Thursday, March 13, 2008

karaoke? red box?

ah yes karaoke... why am i so new to everything that is so common to everyone in kl?? first time clubbing, first time drinking, first time living on my own(wait, does that even count?), and now first time karaoke.....not that i sang =P

the songs there are mostly chinese and cantonese songs. well... the songs that they chose were. i don't listen to chinese songs much so i dunno any of the songs there, with exception to a few though. as to cantonese, do u think i even know how to speak that language? i'm actually in the learning process. there ARE english songs, but i didn't feel like singing~ imagine me XD

and there were sushi and beer there in the red box, i never knew. paid separately of course. i reached there later than the others coz of my f & b assignment, so since i didn't eat nor sing, i didn't spend a single penny at the red box.

after that we went and had a little drink. drink, as in heineken beer~ we, 7 people all shared a bucket of 5 bottles. i only had a little. byron drank a bottle's amount where as russell finished one & a half bottle, or more if he could afford. he's really good at drinking, 10 bottles of beers would be like water to him, or so he says. i will find out soon enough~

we should be going to go clubbing for ivan's birthday. since our birthdays are so close together, we should be also celebrating me and byron's too. i think

in the afternoon before all that:

no class today and i finally finished my cutleries assignment!! ahh...the relieve~
i'm saying here: I DID 80% of the whole thing, not that i'm complaining. there's 3 other people in my group. i don't have the qualities of a good leader T-T that's probably why i'm doing all the work. all my fault, haihz~ should be a good lesson for me, now i know what NOT to do.

after getting the assignment printed out and submitted, i was already on my way back to mentari. while walking through the corridor in front of 7-11, someone waved his/her hand right in front of my face. yes, i tend to not notice whoever walked passed me, i am very blur~

it was russell, kinda surprised to see him there since it's our off day after all. as to why he was there: his place (ridzuan condo) didn't have internet connections, had to hack neighbour's, couldn't stay at home, too bored, came to college to play pool, ended up losing to someone who he underestimated, had to pay for the pool table since he lost.

wow, i made him sound like's the word...pitiful? having a bad day? yea i'll stick with the bad day

he's from group 1 by the way... and so we talked for quite awhile while we yamcha that afternoon. after that he accompanied me back home, and later met up again at the red box...etc etc

sorry, no pictures for this post. kinda gotten lazy to ~

my latest picture in my phone:


as shown in the picture, this is my f & b assessment in which i didn't study for. i'm not showing off in case u're wondering. but i gotta say: gettin 28 out of 30 is REALLY good for someone who didn't study at all XD i got the same score as jeanette~ forgot to ask how much byron scored...should be 30... if not then jean & i are the highest scorers in my group~

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