Saturday, January 16, 2010



me love skype haha

im totally sakai/jakkun/new to it

seen it before but never bothered la

until elena made me download n install a few days ago

turns out its damn fun :D and it took me so long to realize it

especially with a bunch of frens chatting like mad together

my skype username collie321 add meee~


the ppl i meant are ELENA (nana), LAODA (boss), AND CHAI (vain wayne) haha

elena: THE host
laoda: THE boss
chai: THE ignored
me: im just ME~ haha

it was my first group video chat

and it was fuuuun~

will do it again soon haha

if not for laoda's work in the morning, we wouldnt have let her go

but we love her (wth hahaha)

it started with me saying i love lao da coz she finally uploaded the photos she took in brunei yay~~


haha ok i very wu liao

very late liao, i shud also sleep