!
oh and i have the tendency to convert every price i see in brunei to malaysian ringgit now haha everything expensive ahhhh~~ haha

around 6pm, supa drove all of us back to chms hoho and we saw grace there
chit chat chit chat
lao da's car came
then ah tiong's
joyce's family came then we continue chatting
till grace left, then joyce left~
supa drove me back coz we live around the same area

wait til i get used to driving! haha i already have my license (msia) :D

4th Jan 10
escapade-ing with Mick, Nisa, C.Yuin, Jas n Huat
huat felt that he didnt belong there coz he's the only guy so we made him a female name: Kendra hahaha and male names for ourselves

Collie : Cole
Nisa :
C.Yuin(michelle) :
Jasmine :
Mick :
Mick (already male enough xD)

we ate a lot~~ and i was satisfied~ haha escapade is still nicee~ especially escargot hoho my favourite, its snail btw. for me it tastes like chewy chicken :)
we had sashimi <3!>
haha then we walked to the mall for movie~

before movie, we went to Kanojo, newly opened japanese products shop. getting a lotta that kind of shops in brunei. nothing much there actually, still new i guess. no one bought anything and once again, huat feels out of place coz the shop's kinda too pink n feminine for him haha

then jas wanted to buy mint, so on we go to the grocery section. where a few of us bought drinks. and so we had some time before the movie starts, we lepak in front of the cineplex area. dexter (Dextra) came, i still have no idea who haha then we bought drinks n pop corn~

the large size drink here is the medium size for GSC in msia and more expensice =X hehe i have no complaints thoughhhh.. i drank the whole thing myself lol

yup, we watched sherlock holmes hoho nice movie, funny too. i get confused on the parts they were explaining bout the complicating stuff though. i usually get lost at some point of any movie, this one has not fail me yet haha i always thought watson is the chubby assistant though lol

ahhhh... it was possible that everyone (almost) could have stayed longer for dinner~ but i failed to mention this soooo... we all went back around 5-5.30 pm all of us~

and thats the end of this outing. there will be more to come~

planning picnic @ the beach~~ hoho to anyone who's reading, wanna go? ahhaha

choochoo has left for canada, nana in uk.. joyce gonna go aussie, wayne gonna go kl, jas goin to kl/sg soon also.. so it'll be like a farewell for chai n joyce~

i wanna go out

wanna go bowling and beach

and i write too slow, its late