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27th March 2008

the last day of the final assessment of my first term!! i stayed up the whole night before and only studied for one hour, hahahaha XD i have no idea what i was doing but time just flies when it's late at night for me, i dozed off for a few hours though i remember that.

anyways, i was studying in a way that i'm memorizing all my notes. thinking that the assessment is subjective.....and turns out the assessment is only 20 OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS. 2o easy MCQs!! damn lucky i didn't study too hard, because a few people i know did and they're regretting. but the studying does help us in other ways than one, so no loss in that. for them, that is~~

then after the assessment, it's 10 am in the morning! totally free that afternoon and it's ivan's birthday~ 3 guys, namely byron, clement and ivan, their plan was to play basketball which is not tempting for girls.... so they went to play bball while i accompany vann to the gardens at mid valley. her and my first time there. my comment of the place: kinda empty.... even the restaurants look so empty we didn't even wanna enter haha but we found out that we were there too early, people slowly filled up the place as time passed...riiiight

vann and i ate lunch at
Italiannies, the food there was pretty good but the no. i had shrimp linguine and she had classic carbonara. and i've only noticed that i like eating carbonara and not liking tomatoes.....

went shopping and got this pair of shoes, vincci again XP

after walking around aimlessly at the gardens, we and vann actually went all the way to klcc just for vann to get a raspberry mojito at california pizza kitchen. she really likes that wine. for me, i just ordered a cookie and cream milkshake, it's been awhile since i had one. it was really nice~

vann wants to leave early so she won't meet with any crowd that are getting off work to get home via public transport. that, seriously, no one wants to meet. the ktm or any public ride you take will be very cramped, crowded. you could get molested or your things stolen. not that i have any of the experience, i'm quite lucky if i have to say so myself =D

so i spent around 20 minutes on my own in the restaurant reading a magazine and finishing my shake. took the ktm back to kl central and to subang jaya to meet with elena~ havn't seen her for such a long time already, what's makes it weird is that i don't miss her. that sounded mean, but then i don't miss much people in brunei leh~ maybe coz i know we'll meet again soon xD and that includes my family...

met up with elena at the subang jaya station and we walked to her place. the living room is totally empty, the kitchens were nice though. yes, kitchenS...two kitchen leh. one to cook everyday meal and the other which i can use as pastry kitchen if i move it =P then we went up to her room. her room is nice~ big and spacious. darn i didn't take any pictures...

I FINALLY got my birthday presents~~~!!!!

the last chocolate left i got from darling~
i already finished the rest XD

a cute, charming little card i got from my darling~ and a phone strap which i use as a necklace. that's because most of the things i have hanging from my phone...i always lose them and i don't wanna lose this =D
kinda disappointed he got the wrong zodiac sign though =( he does know that i'm aries, but doesn't know how it look likes....i don't blame him, can all the salespeople there not know?? all three of them....>.>

i'll be keeping the aquarius sign the way it is though, since it IS what i got from darling~ changing it just makes me feel like it's not from him anymore.....

how it originally looks when i received it

then it's looks like this IF i changed it to aries sign

decided to keep the aquarius sign but in the form of necklace~
thanks i love it ~ ^^

i was only looking forward to what darling got me that i didn't expect there to be any other presents... thanks for the bear~ i'm naming it collivia XP i shall thank each and everyone who's in on it: i've named them at the class blog already, but i shall repeat again:

boss joyce supatra grace tiong choo yee chuan ho mark chai

and three guys who didn't pay for it:
daniel, alex and tung lik

hahahah im so mean

elena gave me some hershey's~ she and i talk and talk and talk.....and it was already 7 pm before we knew it. then i felt tired and slept for an hour while she did her homework. 2nd day of class and she has homeworks!! the teacher there crazy one.....xP
ivan came to pick me up from elena's place at 8.30 pm. the only thing that lacks at her place now is internet access. FOR NOW..... tv's the only entertainment she got, and her laptop is sent away to repair. she's getting bored without internet at her place, though i might still go visit her soon~

anyways, me and ivan went to sunway and watched SHUTTER.....hahaha horror movie leh! at night some more. disappointing and not recommended to watch, not that scary at all. hearing that from me, anyone would think the same right? hahaha.. when i was watching it at the cinema, i recall countless times that i was expecting something really scary to happen....but they never came....hahahaha

there was only me and him watching coz everyone else was busy with their own stuff.... AND while i was out at the gardens and elena's, they were at neway at one U.. karaoke-ing without me...ish >.>
if it weren't for me getting my gifts and meeting elena again at that time, i would have been pissed for being left out.

the others i'm not sure but when i asked russell the next day.. turns out he was free to go watch the movie. he said no one invited him, cheh~ ivan did, but then he said russell said he may be going to asian cafe to meet up with his friends. MAY be going to.....hahaha

hmmm...what else can i write... after the movie, i ate a lot of popcorns. then we went to eat the dumplings that ivan love so much, i think it's quite nice~ it's located out in front of mentari there along with the other lots of food stall. i can't remember the name of the place though. oh, and i gave ivan his birthday present which i will get the picture soon~

another post coming up soon i hope, but the pictures very hard to upload. something wrong with blogger already... and i might edit this post sometime later =P

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