Wednesday, March 19, 2008

so close to going clubbing....

so very very close....
i'm underage loh~
by the way, when i met pei yi them, wan yen thought i was older than them. haha. is that a compliment or an insult? coz someone else also told me i don't look sixteen...... here's what i was wearing when i was talking to them:

collie in a skirt leh.....
and yes i went to college in that

but i took my jacket off before going to my shower, no picture of that though....

anyhow, back to clubbing.... it was in the evening, i just woke up from my nap when my phone rang:
1st call - a friend of mine wanted to get his stuff back
2nd call - russell inviting me to go clubbing
3rd call - ivan 'ordering' me to go down to the park

when russell called, i said i didn't wanna go. coz the people he's going with i'm not that close with. so i chose to stay at home and laze off. but then ivan called and wanted me to go down to the park to teman him while he waited for the others to get ready. he's like a big bro of mine, really nice. always drove me around.

he mentioned going clubbing also, so then i was thinking: I WANNA GO CLUBBING ALSO~~ hahaha am i easily influenced?

and so.....i was on my way to wei yen's place with ivan and clement. her place is only 2 buildings away from mine, which is block D of mentari court. the lifts were crowded so we took the stairs. walking up 7 floors in high heels.....eheheh..i just walked up slowly whilst those two guys raced up, yea RACED. kinda childish..... and not just up, they even raced down.

me, irene, wei yen and russell just walked down slowly..but then..

russell scared the hell out of me when he suddenly lifted me up the moment we reach the stairs. admittedly, i was surprised, shocked and scared. yeah, i WAS. he was carrying me down the stairs, DOWN the stairs! i was so scared that both my hands were wrapped around his neck. imagine me being scared like that....>.>

here's what he said about my weight:

russell: collie, you're SURPRISINGLY light.
me: so you're saying that i'm suppose to be heavy?
russell: no lah, but well you do look a bit chubby
me: wa? me, chubby??
russell: yea.. ok lah, look quite thin also. i was actually expecting my hands to tremble when i carried u
me: eheheh........>.>

is that a compliment? am i chubby?? maybe it's what i eat.....
oh darn it...susan was right.....haha

we took HOURS to reach the darn place, reason is that it's pretty far away, second is that they're not sure where the place they wanna go is... which is so WRONG. they did say they know the place before we departed though.... we went there in two separate cars. ivan drove around in circles before finally finding the place, and using up...according to him, 50 km of petrol.....he was kinda in a bad mood, perfect to drink. but the worst thing is..he kena saman for answering his phone while driving - RM 30

the petrol in malaysia is very expensive - so he used up around a hundred ringgit for nothing...and had no money to drink then... i feel guilty leh, i always had him to drive me around =( and that night, he drove me and russell back since we cannot get in the club for being underage. russell failed to bribe the bouncer, which he always does in his hometown in kk =P

we ended up going yamcha and i reached home at around 3 am....

the next day

the morning and afternoon went on as usual - class, etc...

in the afternoon, we found nothing to do so.. byron, russell and me went to the 7th floor to play pool. i didn't play till byron's dad called him. he left and then russell taught me how to play pool~ i have mastered the basics, i think. but then there are still easy shots that i always failed to hit >.> typical me~~ but i was told i'm a fast learner XP

that night, ivan felt like going out. so i teman him along with russell. we went to watch movie at sunway: minotaur. VERY BORING movie..... i even fell asleep to prove how boring it was...haha.

ivan - slept through almost the whole movie
me - a few minutes only i think
russell - awake all the time to see both of us sleeping

wondered why we even watched this movie......

here are the things that happened while the days passed by:
i almost got lost in the campus building.....
saw little kids play ice hockey, so very cute!!!
there was a F1 catering interview.....damn it i wasn't chosen
heck my WHOLE group wasn't chosen >.>
the interview was brief and really easy though
they offer a pay of RM 130 per day for 2 days
byron very pissed, vann very emo, jean was ok
i wanted to go to the F1 first money-earning job leh~
there's another job offer: RM 1, 1oo for 6 days hahaha XD

lotsa assessments coming up, might not have time to blog.

have to study hard for my FINAL ASSESSMENT!!!


Anonymous said...

See here or here

JanKn said...

Ignore that comment. Looks like a virus site. <.<

collie~ said...

on the contrare, it's an antivirus site. hahaha. yea i clicked it XD

JanKn said...

You trust that it's really an anti virus site? ¬.¬

collie~ said...

does it matter if i trust it?
thanks for the concern by the way~