Thursday, January 28, 2010


i was gonna update myself here, but its getting late and i have class at 8.30 tmro! earliest class of my whole term D:

will just do a quick update

this week's my 2nd week since class started and already having homeworks and assignments which are as annoying as ever.

what makes it worse is that i dont really understand how that particular assignment works, like what im suppose to do or know or to prepare o.O

ask lecturer, keeps repeating the same thing which i really dun get =/

BUT we had a lil briefing n i had a clearer view of what to do now, somehow. but still not 100% sure. will keep asking though

aaaaaaanyway, to whoever's reading this. MICK HAS A BLOG!!!!!!! xDDD

go readdddddd, i felt touched when i read her first post. kinda life-enhancing lol i dunno what im saying

im getting sleepy~

OH BTW! im going back brunei for CNY~~!! :)