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BBQ! finally....

28th March 2008

yesh~ i've FINALLY uploaded the bbq pictures! FINALLY!!

location: ivan's room

chilling at ivan's place, after shopping at carrefour. damn i didn't have any of the pictures of them marinating the food >.> i heard they had an interesting time playing with the squid, i wasn't there to witness it. sigh. i was in my while they were getting the food and everything ready.....

jean's playing o2jam~

it was around 5 pm when they reached i think, i can't quite remember the time. so on the way we go to the rooftop, which is just outside my window haha.

location: rooftop of mentari court tower A i.e. outside my window

we're checking out the place before setting up for the bbq, and i'm on the phone with sonia which will appear in the pictures down here. it actually started to drizzle for a bit, but like heck we care! it stopped after awhile anyway~ xP

the view you'll see when looking down from where byron is standing:

that's tower B and C located behind A.

looking at a lower angle....

there's the swimming pool, basketball and badminton courts. the playground is right down there but...barely noticeable at this angle. just use your imagination haha

of course roofs can be found on rooftops. russell climbed up to the roof, monkey's instinct haha

then byron is on his way to kacau the astro satelitte

vann and i were talking about something...i forgot liao.
then i saw russell up there and joined him xD

'ya think it's gna rain?'
'nah, just smile towards the sky while jean takes the picture'

riiiiiiiiiiiiiight then, moving on to the next picture....

here's jean and ivan. the sky's getting dark, making a pretty good background. plus the wind effect is nice~

starting up the fire. so much smoke they could hardly keep their eyes open haha

more people came over to help

taking the opportunity to take more pictures

with me included of course~

from left: cole, diana, sonia and russell
bottom: ivan

who does russell look like in this picture? hahahaha xD

if you can see the sphinx and the pyramid, this is sunway pyramid. the sky started getting darker. down there is how it looks when it's totally dark. i can still see the sphinx's eyes, can you? haha

this is how dark it was thoughout the whole night, the camera's flash made the place LOOK bright. there were absolutely no lights except from my room and the bbq fire. ivan, clement and russell went out to get heineken and fried mee hoon, and on the way, ivan brought his lamp all the way from his house, which was not so far away xP

byron's bbq-ing the chicken wings.....

since it was so dark, most of the food chow-da liao haha they all tasted great though, i only had two wings T-T now that i recall....i didn't eat as much as i was planning to! hahaha xD there were, according to jean: chicken wings, 3 drumsticks, cheese sausages, streaky bacons, squids, and fishballs. got squid-balls also
(i was gonna say sotong balls but squid balls sounded better....>.>)

i admit... i'm pretending to bbq nia~ xP
i was walking around taking pictures ma~

byron joined in...hahahahahha, i laugh every time i look at this picture hahahahhahahahahahaha!

goon ee finally arrived~

everyone was having fun bbq-ing~

eating already, drinking heineken some more. wait....i don't recall having one for myself! i only had a little sip =(

yum yum~

goon ee and cole sitting at a corner.....chatting...

diana and sonia. the window in the picture there is the shortcut to my room xD i was climbing in and out the whole night, my arms and legs were so sore the next day >.> you can see my laptop on the table there~

bbq-ing the fishballs and squids, david in command xD

i think he's complaining about the chowda-ness of ze chicken~

this looks really blur~ but you can see squids and fishballs there~

the view from behind the bars.....

this here's sonia

david, diana and sonia

byron trying to run away, haha

the blue light reads KURNIA. pay no attention to the head that's sticking out on the right side of the picture hahahahha xD

he looks so innocent! haha

i have no idea what everyone's doing in this picture~

russell was very eager to start drinking~
that guy at the back is byron btw

should have taken this picture a second later....

when's my turn?

vann's face looks red already xD

emo-ing on the roof: russell and jon = still not sure who he is

group photo, cheese!

we should have changed position....

the following pictures are taken with vann's nokia n95: =P

me, david, ivan and jean


we found time to dance, david's teaching me cha-cha~

david taught jean after me

then jean taught ivan xD

david looks so funny! hahahaha

ooooooooooooook, looking like :P

sonia, she's leaving after our term 1! =(

jean and i, looks kinda dark~

russell and me, vann's forehead is in there too~! haha

my big mama, big sis, and bro xD

me, russell and vann
more parts of her face are in now xD

guess what's she trying to do...?

russell and vann

see what were left behind~~:

two unopen sparkling juice! i'll be bringing these to genting~~

approximately 3 bottles of coke and a broken soup ladle
(byron was using it to break ice, bad move...)

bringing 2 bottles of coke to genting also, the rest are mine xD

took these photos when i woke up too early in the next morning and couldn't sleep:

i climbed out my window.... =P

i saw the moon and took this picture~

it was 7 am and the sun hasn't rose yet...



how the place looks like without anything there:

im in my holidays now, for this one week till sunday. going to genting from april 2-4. going there via bus. i'll be back to post about it~

my term 2 's gonna start soon and i HATE the new schedule... it's totally packed! FULL, but then i was complaining that my term 1 schedule is too empty/free~~ >.>

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